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«Loved By An Older Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 1295 A Change In Impression

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Chapter 1295 A Change In Impression

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The middle-aged man lowered his head and kept thanking her. “Thank you, thank you for saving my child!”

He had run all the way to the river with the child and had watched him fall into the river. The river was very deep, and the man could not swim. He could only kneel by the river and cry in grief, “Men! Someone come quickly! Please save my child!”

The bodyguards heard the sound and rushed over. Without a word, they took off their suits and jumped into the river to pull the child out.

When the middle-aged man saw this, even if he had any opinions about these burly men, he turned them into gratitude. He followed behind the bodyguards and thanked them many times.

“I’m really grateful to you for saving my child!” The middle-aged man said, his voice carrying a sobbing tone. “If it wasn’t for you guys, I really wouldn’t know what to do!”

As he spoke, he even wanted to kneel on the ground and kowtow to the bodyguards.

Jiang Yu quickly stopped him and said, “it’s alright. This is what we should do. We should be the ones thanking you for taking us in.”

“I’m really grateful to you.” The middle-aged man was still thanking her.

The rest of the villagers looked at him, then at the wet child, and finally at the bodyguards. They had mixed feelings.

The bodyguards had already returned to the dining table to eat. They didn’t seem to care about what had just happened.

The villagers didn’t expect such a fierce person to be so kind.

Hence, someone mustered up the courage and walked over to the bodyguard with a bowl of rice. He asked in a low voice, “Can I have dinner with you guys?”

The bodyguards waved their hands and said, “come on, let’s eat together!” We’re not bad people, so don’t be afraid.”

The man sat down and said as he ate, “What did you guys eat when you were young? Why are there so many muscles? You must have eaten a lot of nutritious food, right?”

At the mention of this, the bodyguards instantly opened up their chatterboxes and shared everything they had eaten and their fitness experience.

Jiang Yu could not help but laugh when she saw that.

More and more villagers ran to the bodyguards ‘table to eat and chat with them.

This joyous and harmonious scene was something that everyone wanted to see.

“Can you guys not leave?” Someone asked cautiously. “He’s always been here to protect us. Although you sent that group of people to the police station today, after you leave, the accomplices of that group might come to find trouble with us again.”

The bodyguards looked at each other and asked in confusion, “If there are still people who come to bully you, can’t you just call the police?”

The villagers said embarrassedly, “although some of us sneaked into the city to call the police, we were discovered before we could even leave the village. We finally got to the police station, but the police said we were lying and didn’t believe us, so they drove us back.”

“This …” The bodyguards were speechless.

Wasn’t this the inaction of the grassroots police? Why? Could it be that someone didn’t allow it?

Jiang Yu sensed the gaze behind her and could not help but turn around and ask, “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

“Can you guys not leave this place?” Someone asked boldly. “You’re good people, and you’re also very powerful. If those people’s accomplices come looking for us again, you can continue to protect us by staying here. As long as you’re willing to stay here, we’ll agree to any conditions you have.”

“This …” Jiang Yu hesitated.

While she was here to take care of Teng Yi, she could continue to protect the villagers. But once Teng Yi recovered, they would have to leave.

Although she knew that the villagers were hoping that they could continue to stay here because they were too afraid, Jiang Yu could not delay her own matters because of them.

Jiang Yu was still thinking about it when the villagers said, “actually, our village isn’t the only one. There’s another village not far from here that’s being watched by the same people.”

“There’s another village?” Jiang Yu was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“There’s another village not far from our village,” the old village doctor explained. “The villagers in the village were also under the watch of the caretaker. It’s just that the work of our two villages is different. Our village is helping them grow some plants, but the neighboring village is helping them mine.”

“Mine?” Jiang Yu paused. “Isn’t that illegal mining?”

“It should be,” The old village doctor was also uncertain. “As far as I know, they don’t have permission.”

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