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«Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 623 I’ve Finally Found a Way to Make Money!

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Chapter 623 I’ve Finally Found a Way to Make Money!

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“What is the problem?” Fang Qiu practiced again and again but still could not find where the problem was.

“Is it because I have not been in any battles?” Thinking of this, Fang Qiu immediately swung his sword at a large rock next to him.



At first, there was a thumping sound. With the help of the internal Qi, the ordinary Longquan Sword in his hand slashed into the rock.

However, as soon as the sword was inserted about 0.05 meters into the rock, it broke off with a crack.

“I used too much force.”

“The money was spent in vain.”

Fang Qiu gave a wry smile. The Longquan Sword was not cheap. This one cost hundreds of yuan. If it had been a better one, it would have cost thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan.

He squatted and picked up the broken sword to look at it. He found that there was no flaw on the blade, which proved that the quality of the sword was very good, but it could not bear his strength.

With a wry smile, Fang Qiu waved the half of the long sword in his hand.

“Um?” As soon as he waved it, he was stunned.

“This is it!” Fang Qiu was shocked.

He could actually sense a hint of an aura emanating from the sword.

Fang Qiu did not hesitate and immediately mobilized the internal Qi in his body. He suppressed his strength to the first class and then wielded his sword again.

Previously, he had practiced so many times, so he already reached the great harmony of human and sword. The sword was like a part of his body now.

As soon as Fang Qiu waved his sword, he immediately felt the aura of the sword, which was exactly the same as that of Elder Yi’s sword. After it was activated, it immediately began to mobilize the internal Qi in Fang Qiu’s body. It circulated in Fang Qiu’s body and went through all the ten meridians when he opened as a fifth-class Martial Superior.

“It’s really there!” Fang Qiu was extremely surprised.

But it only lasted for a moment.

A moment later, Fang Qiu frowned again and muttered with a puzzled face, “What kind of logic is this? It is useless no matter how many times I practiced before. Now the sword has an aura after it broke. Do I have to break the sword to make use of the aura?”

Fang Qiu put the broken sword aside and picked up the second sword to try.

First of all, he needed to reach the great harmony of human and sword. He ran the internal Qi in his body and then made it cover the sword so that the body of the sword and his body could form a complete circle.

After maintaining the state of unity for a while, Fang Qiu observed carefully and found that there was still no aura on the second sword.

When he stayed in the state of unity again, he directly broke the sword with his internal Qi.

As expected, it worked!

“It seems that in addition to a long period of carrying the sword, it is necessary for a martial arts practitioner to forge a sword in person, even if he just does it one time, it can cover it with the martial arts practitioner’s own aura?”

The reason why he thought in this way was due to the fact that the three swords were bought by him and were made in the factory. But in his hands, after breaking, the broken sword was no longer the previous newly bought one, but a brand new broken sword, which meant that the broken sword was made by Fang Qiu himself.

In order to verify this point, Fang Qiu put down the second sword and took out the third one.

Once again, he became one with the sword.

When he and the sword were united as one, the long sword was placed in front of him. With a flick of his finger, a sesame-sized gap was made on the blade of the sword.

Then, he took a look.

“As expected!” Fang Qiu raised his head and laughed.

Without the gap before, the third sword still had no aura, but as soon as the gap appeared, the third sword immediately had an aura.

This was exactly what Fang Qiu guessed!

He had discovered the method!

Fang Qiu laughed and was greatly relieved.

Now, there was finally a way to make money.

“But, it’s so easy. Why didn’t anyone else notice it?”

After laughing, a question suddenly came to Fang Qiu’s mind.

However, he thought about it carefully.

First of all, the state of being one with the sword was not something that ordinary people could achieve. Generally, martial arts practitioners had to use it for a long time to get close to that state.

A master would not easily damage his beloved sword. Even if it was damaged, he would not find it because he was in that realm. The aura on the sword belonged to him, so it was useless to him. How could he find it?

This was the best explanation.

In addition, there was a rumor in the martial arts world that those who were good at forging weapons had to make it by themselves and would always carry the weapon with them. Although this kind of weapon had no effect on improving one’s strength, because of the long-term wearing of the weapon, it would make the weapon that he forged became the most suitable one for him.

The most important thing was that after being worn for a long time, the weapon would be steeped with the martial arts practitioners’ aura, which made the person who used it easily enter the state of becoming one with the sword.

This was a truly rare thing for a martial arts practitioner.

He finally figured out the method.

Fang Qiu put away the three broken swords and quickly left the mountain.

He put on the mysterious man’s outfit and rushed directly to He Gaoming’s detective agency.

“Clang!” When he arrived at the agency, Fang Qiu threw the three broken swords on He Gaoming’s desk and said, “If you can connect with any of these three swords, you can easily break through to the third class as long as they are connected with you. You don’t even need to reach the unity of human and sword.”

This was Fang Qiu’s aura of a fifth-class Martial Superior and it was not ordinary. It was the aura of a fifth-class Martial Superior after Fang Qiu had recultivated it!

Under the guidance of this strong aura, He Gaoming would surely be able to break through very quickly.


He Gaoming was surprised but he hesitated and asked, “Master, there won’t be any side effects, right? I’m so talented. Don’t trick me. I don’t want to be the worst third-class Martial Superior.”

Fang Qiu said, “There are no side effects at all.”

“Well, I’ll try then.” He Gaoming immediately reached for the sword.

He took up the sword.

However, He Gaoming’s face suddenly darkened.

“Master, what I want is a sword, not a piece of scrap iron. Can this thing even be called a sword?” Holding the broken sword in his hand, He Gaoming smiled bitterly.

“Forget it if you don’t want to.” Fang Qiu rolled his eyes, ready to take the money and leave.

“Who says I don’t want it?”

He Gaoming hurriedly held the broken sword in his hand and said, “Although I said it was a piece of broken iron, I did not say no. A biological son and an adopted son are all the same.”

Fang Qiu was speechless. He rolled his eyes and said, “Look at you, what kind of example are you citing?”

“Ha-ha,” He Gaoming smiled awkwardly.

Fang Qiu asked, “Let me ask you. If it’s a fifth-class Martial Superior’s sword, how much can it be sold for if it is in a perfect condition?”

He Gaoming immediately said, “At least one million. Besides, it’s still precious. A fifth-class Martial Superior’s sword is not easy to get!”

“Do you know where you can produce this type of sword?” Fang Qiu asked, pointing at the broken sword.

He Gaoming looked at it and said, “This is a Longquan Sword. Thus it must have been made in Longquan city in Jiangzhe Province. Why do you ask?”

Fang Qiu replied, “I want this sword. It would be better if I can make it by myself.”

Fang Qiu was thinking that no matter what, he had to be the one to make every sword. Even making the final move to break it would do. Because only in this way, would the sword be covered with his aura after being produced.

He Gaoming chuckled and said, “Now that you mention it, it has something to do with me. To be honest, I know a family who does forging of weapons in Longquan city, but they might not allow you to do it yourself. They may be afraid that you’ll ruin their reputation.”

Originally, Fang Qiu wanted to say that he could just find an ordinary forge master.

However, when he thought about it carefully, he figured that everyone in the world would like to be respected.

As He Gaoming said, no matter how powerful this broken sword was, people would be embarrassed to take it out and carry it with them if it looked too worn.

In that case, it had to be done well. After all, it was business. One still needed to have good looks.

Fang Qiu said, “Give me the address and information and I’ll pay them a visit first.”

He Gaoming immediately shook his head, then smiled and said, “No. I’ll take you there in person.”

“No need.” Fang Qiu shook his head and refused.

He Gaoming immediately stepped forward and said shamelessly, “Come on! Anyway, if you don’t let me come along, I will not tell you the address and information. I’ll follow you wherever you go.”

Fang Qiu was speechless.

“Let’s go.” Fang Qiu had no choice but to go to the Longquan city with He Gaoming.

According to the rules of Wulin, He Gaoming wrote a visit card on the way, which roughly meant that they would visit them in the evening.

After arriving in Longquan, He Gaoming sent the visit card to them in person.

In Longquan, the Long family was a large prominent family. They were very renowned for their sword-casting skills.

“John Doe?” In the main hall of the Long family’s house, Long Qiyun, the head of the Long family, received the visit card sent by a servant, opened it to have a look and murmured while frowning, “Why is this man who has risen to fame in Wulin coming to our house? For a sword?”

Under normal circumstances, the people of Wulin came to Long Family in order to ask for a sword.

Therefore, Long Qiyun did not think too much about it. Since John Doe had already sent the visit card, he could wait for him to arrive first.

They strolled around Longquan city.

Then they found a place for dinner and took a look at the common smithies in the city. When it was eight o’clock in the evening, Fang Qiu went to the Long family’s house with He Gaoming.

In front of the gate of the mansion, the two were stopped.

After the servant sent the message, Long Qiyun, the head of the Long Family, personally came out to greet them.

Fang Qiu was shocked when he first saw Long Qiyun.

This was because Long Qiyun was very young. He was only twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old but with his sharp eyebrows and hawk-like eyes, he did not look like a young person at all.

It was just like what He Gaoming said.

The Long family’s head of every generation had been cultivated since he was young. It could be said that he had perfected forging skills. The Long family needed the young and strong to forge swords, so in order to protect its reputation, each generation’s head would host the family at the age of 20 and pass down the position when he turned 40.

Long Qiyun had only been the head of the family for five years.

Seeing Long Qiyun, Fang Qiu and He Gaoming immediately cupped their fists and said, “Mr. Long, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Long Qiyun smiled and replied, “I’m honored. We have distinguished guests in our house today.”

“Please come in.” After exchanging a few pleasantries, Long Qiyun finally invited Fang Qiu and He Gaoming into the house.

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