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«Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 659 Is the Live Streaming Against the Rules?

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Chapter 659 Is the Live Streaming Against the Rules?

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“I believe so too. I’m sure of it!” When he heard what Zhang Zhiming said, Fang Qiu was also moved by Zhang Zhiming’s determination and hope.

As long as they believed, there was hope!

The election was over.

At this moment, the secretary general stood on the podium and began to make all kinds of promises.

In fact, as part of his re-election promise as the secretary-general, he told everyone what development the World Health Organization would expect to achieve in the next five years and what contributions he would bring to all countries that had joined the WHO.

Two days later, basically, all the speeches presented at the medical conference were about modern medicine, which was Western medicine. As for traditional medicine, it was almost non-existent in the medical conference and no one was willing to talk about it.

Of course, there was no denying that modern medicine had a strong effect. But from the perspective of life, traditional medicine was the best, but unfortunately, no one was willing to admit it.

It was mainly because they did not know much about Chinese Medicine and did not know what its magical qualities were like. At the same time, if they wanted people to know about Chinese Medicine and the real magic of Chinese medicine, it would also be very difficult.

Under these circumstances, there was indeed a long way to go if they wanted to revive traditional medicine worldwide.

As people thought about it carefully, now even the most powerful traditional medicine, Chinese Medicine, which had been passed down for the longest time, had almost disappeared. They could also figure out the situation of other types of traditional medicine.

Every time Fang Qiu thought of this, he could not help sighing.

In the evening, Fang Qiu returned to the hotel room and continued to write the script for his speech.

There were not many people in Huaxia who paid attention to the World Medical Exchange Conference. In addition to Fang Qiu’s fans and those who had been following Fang Qiu when he said that he would prove the existence of meridians at the medical conference, there were also some people from the medical community.

Although there were a lot of them, it was still not enough if they took all the people of the country into account.

However, because of all kinds of news yesterday, such as Fang Qiu saving people, Fang Qiu getting a speech opportunity, the storming of national members against Chinese Medicine and the storming of China, it had attracted more attention from the world’s medical exchange conference.

After screening the meeting for two days, the CCTV News also confirmed that Fang Qiu would be giving a speech at the World Medical Exchange Conference tomorrow afternoon.

Almost all the people across the country knew that Fang Qiu would be giving a speech, which would be at eight o’clock in the evening in Huaxia.

After a brief understanding, only then did many people realize that Fang Qiu was the only Huaxia representative who had been invited to the medical conference. He was also the sole person from Huaxia at the entire medical conference.

In this case, everyone was looking forward to it even more.

Unfortunately, there was no live broadcast from the TV station. The reporters at the World Medical Exchange Conference also planned to transmit this broadcast. But they only transmitted the news as it was impossible for them to broadcast all the live images.

For example, on the first day, the transmission of the CCTV News only showed the image of Fang Qiu for 30 seconds.

With so many people following it, it aroused everyone’s interests, but there was no live streaming.

How could they allow it?

The curious audience immediately searched for ways to catch the live broadcast on the Internet.

Undoubtedly, as they searched, everyone’s attention immediately turned to the online streamer!

They searched all over the Internet and found that there was really a live broadcast on the Internet. Although there was only one, it was enough.

This person was Luo Jialong!

For a moment, Luo Jialong did not turn on the live streaming and a large number of people kept flooding into the live broadcast room. After entering, they saw the theme of the live streaming. It was indeed the live broadcast of Fang Qiu’s speech at the medical conference.

The news was spread by many people.

More and more people entered the live broadcast room.

Most people entered the live broadcast room to register their accounts and then bookmarked the current page. They would watch it when the live broadcast began.

They all did these when there was no live broadcast yet.

As a streamer, Luo Jialong naturally would not have known about it.

However, although the streamer was not aware of this, the staff of this platform knew it!

Seeing so many people coming in and out of Luo Jialong’s live broadcast room, the leaders of the live broadcast platform seemed to sense that a huge amount of money was awaiting them. They immediately called Luo Jialong!

“Beep beep beep…” As Luo Jialong was returning to the hotel, his phone rang.

“Hello?” He took out his mobile phone and found that it was a call from the staff of the live streaming platform. Luo Jialong was confused and then picked up the phone.

“Hello, it’s me.” On the other end of the line, the voice of the staff member could be heard.

“Sir, you are not calling me to tell me that my live streaming violated the rules again, are you?”

Luo Jialong smiled bitterly.

The rules of this platform were too strict. In order to attract attention, he had violated the rules to do some transmissions. Each time, he was warned by the administrator and had been banned from the live broadcast room.

Therefore, as soon as the administrator called him, he was worried.

“You also know that it’s against the rules, don’t you?”

On the other end of the line, the administrator snorted, “As far as I know, the World Medical Exchange Conference can’t be transmitted to the outside world. Your behavior has infringed upon the privacy rules of the World Health Organization. If the people of WHO find out, you will be sued. Do you know that?”

“No way. Is it so serious?”

Luo Jialong was shocked and said quickly, “I, I’ll be back in the country soon. I’ll stop broadcasting, okay?”

“What?” On the other end of the line, the administrator was dumbfounded.

“Sir, I know it’s my fault. I’ll leave now. When I get back to the country, I’ll definitely treat you to a meal and give you a review in person. I won’t say anything else. I’ll book a flight first.” Luo Jialong said hurriedly and hung up immediately.

The moment he hung up, the panic on his face disappeared, replaced by disdain and a sneer.

“You want to trick me? No way!”

Looking at the phone, Luo Jialong sneered and said, “Even though I didn’t start the live broadcast, I’ve been paying attention to the bullet screens in the live broadcast room. You don’t know that, right? Besides, I’ve checked it before. As long as I don’t show the main content of the medical conference, it won’t be a problem. That’s why I chose to do the live broadcast only when Fang Qiu makes an appearance.”

“Besides, it’s just Fang Qiu’s speech that I am transmitting, not a medical conference. The issues that the people at the medical conference discussed will be announced sooner or later. The WHO won’t take a small streamer like me seriously.”

“You’re just trying to get some benefits by scaring me like that, aren’t you?”

“If the worst happens, I’ll stop broadcasting. I’ll see what you guys can do!” Luo Jialong snorted angrily.

As soon as he finished speaking, his cell phone rang again! It was the administrator again.

“Hello, Sir, I’m buying a flight ticket. It won’t take long. I’ll be back soon. Please wait a little longer.”

When he picked up the phone, Luo Jialong spoke first and then hung up again.

The administrator didn’t even have time to speak.

He was completely dumbfounded again.

Indeed, he had seen great benefits of the live broadcast, so he immediately called to put pressure on Luo Jialong and fought for some benefits for the live broadcast platform. However, he didn’t expect that Luo Jialong would be so easily cowed that he actually wanted to book a flight back, just because he had threatened him slightly.

It was too awkward.

If Luo Jialong really came back home, everything would be over.

It should be noted that the referral traffic of Luo Jialong’s live streaming on the platform would definitely play a significant role. It could bring hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people to the platform. Even if they did not get some benefits from Luo Jialong, this amount of viewership alone was a huge fortune for the live streaming platform.

“Beep, beep, beep…” As soon as he hung up, his phone rang again.

“Ha-ha.” Luo Jialong knew that the administrator was worried.

“Hello? Sir, stop urging me. I’m begging you. I’ve already bought a ticket. I’m going to the airport now.” Luo Jialong picked up the phone and said in a pleading voice.

“Listen to me!” On the other end of the line, the administrator roared.

“Yes, sir.” Luo Jialong immediately shut up.

The administrator said, “Although your live streaming this time is against the rules, our platform has your back. You don’t have to be afraid at all. The live streaming can be carried out normally, but the platform is taking such a huge risk for you. The profit of this live streaming should be adjusted. Your profit which is stated on the contract should be changed from 80% to 50%.”

“But, but I still dare not do it. This is the WHO. If they sue me, I have to go to jail. I won’t do it!”

Luo Jialong said, “I can’t bear to do that if the platform has to take the risk for me. Besides, if the profit is divided like this, I won’t make much money. If I need to take such a big risk to make some money, I might as well go back to Huaxia for a normal live broadcast. That’s right. I’d better go back home.”

The administrator said, “You, why are you so silly? The more people there are, the bigger your profit will be.”

“Although it’s true, no matter how much money I can make, it’s not worth taking such a big risk.” Luo Jialong said.

The administrator said, “Anyway, you’re not allowed to come back. You have to do the live broadcast.”

“All right.”

Luo Jialong directly cut to the chase and said, “I’ll take all the profits of this live streaming.”

The administrator was stunned and then asked in a deep voice, “Hmm? What do you mean, boy?”

“To tell you the truth, I haven’t booked the plane ticket and I have no intention of returning home.”

Luo Jialong was too tired to pretend anymore. He said directly, “Sir, isn’t it good for us to work together? If it’s possible, let’s sign an electronic agreement now. If it doesn’t work, I’ll sign with other platforms. In order to do the live broadcast of the medical conference, there are plenty of platforms willing to pay any liquidated damages for me. If you want to make a fortune, you need to at least let me have some profits, right?”

The administrator was speechless.

In the end, after a long talk, the live broadcast platform agreed to provide Luo Jialong with all the conveniences. Not only would they help him make a banner on the front page, but they would also help him to greatly promote his live streaming. Moreover, all the rewards and profits obtained during the live broadcast would also belong to Luo Jialong.

Luo Jialong only needed to promise one thing, that was, he must provide live streaming.

Luo Jialong agreed on the condition.

In order to provide live streaming this time, he had prepared a total of ten mobile phones, each of which was fully charged!

After writing the script of the speech, Fang Qiu read it carefully from beginning to end and made some modifications. Then he went to have a rest.

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