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«MMORPG: Martial Gamer (Web Novel) - Chapter 813: Earth-shattering

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Chapter 813: Earth-shattering

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F*ck! A job which greatest advantage was its shooting range and yet, she could not shoot accurately. However, she was still alive and well. Yang Nuo was indeed an oddball.

“Are all martial artists like this?” Fearless was speechless.

Yang Nuo was an Archer so her speed was undoubted. By the time Fearless reacted, she was already on the bridge and was closer and closer to the opposite platform.

“Hmm? Is this Archer seeking death?”

Seeing Yang Nuo run over, Wilted Old Tree was slightly surprised. He paused for a moment then ordered his teammates to attack with a smile.

“Screw them, attack!”

Team Peaceful’ Papaya Knight and another Guardian, Pumpkin Knight, received the order and two shield towers lined up along the bridge and blocked Yang Nuo’s shooting view. Then, from behind them, Ambilight and Desert Populus attacked Yang Nuo.

Undeniably, Wilted Old Tree was crafty to choose this map. The hanging bridge across the abyss was only one-metre wide and can hold at most two players. If it were the Guardian Holy Knights, it would be even tough for one of them to pass through.

This was a typical map which attacks by defence and in PVP, it did not matter who attacked first but in team battles, whoever went up the bridge first was at a disadvantage.

Of course, it was not that whoever stood still whoever would win. The abyss was dozens of metres wide and so only Archers’ shooting range could reach the opposite platform. Quan Zhen Sect only had one Archer, Yang Nuo while Team Peaceful had two. Hence, Quan Zhen Sect was at a disadvantage.

Just as Yang Nuo was charging forward, Wilted Old Tree was even happier. Was she sending herself to death?

Desert Populus and Ambilight were not weak and they were old friends so their teamwork was flawless.

The two of them shot one after another, sending six arrows flying sharply towards Yang Nuo who was on the hanging bridge one after another, sealing all escape route for Yang Nuo.

Yang Nuo was an Archer and from her job, she had very limited short distance skills. Unlike short distance jobs who could forcefully [Hinder], the bridge was narrow so with the two of them attacking her, no matter how able Yang Nuo was, she had limited room to dodge.

Seeing the arrows fly over, Yang Nuo quickly changed her weapon to a dagger and waved it about left and right, hitting away the arrows one by one.

However, Yang Nuo was still an Archer with weak judgement. Although she hit away six arrows, she was forced to retreat.

Before Yang Nuo could take a breather, Ambilight and Desert Populus started shooting again.

This time, they did not shoot continuously, and instead shot scatteringly. Every scattered shot was six arrows so there were two times as many arrows as before. The two experts narrowed the shooting angle as much as possible such that the twelve arrows were almost parallel, flying towards Yang Nuo.

In such a space, it was impossible for Yang Nuo to escape twelve arrows so she could only use a life-saving skill. As the arrows flew over, she dashed forward such that when the arrows reached where she was, Yang Nuo dodged them by half a metre.

The arrows flew backwards and missed Yang Nuo by barely an inch.


Seeing how Yang Nuo dodged the first and second rounds of arrows, Team Peaceful’s eyeballs almost fell out, especially Wilted Old Tree’s. This gentle, composed lad was so surprised he spouted a vulgarity.

He also knew Yang Nuo was very capable but he never thought that she would be this strong.

“Continue!” After his shock, Wilted Old Tree continued to order.

Receiving the order, the two of them decisively used Archers’ level 40 skill [Arrow Rain].

[Arrow Rain] was Archers’ wide-range skill as it covered a surface area of 500. With two [Arrow Rain] covering 360°, they had a surface area range of 800.

Just now, Yang Nuo could use her agility and skills to dodge the scattered shot. Now that Yang Nuo had already used her life-saving skill, there was no way she could escape.

Just as Yang Nuo shut her eye and awaited death, suddenly a ray of white light surround Yang Nuo’s waist then in an instant, she was pulled beside a big figure like a piece of cloud.

“Yu…” Yang Nuo saw the person behind it and could not say anything. Wang Yu turned to face Yang Nuo, lifted his leg, and stepped on her stomach with a ray of lightning. Yang Nuo was instantly kicked out.

[Void Seizing Palms] had a grabbing range of three metres and the [Thunder God’s Stomp] two-metre kick effect successfully sent Yang Nuo out of the [Arrow Rain] covered area. At the same time, the two sets of arrow landed.

Wang Yu swung his two hands and his gloves became two short poles, starting the [Seven Star Steps] to confront the arrows.

Although Wang Yu learnt that from Yang Nuo, [Seven Star Steps]’s full potential was exhibited only by Wang Yu.

Wang Yu used the [Seven Star Steps] and stepped in all directions like a flying fish, and the arrows could not even touch a strand of his hair. At the same time, he maneuvered his two short poles expertly, used his left arm to protect himself while his right arm moved in every way to hit down the arrows.

After the two sets of [Arrow Rain] landed, the number of arrows above Wang Yu did not decrease while beneath him, the ground was covered in arrows. With the two poles in his hands, Wang Yu stood tall on the bridge entrance like a God of War, looking extremely charismatic.


Within and outside the location, everyone was silent.

In fact, they were stunned by Quan Zhen Sect and Team Peaceful.

“How… How is this possible?” After a long while, everyone rubbed their eyes to check if they were dreaming.

Usually, players who could dodge one arrow were normal players, players who could dodge three were experts, and even those on Yang Nuo’s level could dodge a dozen with enough space.

However, the two sets of [Arrow Rain] had hundreds of arrows looming above him, with around twenty straight at Wang Yu. Moreover, the hanging bridge was only one metre wide. To be able to dodge all the arrows flying towards him, he had to be extremely well-versed with his movements.

“Is this guy real? He is indeed the legendary top Pugilist.” Seeing Wang Yu having such great abilities, the players in the waiting room were stunned. Thinking about how they might meet such an opponent, they were in fear.

“Heng heng!” Just then, Lucifer suddenly gave cold laughter, “Just a small trick!”

“This is just a small trick?” Hearing what Lucifer said, everyone was stunned. Could he be even stronger than the legendary Ironbull?

Lucifer coldly laughed, “Hmph, don’t you know that Priests have a skill called [Holy Shield]?”

“[Holy Shield]?” Everyone heard him and suddenly, as though they understood something and gossiped amongst themselves, “So it is the effect of an undefeatable skill, what a shameless cheater! F*ck, I almost sh*t my pants.”

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