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«Loved By An Older Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 1483 The Situation Back Then

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Chapter 1483 The Situation Back Then

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Yang Hong kept silent and refused to speak. Lin Shi was not willing to let it go and insisted on asking. “Say something, are you mute? Why? After staying there for a day and a night, you’ve completely become Jiang Yu’s lackey! I don’t think you take me seriously. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll expose your identity?”

“No, she didn’t tell me anything. It was just that it was too late last night, so she took me in.” Yang Hong quickly explained.

Even though he had the intention to cut off all ties with Lin Shi, he still had something to use against her, so Yang Hong didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Then why didn’t you go back to school today?” Lin Shi asked.

Yang Hong definitely couldn’t tell her that he and Jiang Yu were already master and disciple, but Lin Shi was standing here and blocking his way.

Yang Hong also felt a little irritated. He simply pushed Lin Shi away and said, “I didn’t come back to class because I didn’t want to. This matter has nothing to do with you. You’d better stay out of it.”

With that, he ran towards the dormitory. No matter how Lin Shi shouted behind him, Yang Hong did not turn around.

Sooner or later, he would have to think of a perfect way to sever all ties with Lin Shi!

Lin Shi felt that there must be something fishy going on in Yang Hong’s heart.

After Jiang Yu sent Yang Hong away, she also told Chang Kai about Lu Ting. He told him to be more vigilant in the future. He also had to be careful if Lu Ting went to look for Chi Rui.

Very quickly, Chang Kai replied with a “Roger.”

It seemed that he had done a good job of hiding in the Chi family. Although Chi Rui had not given himself away so far, Chang Kai had not given himself away either.

Now, they could only deal with each other and see who could not hold it in first.

However, apart from drug trafficking and human organ trafficking, there was another very serious matter, which was human creation experiments.

Jiang Yu was sure that Chi Rui was still secretly studying this experiment.

However, the group of cyborgs he had sent to the Chu family had been taken away by the police, so Chi Rui would be relatively restrained.

Jiang Yu thought about it and felt that Lei Yuan should know something about this matter, so she called her to ask her out.

The two of them met at a snack bar at the entrance of the hospital. The surroundings were rather noisy, and the voices of the two of them were relatively soft. Outsiders could not hear them.

“Lei Yuan, you have been with Chi Rui for a few years. How much do you know about the human-making experiment?” Jiang Yu asked.

As Jiang Yu had expected, Lei Yuan also had some understanding of this matter.

“I wenty years? So long.” Jiang Yu was shocked and suddenly remembered Lanna, whose organs had been dug out in the hospital.

If Lanna’s organs were in Chi Rui’s hands, then a new Lanna would appear soon.

Moreover, this Lana would help Chi Rui unconditionally and become his lackey.

” Then do you know where the experimental base is? ” Jiang Yu asked again.

“I really don’t know about that.” Lei Yuan shook his head. “Chi Rui said that he trusts me, but he doesn’t trust me 100%. In his eyes, the relationship between us is maintained by money and is not strong.”

Jiang Yu sighed. With Chi Rui being such a cunning person, who would he have 100% trust in? The only people he loved deeply were his wife and daughter, but he had kept some secrets from them.

“Then tell me about the few researchers you know.” Jiang Yu said as she took out her phone to record their information.

Lei Yuan briefly mentioned a few people and Jiang Yu recorded them one by one.

“Alright, I have nothing else to ask. You can go back and take care of Lei Hao first.” After saying that, Jiang Yu left first.

After all, there were too many people here. If someone found out that she had such an intimate conversation with Lei Yuan in private, it would probably reach Chi Rui’s ears.

After Jiang Yu returned to the villa, she used the computer to find out the information about those people. However, their personal information was very comprehensive. Jiang Yu guessed that they were only the low-level personnel in this experiment and probably had not gone deep into this experiment.

“This matter is really troublesome.” Jiang Yu muttered to herself.

She could only start with these low-level researchers and slowly get to the inside of the experiment.

This was a very difficult and time-consuming task.

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