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«Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 1964 The convening is imminent!

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Chapter 1964 The convening is imminent!

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When he was about to hang up the phone, an idea was suddenly born in Fang Qiu’s mind, and he immediately called out to Zhang Xingjie and asked with his mouth open, “Can you produce audio on your side, or can you contact an audio producer?”

“What do you mean?”

Zhang Xingjie asked.

“I was hoping you could do me a favor and help me create an audio story.”

Fang Qiu said.

“Audio story?”

Zhang Xingjie froze and reacted slightly before asking with a smile, “What you’re talking about, is an audiobook, right?”


Fang Qiu immediately nodded his head.

“That’s no problem.”

Zhang Xingjie immediately said with a smile, “Before, we have not been paying much attention to the network copyright, this time after separating the network copyright of your new book, I started to contact the network copyright in detail, and found that there are quite a lot of network copyrights nowadays, in addition to ordinary network reading copyrights, there are also audiobook copyrights, and it just so happens that the Huaxia Chinese network that is working together with us has business in this area.”

“That’s good.”

Fang Qiu immediately nodded his head and said, “However, this audio story, I hope it’s free to the public, you can first contact the side of Huaxia Chinese Network, and my side will send the content of this story, as soon as possible, to your email.”


Zhang Xingjie immediately nodded in agreement.

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Xingjie smiled excitedly.

Although it seemed that neither of the two things Fang Qiu had asked him to help with had any benefits for him to speak of, it wasn’t the immediate benefits that he was looking at, but rather the benefits that he could potentially receive in the future.

Fang Qiu’s book, because of the reason of rushing, for the time being can’t be made into a finished product to be released, but Fang Qiu wants to be in such a hurry, there must be some kind of urgent use.

The topic related to Fang Qiu that has been circulating particularly hotly on the internet recently seems to be related to a conference of the traditional Chinese medicine community, and in light of the current situation, Fang Qiu’s hurry to have such a ripe graveyard is most likely going to be used in this conference of traditional Chinese medicine.

Before it was even released, it appeared on such a large stage, and coupled with Fang Qiu’s personal publicity, the future market for this book was bound to be very large, and might even surpass the Undiseased Canon!

Although it was a matter of course for Zhang Xingjie to help Fang Qiu as the manager of the Prosperous Culture Publishing House, and even if there was no benefit he would definitely bow and scrape for Fang Qiu’s sake, it seemed that as long as it was involved with Fang Qiu, nothing seemed to be without benefit.

After all, Fang Qiu was a treasure in his own right, and there were benefits to be found in everything related to him.


On the audiobook front.

After examining the network copyright, Zhang Xingjie found that Huaxia Chinese website is highly rated in the entire network literature industry, a website with a real and large and wide traffic.

The most crucial thing is that after a long period of development, all the businesses of Huaxia Chinese Network have completely entered the right track.


Prosperous culture publishing house development, there is no doubt that the need for such a powerful ally, whether it is their own published books can be completely transferred to the network copyright Huaxia Chinese network, but also with the joint Huaxia Chinese network, Huaxia Chinese network of some of the hot novels of the entity copyright implementation of the signing of the audit and so on.

When the two companies join together, it is bound to be a win-win situation.

Therefore, Zhang Xingjie was also very happy to help out with things when it came to the rights of the audiobooks that Fang Qiu had requested.

After all, for HuaxiaChinese.com, being able to get the exclusive rights to one of Fang Qiu’s novels and for free was definitely a great thing.

There’s no doubt about the traffic Fangchu can bring in, and the traffic Fangchu’s free books can bring in is more than enough to be shocking!

In this case.

Zhang Xingjie knew without even thinking about it that the executives of Huaxia Chinese Network would be absolutely thrilled and excited if they heard about such a great thing.

The bottom line is that one is the middleman in this matter.

His own promotion of guidance, absolutely can make the senior management of Huaxia Chinese Network, owes himself a favor, on the future cooperation between the two sides, will also have a very big help.

Don’t dare hesitate.

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Xingjie immediately called the senior management of Huaxia Chinese Network.

And this way.

Fang Qiu thought for a moment, then turned back and reappeared at Seven Cities Animation Production Co.

This time, Fang Qiu didn’t greet the receptionist, but directly went upstairs and rushed to the business manager’s office.

Come to the time.

The business manager was negotiating with the technical director on how to arrange manpower to complete the CG animation needed by Fangqiu with good quality within the specified time.

Talking about it, Fang Qiu came back.

“Mr. Fangqiu?”

Seeing Fang Qiu, the business manager immediately greeted him and asked with an open mouth, “Did you forget to explain something?”


Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “Regarding the CG animation mentioned just now, everything has been negotiated, as long as it can be completed on time and in quality, the purpose of my folding back is to talk to you about another business.”


The business manager froze for a moment and asked, “And?”


Fang Qiu nodded affirmatively and said, “I’m most in and out of a new book, you should know that, right?”


The business manager nodded his head immediately without even thinking about it and said, “I’ve been paying attention to your news since the very beginning, and I’m not going to lie, it took me quite a bit of time to snag a copy of your new book, and it’s still in the drawer of my desk.”


The business manager took three or two steps to his desk, and sure enough, he pulled a brand new copy of the Undiseased Codex from inside a drawer.


Fang Qiu smiled and nodded his head with a thank you, reaching out and pointing at the Undiseased Canon in the business manager’s hand, he said, “The business I want to talk to you about is related to it.”

“Here’s the thing, I’d like to take the book, The Undiseased Canon, and make it into an animation, not a rote presentation of the book’s contents, of course, but into a storytelling type of thing.”

Fang Qiu said.

“That’s no problem.”

The business manager nodded straight away and said, “That’s the most specialized aspect of what we do, as long as there’s a story to tell and points that need to be highlighted, and with all the aspects of animation you want, it’s very easy to do.”

“Well, that includes the illustrations inside the book, and the various action-type diagrams that are demonstrated with animation.”

Fang Qiu said emphatically.

“Could be.”

The business manager immediately nodded his head and said, “Only, it may need a wide breadth in terms of time, although this book has only just been snatched up, I have also roughly gone through it once, to convert this content in it into a story produced one by one, it will take not a short period of time, coupled with the fact that at the moment our whole company has to hurry up to produce the CG animation that you need, we don’t have the time for the time being to work on the the issue of this new work, if you want it urgently, I can think of a way.”

“How long?”

Fang Qiu asked.

“At least …… three months!”

Business Experience replied.

“Okay, no problem.”

Fang Qiu nodded in understanding and said, “There’s no rush on this, but it must be done well, after all, there’s a book here.”

“I understand.”

The business manager immediately nodded his head, then added, “Let’s put it this way, after this project is officially on the agenda, I’ll specially divide out a group for this project to keep an eye on it, and at that time, I’ll give you a copy of all the various styles of demos produced by the project team, and you’ll be the one to ultimately decide on the style and tone of this animation.”


Fang Qiu nodded in satisfaction.

Subsequently, the two people talked and chatted a few more times, the business manager directly let the receipt of a quick print to two contracts, the two projects signed together.

Fang Qiu also swiped his card on the spot and paid the deposit.

It was so hard, finally, to get everything all together.

When he left the Seven Cities Animation Production Company Limited, Fang Qiu finally breathed a big sigh of relief, the next step was just to wait for the success of the CG production, and wait for the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference to be held.

Time passes quickly.

In the blink of an eye, a few days passed and came to the day when the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference was officially held.

In a week’s time, the fifty great doctors who had made sufficient preparations all started to rush from various provinces and cities, rushing together to Hua Tuo’s hometown, Bozhou, Hui’an Province.

Bozhou, a prefecture-level city in Hui’an Province, located in the northwest of Hui’an Province, is the name of the country’s history and culture, where human beings were active during the New Age era.

The main reason why this place was chosen to organize the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference is because it is the hometown of Hua Tuo.

Hua Tuo was a famous medical doctor at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, a great god of the ancient period.

In the Chinese medical profession.

Hua Tuo became one of the Three Divine Physicians of Jian’an, along with Dong Feng and Zhang Zhongjing.

In later times, people called Hua Tuo “the sage of surgery” and “the originator of surgery”, and every time he was mentioned, he was referred to as “Hua Tuo the Divine Physician”.

In the Chinese medicine world, Hua Tuo has reached a height that all those who study Chinese medicine can only look up to.

It is out of admiration and respect for Hua Tuo that the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference is chosen to be held here.

Fifty great doctors from all over the country, feel Bozhou, have to stay in the local five-star hotel, waiting for the unfolding of the Chinese medicine medical conference.

Of course, all of this money has a sponsor, as a Chinese medicine practitioner where they have so much money to stay in a five-star hotel ah, even if the money, but also not necessarily pursue this condition.

The other side.

Everyone in the entire Chinese medicine industry has begun to pay attention to this Chinese medicine medical exchange conference.

As people in the Chinese medicine sector, we have more or less heard of the Chinese Medicine Exchange Conference.

Previously, the purpose of holding the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference was pure exchange and learning, but this time it was different because this time there was Fang Qiu, and the theme of this Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference was even more the book “Human Body Chinese Medicine”.


The most crucial thing was that almost everyone who was paying attention to the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference was filled with curiosity as to whether Fang Qiu could make an impact to become a Sacred Doctor or not.

In addition to people in the Chinese medicine industry, a lot of netizens on the Internet have begun to pay attention to this conference.

Because of this topic, has long been on the Internet big hot sake, everyone knows Fang Qiu to participate in this Chinese medicine conference thing, in the long-term discussion, everyone is most curious about this Chinese medicine conference, will be how to open?

And with the people in the Chinese medicine industry, after the Bozhou, the location where the Chinese medicine conference was held, and the five-star hotels where the great doctors stayed were made public on the Internet, it immediately drew a crazy buzz from the netizens.

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