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«Loved By An Older Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 1162 Sun Miao's Request

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Chapter 1162 Sun Miao's Request

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The more Sun Miao thought about it, the angrier she got. She felt that Jiang Yu was targeting her. Otherwise, why would Jiang Yu only see her taking a break when there were so many contestants practicing?

She went to the washroom and washed her face. Then, she turned on her phone and scrolled to the post that had appeared on the internet a few days ago.

Those posts had nothing to do with her, so she didn’t know who had posted them. However, because the content was meant to defame Jiang Yu, Sun Miao was very happy to read it and even liked it.

However, due to her identity, she did not forward it.

However, compared to Jiang Yu’s painstaking investigation, Sun Miao guessed that Hu Jing had hired someone to post these posts.

After all, Hu Jing was the only person who had a conflict with Jiang Yu, knew what had happened during the shooting, and was wronged in the end.

Moreover, it could be considered that bad birds were of the same kind. Since Sun Miao had done the same thing to Jiang Yu before, she could see through Hu Jing’s scheme at a glance.

While she was in the washroom, she sent Hu Jing a few messages.

She wasn’t familiar with Hu Jing and had only greeted her after adding her as a friend. Now, because of her hatred for Jiang Yu, Sun Miao felt that Hu Jing was her best friend.

“What’s the matter?” Hu Jing quickly replied.

Sun Miao then asked, “You’re the one who posted those online posts, right? I knew it was you.”

She didn’t expect that Hu Jing would refuse to admit it at the beginning, saying: “I didn’t do it. Show me the evidence first.”

Sun Miao said: “I’ve done something like this before, so I can see the trick at a glance. Besides, you’re the only one who hates Jiang Yu and has been wronged by her. If you say it wasn’t you, I wouldn’t believe you.”

Hu Jing was silent for a while before she asked, “You didn’t come to me just for this, did you?”

“Of course not,” Sun Miao replied. “I hope that you can post more of such posts in the future, and the more serious the content, the better. If you don’t know how to write it, I can help you think of it.”

Hu Jing asked: “Do you know how much it costs to hire a water Army? Even if our family isn’t short of money, this matter has nothing to do with me. I have no reason to do this kind of thing because of your request, right?”

Sun Miao immediately replied: “I’ll take the money to hire the Internet Water Army, and I also hope that you can help me buy some Internet Water Army to vote for me. Don’t worry, I won’t let you do this for free. The higher my votes, the more money I’ll give you.”

Hu Jing hesitated for a moment before finally agreeing. “Alright, don’t lie to me.”

“Sure.” With that, Sun Miao immediately transferred 20,000 Yuan over.

Hu Jing immediately took the money and sent a ‘Roger’ gesture.

In fact, she was a little short of money recently. Because of her irrational behavior, it was getting harder and harder for the Hu group to do business. After listening to the recording, many people felt that it was not a problem for the president of Hu group to raise a baby. He had raised a giant baby in his thirties.

This news made Hu Wei quite angry, and he immediately froze Hu Lei’s credit card. And because the cause of this incident was Hu Jing’s post, Hu Wei also cut off Hu Jing’s allowance.

Moreover, Hu Lei was hit in the head by Jiang Yu previously. Even though the doctor said that he was fine and could be discharged after a few days of rest, Hu Lei still lay in bed every day and complained of pain, saying that he was about to die.

Those who didn’t know better would think that he had an artery on his head and that Jiang Yu had smashed the wine bottle on his artery.

In order to pay for Hu Lei’s Hospital fees, Hu Jing had already spent all her pocket money that she had saved up for several years. She had no spare money left. Now that Sun Miao had said that she could earn a large sum of money by working for her, Hu Jing naturally wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity.

After she received the money, she immediately contacted the Internet Water Army and told them all of Sun Miao’s requests.

When the Internet Water Army heard that they would be getting paid, they immediately went back to their work.

After everything was settled, Hu Jing informed Sun Miao and then leaned back on the sofa, whistling happily.

Hu Lei, who was lying on the hospital bed, was annoyed and said loudly: “Can you stop bragging? Can you please take care of me?”

“In order to save you, I’ve spent all my money. What else do you want me to do for you?” Hu Jing said.

Hu Lei said: “No need. Don’t whistle anymore. Isn’t it annoying? If you hadn’t been so impulsive that day and posted that thread, would dad have cut off my money?”

Hu Jing was unhappy when she heard this and retorted: “You still have the nerve to talk about me? If you weren’t so perverted and dared to covet the people around Jiang Yu, would you have been beaten up? If you weren’t beaten up, would I have posted it? In the end, didn’t you reap what you sowed?”

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