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«MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 815: Cruel

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Chapter 815: Cruel

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Usually, players had a very limited ability to survive a fall. Falling from such a tall height would definitely kill them.

However, when the bridge was broken, Wang Yu grabbed onto the bridge and so, he luckily survived.

After climbing up the bridge for a distance, Wang Yu decisively used his qing gong to jump opposite, towards Team Peaceful.

When using Qing Gong, Wang Yu could jump about, move around rapidly and leap four times consecutively, allowing him to easily jump onto the opposite cliff, then activated [Roof Leaps and Wall Vaulting] to climb upwards.

It was almost thirty metres. Wang Yu’s leaping abilities was almost the same as flying. Spectating players never saw such a scene and all of them broke out in cold sweat.

“Is this the legendary Qing Gong?”

Now that everyone was already level forty, they had some understanding of Pugilist’s “Mount” system. Although up till now, Wang Yu was the only one who knew qing gong, players knew one thing or two about qing gong.

“Yes, it should be! However, how much can a Pugilist do? By jumping over, he is still sending himself to death.” Although they guessed that Wang Yu used the mysterious qing gong, everyone did not understand why he did it.

There was no other way, even if Wang Yu could fly or go underground, he was a naturally inadequate Pugilist. Team Peaceful opposite was a complete team with good equipment and various jobs. What difference is there between a mere Pugilist dashing there and giving them a free point?

Just when the spectators were puzzled, Wang Yu already climbed up the abyss’ cliff.

Team Peaceful was working hard on attack across the abyss and did not notice someone was below them. Seeing that Wang Yu suddenly climbed up, everyone was shocked.

“F*ck, how did this guy climb up on this side?” Wilted Old Tree did not dare to belittle Wang Yu. Seeing that Wang Yu was already on the platform, he was shocked then immediately yelled, “Push him down!”

As he yelled, Wilted Old Tree sent an icicle towards Wang Yu.

The two Warriors who broke the bridge were the closest to Wang Yu and were not doing anything else. After receiving the order, they lowered their heads and charged towards Wang Yu. Wang Yu smiled and casually launched a [Rippling Wave] to disperse Wilted Old Tree’s magic and at the same time, leaped up to above the two Warriors.

Those two female Warriors were not weak too. Once they missed their target, they instantly cancelled their skill and stopped at the cliff’s edge. However, Wang Yu was descending and made two kicks in the air, stepping on the two women’s butts.

As these two women were standing at the edge of the cliff, they had not stood firm after cancelling their skill. Wang Yu’s kicks caused them to completely lose their balance.

“Ah… Ah…”

With two pitiful screams, the two women were sent flying down the cliff by Wang Yu.


Hearing the never-ending pitiful screams, everyone there felt a cold shiver and a chill ran down their spine.

> was a complete virtual reality. Although there was no pain, all the other senses reflected reality.

In 3D online games, jumping from a high height could even feel gravity pulling, much less a virtual reality online game. Jumping from a cliff definitely felt real, more exciting than any extreme sports.

To most players, dropping from a cliff was not better than committing suicide, especially after hearing the two women’s scream, everyone could not bear to think about it.

Damn it, no matter what, they were two beautiful women… How could he just kick them down? What a monster!

In and outside the arena, almost all female players thought of Wang Yu as a flower killer, a human-looking beast.

“B*stard!!” Seeing their teammate being kicked down the cliff by Wang Yu, Team Peaceful was fuming mad.

Papaya Knight and Pumpkin Knight roared angrily and turned around. One after another, they waved their shields and threw them at Wang Yu. Desert Populus and Ambilight who were attack Quan Zhen Sect also redirected their attacks and shot at Wang Yu from a short distance.

Wang Yu did not even look and turned his body to the right to dodge the two arrows, one after another. At the same time, he reached his left hand out and did a [Savage Maul]. Almost at the same time, another arrow was caught by Wang Yu’s [Grappling] skills.

“He caught it!! What…”

Ambilight and Desert Populus saw it and their eyes contracted.

To others, Wang Yu only dodged an arrow and caught an arrow.

They did not know that just now, Ambilight and Desert Populus did not use normal arrows. They were using skills. Moreover, it was the most deadly skill Archers had for killing.

Killing in short distance did not have the light effect so it seemed like a normal attack. Other people could not differentiate the shots but Ambilight and Desert Populus definitely knew it themselves.

Within such a short distance, it was already unbelievable he could dodge the Archers’ kill. However, he even caught an arrow. Exactly how scary was this Pugilist?

By then, Papaya Knight who was charging forward was not far from Wang Yu. Wang Yu spread his arms and floated upwards with the arrow. He stretched out his left hand and stabbed the arrow into Papaya Knight’s eyes.

Papaya Knight instinctively lifted her shield to hinder but Wang Yu threw away the arrow in his hand, turned to behind Papaya Knight, and used two hands to grab her shoulders. He used his right leg to press against her waist and did a knee [Grappling]. He laid on the ground and Papaya Knight was thrown out. She perfectly smashed on Pumpkin Knight who was charging towards them.

The two heavyweight jobs clashed into each other and rolled into a ball of mess, and rolled down the cliff together.

Another two down!!

Everyone saw it and were stunned. Was he going to cause the entire Team Peaceful to have a fear of heights? What kind of deep animosity did they have? How cruel.

Seeing how Wang Yu caused his teammates to panic, Wilted Old Tree hurriedly said in the guild chat, “Everyone, don’t mess up the formation. A person’s abilities have their limits. Long-distance jobs control him, Assassins backstab him.”

After speaking, Wilted Old Tree knocked the ground with his staff and a surface of ice appeared below Wang Yu. At the same time, Ambilight and Desert Populus started shooting at Wang Yu.

As an [Ice Mirror] skill was below Wang Yu, his movement’s speed was reduced significantly. In the face of the incoming arrows, it was not easy for Wang Yu to dodge them.

Of course, with such an attack method, they could not even hit Yang Nuo when she was on the bridge so Ambilight did not expect to be able to kill Wang Yu on the spot. He did so only to control him to buy time for the Assassins to assassinate him.

Indeed, seeing the arrows fly over, Wang Yu stretched out both hands into the river of arrows, waved his hand about, catching and blocking. In an instant, he caught all six arrows.

“Hehe!” Wang Yu threw the arrows on the ground and said with a smile, “Save this petty tricks.”

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