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«Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 1350: Star Bird Fitness Must Expand Together

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Chapter 1350: Star Bird Fitness Must Expand Together

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The author’s story would change from concept to words. It might be very different from what he had expected. Similarly, changing from a novel to a drama might cause the final product to be very different from what he had expected.

Huang Sibo actually did not have much confidence in the first three episodes of ‘Successor’.

On one hand, the story of ‘Successor’ itself was a satirical theme. Many of the plots in it might make people feel that it was unreasonable, and it would be difficult to evaluate it with traditional standards.

On the other hand, the first three episodes of ‘Successor’ should be the worst.

As the protagonist, Phil was trampled by the strong man the moment he appeared on the stage. He knelt on the ground, crying and begging for mercy.

In the subsequent plot, they would beat up the maids and butler at home to vent their anger. They would also be helpless and furious. That would definitely make the audience feel uncomfortable.

It was necessary for Phil to inspect the plot of the superhero talent show. Without this plot, the subsequent plot would not have been established. However, it itself was relatively weak with the main plot.

There were more or less some big scenes in the later episodes. Whether it was the students competing with each other in the talent show program, the final series of public safety events, or the superheroes standing up to show off their special effects, they were at least very lively.

There was no lively fighting scene in the first three episodes.

Generally speaking, this series might have been unconventional to begin with. It did not suit the taste of the public. The first three episodes were all just foreshadowing. It could not be satisfying at all.

Huang Sibo might have seen the original plot, he had gone to watch it with the intention of revising it. What’s more, he could read ten lines at a glance and skip these plots. That was why he had not thought that the problem was that serious back then.

Now that the video was out, he was suddenly worried: Would he be scolded like a dog after these three episodes were released?

Huang Sibo himself could find many criticisms, much less the audience.

However, strictly speaking, these criticisms were not criticisms. The key was how to understand this story. Some of the content that the audience did not accept at all was the essence of the story in the eyes of others.

That made Huang Sibo very conflicted and he had never felt so unsure before.

It would be fine if this series was a short film with a low cost, but the key was that it had huge investments!

If they were to make a huge loss, would Fei Huang Workspace’s reputation be alright?

However, to Huang Sibo’s surprise, Boss Pei actually nodded slightly and smiled in satisfaction. “Yes, very good! Not bad!”

Pei Qian had the same feeling as Huang Sibo. After watching the first three episodes, the plot was rather unpleasant!

Of course, the details of this film were not bad. The actors’ acting skills were good, all sorts of details were maxed out, and the filming method was very mature. It was a completely high-quality drama series.

Lu Zhiyao, Zhang Zuting, Lin Jiaqiang, and the others also went to play calefares.

Amongst them, Lu Zhiyao played a Chinese superhero with more scenes.

Zhang Zuting was acting as a judge for a talent show. After all, he was a professional judge.

Lin Jiaqiang played a passerby with more scenes, representing the ordinary people who were completely fooled by Phil in the information cocoon house.

Other than that, a few of Zhang Zuting’s old friends and even the crew staff went in to play calefares, acting as passers-by.

This series had indeed displayed the original core of ‘Successor’ very well. However, the problem was that it was not that great!

It was ultimately a drama series that did not meet the mainstream aesthetics. Phil’s image and his actions were very annoying to begin with. It would have been alright if it was in a novel, but if it was really displayed using an image, the disgust would double.

This series was shot in the United States. There was a lot of investment. It was only released in China but in English. It naturally had a dissuading effect.

Once these three episodes were released, wouldn’t it be a good start, oh no, a bad start?

Very good, there was finally good news!

Pei Qian even wanted to reward Zhu Xiaoce a little, so that he could be released from the torturous trip in advance.

However, he dismissed that idea temporarily after thinking about it.

Firstly, this series has not been released yet. It was hard to say if it would become popular. Back then, Tomorrow is Beautiful had thought that it would not become popular, but who would have thought?

Secondly, his merits could not be contradicted. Zhu Xiaoce was suffering now because of the box office earned by the previous movies. Even if ‘Successor’ really incurred losses, it would be a matter of time before he was rewarded.

Seeing Boss Pei’s satisfied expression, Huang Sibo could not help but doubt his own judgment.

Boss Pei thought so highly of it?

I’m obviously not confident enough!

On further thought, it made sense. ‘Successor’ was a copyright adaptation project that Boss Pei had personally selected. Naturally, it was highly recognized by this story. What was there to worry about now that Zhu Xiaoce had completely produced the original essence?

As the first work of Zhongdian Chinese Network’s adaptation plan, Eternal Reincarnation had already become popular. It was enough to show how precise Boss Pei’s eyes were.

‘Successor’ would definitely not be a problem!

Pei Qian looked at Meng Chang. “How is it? This theme should be very easy to play, right?”

The opening was so fragmented. Wouldn’t he be able to get a high commission just by casually doing it?

Meng Chang nodded. “Yes, the difficulty is moderate. I’ll do my best.”

In his opinion, this drama indeed fit the tone of the Pei family’s publicity method. The path was very clear.

However, he did not have much experience in movies and dramas after all. It might be relatively easy to get a commission. However, it might not be that simple to become popular in the end.

The current Meng Chang was no longer satisfied with how much commission he had. In his opinion, he had taken the commission and perfectly implemented the Pei family’s publicity method. It would be truly perfect if the project finally became popular.

Thus, he felt that this project was moderate in difficulty. It was not difficult, but he had to think about it.

Pei Qian was not particularly satisfied with Meng Chang’s response.

How could you say that the publicity plan was ‘moderate in difficulty’?

Are you still the confident and smart Meng Chang?

However, on further thought, Meng Chang might have been afraid of rope once bitten. He had failed too many times previously. The painful experience of getting a commission and flying away made him less confident. That was understandable.

It looked like he had to encourage him in the future.

Pei Qian looked at Meng Chang. “You have to be more confident in the future. How can such a simple plan be considered moderate in difficulty?”

Meng Chang nodded in shame. “Yes, Boss Pei. I’ll definitely work harder in the future.”

Meng Chang could not help but feel emotional as he watched Boss Pei leave.

No matter how much he learned, he still felt like an unsatisfactory stupid student in front of Boss Pei!

It looked like he had to work hard on the publicity plan for ‘Successor’ this time. He had to let Boss Pei see his improvement!

At the same time, at Star Bird Fitness’ flagship store.

Che Rong was explaining the expansion plan for the next stage of Star Bird Fitness to Li Shi.

“Boss Li, I’ve thought about it. As for the latest ‘Real Estate Agent Simulator’, I plan to buy an additional batch of VR glasses and arrange them in the resting area. They will be specially used to look at houses in the game.”

“No additional fees, but you can only use it on the day you spend in the restaurant. You can even buy one bottle of mineral water.”

“It’s still the same guidance as before: Don’t fight with Tengda’s Sloth Apartments for business, develop in a different position.”

“What’s more, I think Star Bird Fitness can expand to other cities outside the province together with Sloth Apartments and Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. As long as it is compatible with Tengda’s industries, the development will definitely be very smooth!”

Li Shi nodded repeatedly as he sipped his tea.

Star Bird Fitness entered a high-speed development period ever since it took the right path.

Tengda’s Dream Realization Ventures, Boss Li, and the other investors had all invested in Star Bird Fitness. Now, Star Bird Fitness has ample funds. Its shops were almost all over the main cities of Handong Province.

Che Rong had been insisting on the initial guiding idea that was to compete with Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

It was not far from Tengda’s industry, but the core business of operations would not conflict with Tengda’s various industries. It would naturally integrate into Tengda’s system.

The branches had been opened one by one, and the benefits were not bad. They were lacking an opportunity to rush out of Handong Province and into first-tier cities.

After all, the popularity of Doubt VR glasses had fallen slightly some time ago. Star Bird Fitness was being promoted completely by Fitness Battle and smart fitness drying rack. It was a little lacking in confidence.

However, now, with the establishment of the Real Estate Agent Simulator and Slow Movement Studio’s reality service department, Star Bird Fitness naturally had a new business model!

Che Rong knew that Star Bird Fitness would definitely seize this opportunity to serve the game ‘Real Estate Agent Simulator’.

However, he still had to think carefully about how to do it.

Finally, Che Rong decided to separate from Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and emphasize two different experiences.

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had a VR gaming area. The experience was complete without any castration. Players could watch houses in the real estate intermediary simulator after arriving. They could also upload their own house type or experience other content of the game.

Since Fish-Catching Internet Cafe had already done it, it was not appropriate to do Star Bird Fitness anymore.

On one hand, it was because the two businesses could not overlap. On the other hand, it was also because Star Bird Fitness was still a fitness industry. The complete experience of the real estate intermediary simulator required a lot of space. It was very difficult for Star Bird Fitness to be evenly distributed.

Thus, Che Rong made use of the resting area in the shop.

Customers could use the VR glasses to look at the house in the resting area as long as they spent any amount in the shop on that day. This was equivalent to a very llow-cost guide.

For Star Bird Fitness, this was equivalent to providing additional benefits to their own customers. At the same time, it could also attract more people to the shop to spend. They might turn into customers after a while.

For those tenants, if they could not bear to buy VR glasses, it would not be a bad choice to wear VR glasses to look at the house after spending some money here.

After all, if they were only looking at the house, they could use the VR glasses to complete it. What’s more, it did not need much space. They could stand or sit.

If tenants became interested in this game or other game content in the VR glasses because of this, they could also go to the nearby Fish-Catching Internet Cafe or simply order a VR glasses online to experience the complete content.

Li Shi nodded in satisfaction after listening to Che Rong’s explanation.

“En, that’s right.”

“You have to remember that Star Bird Fitness has actually started to integrate into Tengda’s industries after receiving Dream Realization Ventures’ investment.”

“As long as you remember to compete with Tengda’s existing industries and focus on being a green leaf as a contrast, and follow Tengda’s usual style, you would be able to drink a lot of soup.”

“Don’t be like Home Corporation, completely opposing Tengda Corporation’s mission. That would be terrible.”

“Gentlemen love money and are good at obtaining it. You have to learn Boss Pei’s business model. Otherwise, Boss Pei can turn a blind eye and let Star Bird Fitness develop. He can also deal with you mercilessly like dealing with Home Corporation.”

Che Rong quickly nodded. “Don’t worry, Boss Li. I understand this principle. Star Bird Fitness can only develop because of the new opportunity brought by Tengda. I wouldn’t dare to go against Boss Pei even if my brain was fried!”


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