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«Mechanical God Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 658 – Alchemist Certification

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Chapter 658 - Alchemist Certification

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Translator: Xaiomoge

Starry Sky Warlocks are nothing much in Great Cloud Dynasty as a whole. But advanced Warlock academies only have the capacity to nurture students until the Great Warlock realm. Thus, Starry Sky Warlocks are first-rate powerhouses to students in advanced Warlock academies.

Only the most talented of students who join Great Cloud Dynasty’s Imperial Court may become Starry Sky Warlocks. The majority of people graduate as level-1 or level-2 Warlocks, and then become part of Great Cloud Dynasty’s ordinary Warlocks.

For Lan Chuxia to have a powerhouse with Starry Sly Warlock rank cultivation base such as Yang Feng as boyfriend, it naturally aroused the envy of these young men and women.

The corners of Lan Chuxia’s mouth rose slightly.

Liu Ming said coldly: “Uncle Zhao! Have you come for the tier 1 Alchemist certification?”

Detecting the thick malice pervading Liu Ming’s words, the surrounding young Warlocks exchanged looks and went silent. Although Liu Ming is a arrogant, but he is indeed a prodigy from South River Advanced Warlock Academy. He is already a level-3 Warlock despite his young age. Besides, he is their friend. It’s normal for them not to come to the defense of the stranger Yang Feng.

Yang Feng responded flatly: “Yes, I am here for the Alchemist certification.”

Liu Ming mocked: “For a Starry Sky Warlock to take the tier 1 Alchemist certification examination, you’re something else!”

Generally speaking, level-1 Warlocks are eligible to apply for the tier 1 Alchemist certification. Starry Sky Warlocks generally have at least a tier 3 Alchemist certification. Liu Ming is implying here that Yang Feng is a waste when it comes to Alchemy.

In fact, there are many Warlocks in Great Cloud Dynasty not good at alchemy. Because the Cangzhi Plane’s Warlock civilization is extremely developed, Warlocks specializing in combat, research, or alchemy have appeared.

Even among Alchemists, there are many different research directions. There are some who study military use secret treasures, and others who specialize in civilian use secret treasures.

Generally speaking, only Bright World Warlock or Infinity Warlocks whose advancement in terms of cultivation base has ground to a halt will start study alchemy from the beginning. Otherwise, most Warlocks will just use already refined secret treasures.

Liu Ming is quite talented in alchemy. In fact, he’s already at the tier 2 Alchemist level. He attacked Yang Feng from his most expert field.

Yang Feng smiled faintly: “I have dome some research on alchemy!”

At this moment, the door of the room opened, and more than 30 Warlocks went out, some elated and others downcast.

“Next batch, come in!” An indifferent voice came from the room.

Liu Ming showed a smile of provocation aimed at Yang Feng and strode into the room.

Lan Chuxia showed a sweet smile: “Brother Zhao, no need to lower yourself to his level. He’s just a brat! Let’s work hard!”

Yang Feng smiled slightly, stroked Lan Chuxia’s little nose, and entered the room.

In the room, there stand more than 30 tables, and a pile of materials is placed on each table. Additionally, there are 3 Great Warlock rank Alchemists, each of which has a tier 4 Alchemist badge on the chest.

A tier 4 Alchemist said coldly: “Using the materials on the table, forge 5 level-1 secret treasures within 5 hours. If you succeed, you will pass the tier 1 Alchemist certification. Begin!”

When Yang Feng has just arrived at Turandot Subcontinent, level-1 secret treasures were invaluable in many places. But in Great Cloud Dynasty, it is only the subject of an examination. The huge gap between the Warlock civilizations of Turandot Subcontinent and Great Cloud Dynasty can be seen from this.

As soon as the examiner’s words fell, Liu Ming’s hands turned into afterimages. Following the nimble movements of his hands, the various materials were processed rapidly into components, and then a level-1 secret treasure Fire Blade took form quickly.

Compared with Liu Ming, the rest of the examinees are very clumsy, slowly refining the materials one by one and making them into components.

Many of the candidates were still processing the materials when Liu Ming’s Flame Blade was manufactured.

A concentrated look on her face, Lan Chuxia processed the materials, engraved them with runes, and made them into components one by one.

“This batch of examinees is really bad! But those two are good seedlings! Let me see, they are Liu Ming and Luo Xiuxiu.” An examiner glanced at the information in his hand and smiled.

Among the examinees, a beautiful girl’s hands are also provoking afterimages, as she deftly processed the materials into components that then became one level-1 secret treasure after another. She is a bit faster than Liu Ming.

The examiner frowned slightly, and his eyes focused on Yang Feng: “He should be the one with the worst performance!”

Yang Feng is watching the performance of the young Warlocks with great interest at this time. It looks like he’s a Warlock who broke into the examination room without understand anything.

The three examiners looked at Yang Feng with disgust in their eyes.

Every year there are some Warlocks who don’t understand alchemy participating in the Alchemy certification. They have different goals. Some come to poach young Alchemists, while others come to pick up girls. In the eyes of the three examiners, Yang Feng is just a scoundrel who came to pick up girls. But Yang Feng is a Starry Sky Warlock. Even though they don’t like him, they won’t reprimand him for no reason.

Liu Ming glanced at Yang Feng and revealed a smile of provocation: “You still haven’t started? Humph, after I finish the tier 1 Alchemist certification, I will go take the tier 2 Alchemist certification next. This way, Lan Chuxia will definitely change her mind and become my girlfriend!”

Lan Chuxia is the prettiest girl in Quiet Moon Advanced Warlock Academy, she is the target of adoration of many boys. It is because Liu Ming is smitten by her that he provoked Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled slightly, silently recited an incantation, and pointed with a finger, and gray golem force enveloped the materials.

The materials flew up one by one into the air, weird runes appeared on them, and they grew human-like arms and legs and became small golems.

As soon as the small golems appeared, they quickly began to process the various materials on the table.

The numerous materials were quickly processed into components. Yang Feng flicked his finger, and light enveloped the components. Strange runes were carved on the components.

Those small golems quickly assembled the components into level-1 secret treasures.

Just 5 minutes later, there lay 8 level-1 secret treasures on the table before Yang Feng.

“What sort of alchemy is this?”

“Incredible! What alchemy is this?”


Seeing this scene, the 3 Great Warlocks were stunned at once. They have never seen such miraculous alchemy. As they gazed at Yang Feng, their eyes burst out with excitement and admiration.

Yang Feng said: “I’m done! Please inspect them!”

“What, he finished already?” Shocked, Liu Ming turned his head, looked at the 8 exquisite level-1 secret treasures in front of Yang Feng, and became dazed a once: “How, how is this possible? How did he finish so quickly? Are Starry Sky Warlocks this powerful?”

“Amazing, amazing alchemy!”

“So fast! It seems that he is a formidable Alchemist who came to authenticate his true ability!”


The young Warlocks in the examination site were also shocked. Seeing the 8 level-1 secret treasures in front of Yang Feng, their eyes flashed with excitement.

A Warlock with a little understanding of alchemy will know that even tier 4 Alchemists will take at least 2 hours to forge 5 level-1 secret treasures. Yet Yang Feng refined 8 level-1 secret treasures in less than 10 minutes. His attainments in alchemy have surpassed those of a tier 4 Alchemist.

The three examiners stepped forward, picked up the secret treasures made by Yang Feng, and poured life force into them, and the level-1 secret treasures immediately released formidable fluctuations of power.

An examiner smiled and said: “Not bad, the 8 level-1 secret treasures are of superior quality. Congratulations, you have passed the tier 1 Alchemist certification. Do you want to continue the certification?”

Yang Feng answered: “I do!”

The examiner said: “What is your approximate level of alchemy? We can give you a higher-level Alchemist certification directly so as not to waste your time.”

The level of alchemy displayed by Yang Feng has exceeded that of the examiners by far, which is why they are so accommodating towards him. This is the privilege of the strong.

Liu Ming and them could only pass the test one level a a time.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Then let’s go with the tier 5 Alchemist certification first!”

“A tier 5 Alchemist!”

“A tier 5 Alchemist! That’s only one step away from a Grandmaster Alchemist!”

“Chuxia lucked out!”


When the young Warlocks taking the test heard this, they inhaled a breath of cold air. In advanced Warlock academies, the professor who teach alchemy are just tier 4 Alchemists

A tier 5 Alchemist is already an existence that many forces will fight to recruit. No force will refuse a tier 5 Alchemist joining them.

In a Warlock group, the status of a tier 5 Alchemist is second only to that of a Moonlight Warlock, and some tier 5 Alchemists even have a much higher status than Moonlight Warlocks.

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