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«Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 1002 The Price Causes Anger!

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Chapter 1002 The Price Causes Anger!

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“What a magical oriental pill.”

“Is this the crystallization of traditional medical skills?”

“So magical! I’ve never taken such a pill. The effect is so good. This pill is simply amazing.”

“Are you sure that there are no additives in this pill? Are you sure this pill isn’t produced and manufactured from addictive plants? Why do I feel like I’m already crazy about it and addicted to it?”

As more and more people got the medicine, all kinds of feedback also spread around the Internet.

Overall, almost everyone who had taken one of these pills agreed that the effects of these two pills were really, really amazing!

Many people also started to share experiences of taking the pills online.

Those who bought pills recorded the time when they took them each day, recorded how they felt all day after they tasted it, and shared it with the others.

This attracted the envy of all the people online.

With the countless favorable comments, the score of the Life-prolonging Earth Pill, which was given by an authoritative pharmaceutical website in the Murica, immediately soar like a rocket.

In just one night, this medicine had received the highest rating in Murcia’s history, with a score of 9.8 out of 10.

This score shocked everyone.

At the same time, those who were waiting to see and those who doubted the two medicines had completely become the fans of the Life-prolonging Pill with the appearance of the high score and infinite positive comments on the Internet. They were particularly eager to take the next opportunity to try it out personally.

Although the language was different, just like in Huaxia, the Internet in the Murica had also exploded with unprecedented enthusiasm with the popularity of the Life-prolonging Earth Pill.

Almost as soon as one opened a social networking site, the first thing one would see was a discussion about the Life-prolonging Earth Pill.

In this situation, when a Huaxia overseas student saw the heated discussion on the Internet, he felt very proud and immediately made a lot of screenshots of all the popular comments on the Internet. He also translated them into the Huaxia language one by one and finally posted them directly on domestic Weibo.

“May our magnificent Huaxia thrive! The products produced by Huaxia must be the best! @Renyi Group @Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation @Huaxia Chinese Medicine @Fang Qiu @Central TV Station.”

Such a Weibo post was accompanied by a long picture that contained the very foreign comments with translated text attached.

At first, this post did not attract much attention. After all, this Weibo user did not have many followers.

Soon, Renyi Group’s and Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation’s official Weibo accounts reposted it quickly.

As these two big companies reposted it, it immediately drew the attention of many people.

“Haha, did they mention Fang Qiu in their post?”

“Awesome! Awesome Huaxia!”

“Yes, Renyi Group is the pride of the nation!”

“Good, good, foreigners sure know what’s what.”

“Won’t you foreigners thank us properly? Even if we produce more Trillium Root-Securing Pills and Life-prolonging Earth Pills, our domestic consumers can still buy all of them. You can buy them because we are nice, you know?”

“Haha, that’s great… Finally, they know how we felt when we tried to order an iPhone.”

“These foreigners actually do this too?”

“See, there are many magical things in Huaxia. It’s just a drop in the bucket.”

“It’s time for you to see the mystery and greatness of our medicine!”

Everyone commented one after another.

Undoubtedly, the patriotism of the netizens was fully shown at this moment. They felt inexplicably excited when they saw this Weibo post.

However, when the netizens were talking about it on Weibo hotly. This blogger, once again, had updated a Weibo post.

“@Renyi Group is awesome!”

It was a simple sentence, followed by a picture as well.

The content of this picture was no longer the comments of foreign netizens about the Life-prolonging Earth Pill, but a common screenshot.

It was the preorder page of Aaron International Pharmaceutical.

On that page, it clearly showed that the unit price of Life-prolonging Earth Pill, surprisingly, was US$1,500!

Netizens at home were amused to see this picture.

“What! 1,500 US dollars?”

“It’s so expensive! But I’m very happy, haha.”

“Huaxia needs such companies that can make money abroad. Renyi Group, I’m rooting for you!”

“It’s amazing. 1,500 dollars for a box, which is nearly 9,500 yuan. It’s only 1,000 at home, but it’s 9,500 abroad. As soon as it goes abroad, the price has increased ninefold. Renyi Group is amazing.”

“Oh my God, Renyi Group is making a lot of money!”

“I finally understand why Hua Yuan is willing to be merged by Renyi Group. It’s because Renyi Group is really too damn capable. It hasn’t been long since the group was established, but it has already expanded its market to the international level. Judging from such a high unit price, the money made by Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Company can only be one-ninth of that from the entire international market.”

All sorts of heated discussions were wildly spreading on Weibo.

Meanwhile, the Life-prolonging Earth Pill immediately attracted a lot of attention in the domestic market.

Fortunately, it was produced for a long time, and the amount of Life-prolonging Earth Pills in the market was huge, which allowed the distributors to make a big profit.

However, the purchasing frenzy suddenly stopped before long.

On Weibo, many people were complaining.

“Damn it, I bought ten boxes at a time. I was going to be a purchasing agent. Even if I couldn’t sell 10 boxes at a time, I could still make a lot of money by selling them one by one. But after I bought them, I realized that these two drugs were banned and I couldn’t carry them on the plane. If I secretly take them out and get caught by the Customs, they will be confiscated. This move is so strict, isn’t it?”

“Oh my God, it’s not easy for Huaxia to make an international hit. Such a good opportunity for us to be a purchasing agent, and then it’s banned?”

“One less way for us to make money!”

Without a doubt, on Weibo, the topic quickly appeared.

#Root-Securing Pill and Earthly Immortal Pill banned?#

The topic instantly led to countless people joining and discussing it.

“I strongly demand that we be able to take the Life-prolonging Earth Pill out of the country!”

“Strongly demand!”

“I agree that we should be able to take it abroad; why can’t we take abroad what we bought?”

“Ouch, you opportunists, you’ve had your karma this time, haha!”

“Although I would love to be a purchasing agent, and I would love to take this opportunity to make a lot of money, seeing you guys angry and the foreigners unable to buy Life-prolonging Earth Pills at a cheap price no matter what, I feel inexplicably happy, hahaha…”

“I’m against it. You just can’t take it out of the country!”

“What makes you oppose it?”

“Because I’m poor and I can’t afford to go abroad!”

“That’s funny. Hahaha.”

Soon, countless people gave likes to those who opposed it.

Of course, everyone knew that they were just joking.

After all, if one could really take it abroad, everyone in the country could afford to go abroad. After all, one box would make money nine times its price, and even if it was cheaper and sold at three or four times its price, people would still get rich by being a purchasing agent!

At the same time, different from the patriotism felt by netizens at home, the Murica netizens, after learning about the price in Huaxia, felt shock and anger about the huge price difference!

“It’s 1,500 dollars for a box here, while only 160 US dollars in Huaxia. It’s nine times higher!”

“Is this a scam?”

“Why? Why is there such a big price difference? Why do we have to pay so much more to buy in our country? I can buy nine sets in Huaxia with the money for one here!”

For a while, there was an angry backlash on the Internet.

However, this also made the Life-prolonging Earth Pill even more famous. In any case, as long as one went online, one could see discussions about the Life-prolonging Earth Pill everywhere.

And meanwhile, as one of the top international companies—Aaron International Pharmaceutical, had expected this to happen, so they had prepared for it early on.

After the public opinion was completely blown out of proportion and made sufficient publicity, Aaron International Pharmaceutical immediately issued a statement on its official website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

“Statement on the sale price of ‘Life-prolonging Earth Pill’!

“First, the Life-prolonging Earth Pill is made from extremely rare and particularly limited substance, making it impossible to be mass-produced. We can only meet the domestic demand in Huaxia to the greatest extent as much possible. So the units in the international market are very few, which is the very important reason why these two medicines have only been introduced to the international market after being famous in Huaxia for so long!

“Second, our company paid a great big price to get the agency rights, or the company in Huaxia would not have wanted to export it.

“Third, I believe that everyone who buys the Life-prolonging Earth Pill knows that the effect of the Life-prolonging Earth Pill is particularly amazing. It is a top-grade product that cannot be measured by money. It is a top-grade product that brings us health that can’t be bought with money, so the price will inevitably increase.

“We hope the public will continue to support us!”

The statement was released and was immediately reposted on Facebook and Twitter by Murcia netizens.

Everyone took a look.

“That sounds reasonable.”

“Those things are rare, and there’s nothing wrong with selling something so rare at a slightly higher price, right?”

“Yes, it’s not easy to get this. If you think it’s too expensive, don’t buy it.”

“It’s not easy to get these two medicines from Huaxia. Don’t make trouble. If we continue to make a fuss and they stop exporting the medicines, we really can’t buy them then.”

“That’s right. Huaxia has always been mysterious and inactive in the international market. It’s normal for them to sell it at a low price at home. If it’s a bit expensive abroad, then so be it. As long as the effect is good, everyone can just ignore it. Anyway, we earn much more than the Huaxia people.”

Soon, the netizens in the Murica stopped protesting.

But at that time…

After the agency company saw that people were no longer accusing, it immediately posted a new message on social media.

“Due to the success of the first pre-sale of the Life-prolonging Earth Pill, our company has decided to launch a similar product in the near future, named ‘Trillium Root-Securing Pill’, which has similar effects as the Life-prolonging Earth Pill. But there are restrictions to its use. For those who cannot buy Life-prolonging Earth Pill, they can purchase Trillium Root-Securing Pill, and if they need it, they can consult Chinese Medicine practitioners for purchase at nearby Chinese Medicine drugstores.”


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