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«Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 1882 It’s you instead!

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Chapter 1882 It’s you instead!

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“Bang Bang Bang ……”

Third, fourth, fifth!

With the fall of the fifth punch, the fifth black-robed man who had formed the formation was blown out by Fang Qiu’s punch, and the killing formation that had lost half of its energy supply was finally, at this moment, completely shattered.

The blood-colored energy wall, just like a glass that had received a heavy blow, crashed and fell.

And as this layer of energy walls shattered.

The five remaining peak Zong Shi level experts were instantly sent flying by the tremendous force generated by the explosion of the formation.

See this scene.

The Eight Exalted Ones, who had been pressing the formation from the side, glared with their eyes.


A strong and incomparable energy breath, from its body to utilize and out, just like a gust of wind, blowing towards Fang Qiu surging up.

“Stand down!”

Using his energy aura to slightly block Fang Qiu, the Eight Exalted Ones waved their hands and told the five black-robed men under them who had been shaken away to retreat.

Originally, all five were particularly alarmed.


All the internal qi in their bodies was poured into the killing formation.

As the killing formation shattered, their energy was completely depleted.


They had seen very clearly that even when they were in the formation, Nameless was able to decimate all five of them, and now that Nameless, who was not bound by the killing formation, was able to kill all five of them, it was simply as easy as a slap in the face!


In the first moment they were sent flying by the energy explosion of the formation, all they could think of in their minds was how to escape and how to save their lives.

Well, the Eight Exalted Ones stepped in.

That powerful and incomparable aura made them feel instantly filled with a sense of security!

It was also the moment when the dwelling breath appeared, giving them a sliver of perfect timing to escape.

There was no hesitation.

These five people, immediately retreated and retreated behind the Eight Exalted Ones.

This way.

Just broke out of the formation.

Fang Qiu then clearly felt a powerful and incomparable energy aura erupting from the Eight Exalted Ones, which was like a monstrous sea wave, giving him a particularly great pressure!

“How dare you break the killing formation?”

Staring at Fang Qiu, the Eight Exalted Ones laughed coldly, “I had underestimated you, no wonder you were able to kill so many newcomers.”

“A killing formation that can decimate even the peak of the Second Flower?”

Fang Qiu hooked up the corner of his mouth, his face filled with mockery.

“I have to say, you do have a little bit of smarts, knowing how to use pure power to break formations.”

The Eight Exalted Ones narrowed their eyes and glanced at Fang Qiu, saying, “However, your kind of shielding and isolation of the Qi of Heaven and Earth won’t work on me.”

Fang Qiu raised an eyebrow.

The face changed in shock.

How did he see his ability to shield the Qi of Heaven and Earth?

Before that.

No one has ever been able to see through it yet.

I didn’t expect to be seen through by Nirvana a previous generation’s venerable?

“Obviously your strength is only at the peak of the First Flower, yet you can’t even be killed by a killing formation capable of decapitating the peak of the Second Flower… It looks like the one who defeated the Sacred Lord when he was young inside the Sword Pavilion wasn’t the Sword Pavilion’s genius Qing Yun, but rather, it was you!”

The Eight Exalted Ones sneered.


Fang Qiu was stunned.

The one who defeated the Holy Lord as a young man in the Sword Pavilion was Qing Yun?

Fang Qiu’s mind moved.

Immediately, he thought back to the day he left the Sword Pavilion.

At that time, Qing Yun was not there.

The three old men also temporarily woke themselves up from their cultivation and then inexplicably had to fuck themselves to leave the Sword Pavilion.

At that time, Fang Qiu didn’t find it strange.

But now, connecting the dots, it’s a different story!


Fang Qiu instantly understood.

There must have been some willingness that caused the news of someone defeating the Nirvana Saint Lord’s Void to get out, and the Three Elders of the Sword Pavilion chose Qing Yun to be the one to defeat the Nirvana Saint Lord’s Void in order to protect their own selves who had truly defeated the Saint Lord’s Void.

After you figure it out.

Fang Qiu secretly thanked the three Sword Pavilion Elders for their good intentions.


How did the Eight Venerable Ones know?

“Holy Lord? You’re saying that Nirvana’s Holy Lord is in the Sword Pavilion?”

After figuring it out, in order to cooperate with this bureau, Fang Qiu immediately pretended to know nothing.

“You don’t have to pretend.”

The Eight Exalted Ones sneered and said, “We’ve already investigated that you have a Sword Pavilion token in your hand, and you only just left the Sword Pavilion before going to the southwestern part of Mo.”

“What does that prove?”

Fang Qiu shook his head inquiringly.

“Since I came here since Qian I received news that established that it wasn’t Qing Yun but you who defeated the Holy Lord’s Shadow in the Sword Pavilion, I thought it was a counter-plot by the Sword Pavilion but now it looks like try it is indeed so.”

The Eight Exalted Ones said with a confident sneer.


Fang Qiu’s complexion changed drastically.

Got the message?

Where did he get the information?

The matter of one’s victory over the Nirvana Saint Lord’s Void was not known by too many people even in the entire Sword Pavilion.

How did this news get out?

Could it be that a traitor appeared inside the Sword Pavilion?

The more he thought about it, the more grave Fang Qiu’s face became, if there were even renegade ninjas inside the Sword Pavilion, then wouldn’t everything in the Chinese martial arts world be all in Nirvana’s hands?

“What, nervous?”

Looking at Fang Qiu, the Eight Exalted Ones suddenly let out a cold smile and said, “Don’t worry, since I told you, then today will definitely be the anniversary of your death, I’ll see who can stop me me me!”


The words fell.

A monstrous aura roared out from the Eight Exalted Ones’ bodies and shot up into the sky.

That terrifying energy aura was like a flame that was going to burn the sky, emitting a destructive energy aura that gave off an immense and incomparable pressure.

“So strong!”

Feeling this energy aura bursting out from the Eight Exalted Ones’ bodies, Fang Qiu’s face changed in shock.

It’s a very big gap.


At that time when he had first encountered the Sage Lord and had been seriously injured by the Sage Lord almost on the verge of death, Fang Qiu had not even had this feeling.

Because, the gap is really big!

There was no hesitation.


After sensing the monstrous energy aura that erupted from the other party, Fang Qiu immediately turned around and fled.

Lives are at stake.

If you can run, you’re a grandson!


Because the gap in strength was too great, Fang Qiu’s figure had only just moved when the Eight Exalted Ones instantly rushed behind him.

There’s no sound.

Venerable Eight waved his right hand.

The fist immediately impacted towards Fang Qiu.


It was like a very normal wave of the hand, not even bringing up the slightest airflow or energy fluctuation, but the speed was extremely fast.

It’s just getting started.

The fist, then, had landed in front of Fang Qiu.


Without a moment’s hesitation, Fang Qiu immediately mobilized his mental power to lock onto the opponent’s fist, while simultaneously running his internal qi to infuse into his arm and explode his strongest muscle power.

A fist with all his might, he met it towards his opponent’s fist.

This way.


The Eight Exalted Ones, who instantly caught up and swung their fists to attack, suddenly had a pale face.

He felt it clearly.

The energy on his own fist suddenly and inexplicably dispersed a small portion of it, and then the energy wrapped around his fist began to inexplicably distort again, causing the power of his punch to instantly diminish by 10%.

The moment of doubt.

Fang Qiu’s fist had swung up.


The two fists collided together instantly.

An immense and incomparable power exploded out from the Eight Exalted One’s fist, colliding with the energy from Fang Qiu’s fist, and then shaking Fang Qiu directly back.

This fist collision.

Fang Qiu immediately flew back.

The collision, though, didn’t injure him.


After this fist clash, Fang Qiu, however, gave often a clear feeling that the strength of the Eight Exalted Ones, which was much stronger than Qing Yun, was not impossible to fight!

The most crucial thing was that in the bodies of the Eight Exalted Ones, Fang Qiu sensed a vast and incomparable inner qi.

It was like an ocean.

In the younger generation of martial artists, Fang Qiu had never sensed such a terrifying amount of internal qi, even he was slightly inferior to the other party.

Think about it.

After all, this Eight Exalted One was from the previous generation of Nirvana, and now he was afraid that he had already lived for more than a hundred years.

“The peak of the Second Flower.”

While escaping, Fang Qiu thought about how he was going to cope.

Although he had defeated Qing Yun before, Qing Yun’s strength didn’t reach the peak of the Second Flower, it was barely a mid stage.

In this case.

The strength of this Eight Exalted One in front of him was indeed a level higher than Qing Yun.

When Fang Qiu defeated Qing Yun, even though he didn’t use all his strength, he relied on his strong real-world experience to do so, but the Eight Exalted Ones who had lived for more than a hundred years were definitely stronger than Fang Qiu in terms of real-world experience.


Fang Qiu did not feel that he could defeat the Eight Exalted Ones.

Moreover, once one was entangled by the Eight Exalted Ones, I’m afraid it would be difficult to even escape.

Think about it.

Fang Qiu could only hurriedly run back, preparing to escape back to the Holy Land of the Ancient Xi Kingdom!

The Eight Exalted Ones aren’t going to, like, charge right in, are they?

Even if the Eight Exalted Ones really dared to rush in, Fang Qiu believed that with the power of the Holy Land of the Ancient Xi Country, they could definitely withstand it.

Just like the Hwa Hsia Sword Pavilion in general.

Among the organizations and forces inherited from these ancient civilizations, there are bound to exist so many strong people of the older generation, who are just unwilling to show their faces.

Because of the presence of divine sense, Fang Qiu had indeed sensed a very powerful aura inside the Holy Land of the Ancient Heavens Kingdom, hidden inside that divine temple on top of the Holy Land’s mountain.

At the time.

He also deliberately asked Hercules why he didn’t live in the temple.

Only, Hercules didn’t answer, so Fang Qiu didn’t continue to pursue the question.


Fang Qiu was out of options.

One could only use the power of the holy land of Gushoku to save one’s little life.

After taking the Eight Exalted One’s strike head-on, Fang Qiu used the momentum to leap out even faster, following the path that the young man carrying the easel had taken him down, as he remembered, and quickly moved forward.


As he rushed out of the forest, the dark night in front of Fang Qiu’s eyes suddenly became brighter.

Before his eyes, the high mountain where the shrine was built also appeared once again.

“Hoo Hoo ……”

See the temple on the hilltop mountain.

Fang Qiu immediately let out a huge sigh of relief.

Looking at the back.

The Eight Venerable Ones did not follow them in.

At this point.

“Nameless, get your ass out here!”

A loud roar that came out of nowhere and shattered his eardrums.

Not only Fang Qiu, but even all the Hercules inside the Holy Land were startled by the sound, and the Hercules who were originally cultivating turned their eyes to look.

Hurtingly, he realized that Nameless had returned!


The backwoods of Norse Island, in the jungle.

“Find me separate!”

The Eight Exalted Ones, who had lost Nameless after chasing after him, shouted angrily at the five peak Zongshi level black robes around his body.

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