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«Master of the End Times (Web Novel) - Chapter 1056: Human Tribe: Xuan Feng

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Chapter 1056: Human Tribe: Xuan Feng

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After Samou died, the soul flames in the eyes of the tens of thousands of undead puppets under his command were extinguished. At this moment, a powerful consciousness swept across and controlled these undead puppets.

In an instant, the undead puppets had gotten a new master.

As for Samou, he was naturally as dead as he could be. Even his ability core starglobe was shattered, and Qin Feng put it into the runic space.

After that, Qin Feng searched through Samou’s spatial rune equipment. He immediately found an existence that looked like an spaceship, and he released it.

This spaceship was very large, and there were more than thirty of them.

Now, Qin Feng had subordinates and spaceships. Compared to when he came here, he was as poor as a slave, and he became rich overnight.

He had Bai Li put the death legion in her dimensional space. Qin Feng was about to step on the spaceship, but before he left, he looked at the people from the Dark Coalition who were still watching.

“Now, is there anyone else who is interested in me?”

If there was, he would kill another one.

But obviously, these ability users did not have this intention.

The SSS-tier powerhouse who was the first to call out Samou’s name said, “My friend, you don’t look familiar. Did you just join the Dark Coalition? Let me introduce myself. My name is Qian Lan, Dora Tribe!”

This tribe was claimed to have the bloodline of God. Although with the advancement of technology, it was found that these people merely inherited the genetic mutations of their ancestors when they were evolving. Perhaps it was some kind of valuable treasure, or perhaps it was the fusion of the flesh and blood of some ultra beast, in short, the inheritance of this kind of gene allowed the humans of the Dora Tribe to have golden hair and golden eyes. In actual fact, they were still humans.

Qian Lan was obviously a powerful Dora Tribe member.

“Human Tribe, Xuan Feng!”

Qin Feng naturally would not say his real name. Instead, he used a code name as his identity.

“Haha, it’s a good experience to know a young elite like you. Do you want to travel together?”

“Forget it, we’ll do things with our own capabilities.”

Qian Lan’s expression did not change. He laughed loudly and transmitted via his consciousness again, “Then, let’s do that!”

As he said that, Qian Lan had already stepped onto the spaceship.

The others also knew that Qian Lan would not make a move and was only testing him. After testing him, Qin Feng’s name was also revealed. Naturally, they had no intention of staying.

If Qin Feng thought that they were interested in him, would that not be courting death?

However, as these people dispersed, the discussion did not stop.

“What’s all that? I’ve never seen him before. Could it be that he came from an unknown and powerful realm? His strength is terrifying!”

“And did you notice? Qian Lan said that he’s a young elite. I took a look and saw that he is only twenty years old.”

“Such a human is simply terrifying. The realm he is in is definitely a mythical realm. There are probably many Immortals as well.”

“He is just a pure human. He shouldn’t have such powerful strength!”

These people were all guessing what kind of powerful background Qin Feng had to possess such strength. Little did they know that the realm Qin Feng lived in was already at its end.

And the name Xuan Feng was also remembered by these top elites of the Dark Coalition.

However, Qin Feng did not know these people’s guesses. Even if he knew, he would be happy to see them think in this direction.

The speed of Samou’s spaceship was very fast, and the scanning system was also very powerful. However, no matter how powerful it was, it could not be compared to Bai Li.

Bai Li was a spatial beast. Her consciousness might not be strong, but the range of her probing and her perception of the fluctuations in space were much stronger than that of humans.

Of course, this kind of probing did not have an actual projected image, but she could sense the fluctuations of energy.

Thus, after the others had left, Qin Feng put away the spaceship and traveled in space with Bai Li.

“There’s a beast at this location. Its ability should be at the SSS-tier!” Bai Li pointed in a direction.

“Go and take a look. Whether it is or not, it’s going to be useful.”


Bai Li opened a space-jump spatial passage. When the two of them stepped into it they were already in a different position.

In an instant, they were three days away from their previous position, which required the most advanced technology of the Dora Tribe where Qian Lan was from.

For Bai Li, it only took an instant.

Soon, they found a huge ultra beast crawling on a dry and uninhabited planet, digging for something.

“Interstellar Rock Armored Beast!”

It was a type of existence similar to the Armored Star, but it was not of the Insectoid Tribe, but a type of reptile. It was similar to a lizard, and its strength was not as strong as a giant dragon.

However, a giant beast that had reached the SSS-tier was no longer weak, no matter how weak it was.

It was just that the creature did not pay attention to Qin Feng because it did not notice him. Moreover, even if it did, the giant beast would not care about a small existence like Qin Feng.

This was not something in its food chain. It was too small and not enough to fill the gaps between its teeth.

However, such a weak existence had now become its terminator.

Qin Feng raised his hand and summoned the dark starglobe. Following that, a terrifying black light burst out.

“Finger of death!”

The black light instantly enveloped the body of the Interstellar Rock Armored Beast. Even the thick stone armor was unable to stop the invasion of the darkness. The power of death penetrated deep into its body and corroded its internal organs.


The Interstellar Rock Armored Beast let out a blood-curdling scream, but it was unable to withstand the attack. It could only roll on the ground continuously.

In just a short moment, the powerful beast had already died.

After absorbing the energy from the other party’s body, Qin Feng could feel that his physical body had grown a little stronger.

With just a dozen more of such beasts, he would be able to advance his physique to SS2-tier.

“Next!” Qin Feng said.

Bai Li expanded her probe once more and brought Qin Feng to the next place.

It had to be said that the Eternal Starry Sea was extremely vast, but it was also full of dangers.

This was the territory of the beasts. There was no place for humans to settle down. However, every tribe had elites who would go and plunder these lands.

“In the past, I was passively beaten, fending off the beast waves, fending off the invading beasts!” Qin Feng thought of all the experiences he had in the Blue Star Realm.

Compared to the present, his standpoint had already changed.

“Now, I’ve become an invader, slaughtering other ultra beasts.”

“So, perhaps there is no right or wrong in this world, only different standpoints. What I want to do is to be a plunderer, not an existence that takes a beating.”

Qin Feng cleared away the ripples in his heart, slaughtering all the ultra beasts he encountered.

Time passed by quickly. Qin Feng killed more and more interstellar beasts, and he even encountered a tribal group.

“Domain of Death!”

“Phantoms Parade!”

In a wave of darkness, these beasts were all slaughtered.


Qin Feng’s body once again broke through the limits.

SS2-tier physique!


At the same time, the other ability users, who were searching within a designated area of the universe, felt that these few days of searching in the universe were very strange.

“Your Highness Qian, look, there are traces of battles that just happened a few days ago. It should be the SSS-tier Interstellar Rock Armored Beast.”

Qian Lan looked at the image that was transmitted back and took a deep breath.

“Dark runes!”

In his mind, Qin Feng’s figure had already appeared.


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