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«Losing Money to Be a Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 1568 The Counterattack Of Home Take-Out

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Chapter 1568 The Counterattack Of Home Take-Out

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Yu Pingan sat on the road, exhausted and wanting to rest for a while after he finally finished delivering another order while panting. Master Li quickly urged him. “Don’t quit. Hurry up and get on the electric scooter. Take the electric scooter as a break. We have to take the next order immediately.”

Yu Pingan looked at the time. “Master Li, it’s almost noon. Shouldn’t we have lunch before sending him off?”

As if he had heard a fairytale, Master Li looked shocked as he said, “You’re still eating? Don’t you know that the peak periods in the afternoon and evening are the fastest to earn money? No matter how fast you eat, you will still lose out if you eat at this time!”

“How magnanimous are you to choose this time to eat?”

Yu Pingan was speechless.

That was because lunch was normal at Fish-Catching Take-Out.

A few delivery men were having a meal at different peaks. Everyone was eating faster in order to take over the job but the normal return points could be guaranteed.

If he was like the young men in the take-out business, he would not be able to eat at meal times every day. He would have to work hard. He would only be able to eat two mouthfuls of rice to deal with it when the peak period was over.

How could his body not have any problems in the long term?

However, this situation seemed to be a norm for the delivery guys. When Yu Pingan was delivering Fish-Catching Take-Out’s take-out previously, he had also seen the young man from Home Take-Out rush past.

At that time, he had thought that there was only a small gap between the two sides in terms of work strength. The delivery guys were indeed more tired, but they were not that tired.

However, after experiencing it for himself, he realized that it was not just a little, but a world of difference!

Yu Pingan gritted his teeth and stood up from the curb. “Alright, we’ll continue to send him


Since he wanted to experience the life of a delivery man, he had to be strict with himself. Only then would the content he experienced be real!

If the work intensity here was the same as Fish-Catching Take-Out, how could they experience the true gap between the two take-out platforms?

e see

Yu Pingan vaguely felt that there seemed to be a problem with the workflow of take-out but he could not say anything in a hurry.

He could only record the entire process down and then look for professionals to slowly analyze it.

Yu Pingan put on his helmet again, hopped onto his scooter, and followed Master Li to deliver the next order of food.

At night, at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Handong University branch…

“Brother Qian, I’m teaming up! Hurry up and follow me!” Ma Yang shouted excitedly.

It was a good thing that both of them were in a deserted corner of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. There were not many people in the internet cafe. Otherwise, Pei Qian would probably have asked the waiter to chase Old Ma out on the spot.

Pei Qian looked at the screen. The hero that he was holding onto was worlds apart from the position where Old Ma started the team battle. As expected, Old Ma was beaten to death by the other party less than five seconds after the so-called ‘team battle’.

The other party’s methods were extremely cruel!

Ma Yang said regrettably, “Aiya, Brother Qian, what a pity! It would be perfect if you could keep up. I seized a fleeting opportunity just now and drove it to three people on the other side!”

Pei Qian had nowhere to vent his anger.

Don’t you know why the other party asked you to drive three people?

It was all because none of his heroes were nearby. You were the only one who rushed forward. Others thought that you were sending them off, so they were driven by you!

Pei Qian was speechless. Every time he played games with Old Ma, he would always be filled with anger.

From Gods Rising at the beginning, to IOI, and now GOG, Old Ma was really stubborn. He never forgot his passion! Old Ma probably would not change anything when GOG and IOI merged.

Pei Qian sighed silently, looking at the huge word ‘failure’ on the screen, his expression very melancholic.

What kind of player could move Ma Yang?

Yes, it should not be a big problem for Dream Realization Ventures and the professional players of the E-Sports Club. He just did not know what would happen if Ruan Guangjian met Ma Yang?

It was a pity that Ruan Guangjian was now the person-in-charge of Thriller Hostel. He could not call him over to play with Ma Yang and see what kind of program effect it would have.

“Brother Qian, let’s play another round!” Ma Yang said, still not satisfied and eager.

Pei Qian waved his hand. “Rest, rest.”

He was not tired playing, but he was very tired.

It looked like he was just one step away from quitting GOG. Recently, GOG’s project team had been working hard to prepare for the merging of the two games. There were still some criticism online but it gradually subsided.

That was because everyone was tired of scolding

The official platform did not react after cursing. Most people lost interest.

Until now, there had not been much changes to GOG and IOI. They were still doing what they had to. As for what the game would look like after the merging, no one had any idea.

This was a highly confidential project that would not be easily leaked.

Pei Qian was very satisfied with the current situation. In short, once the merged new games were released, they would merge the two games together unreasonably. At that time, there would definitely be a lot of criticism and income would plummet!

“Old Ma, what plans do you have after graduation?” Pei Qian sipped his milk tea and asked.

Old Ma might be a little stupid and his brain was not very good but Old Ma and Pei Qian were true peers after all. They had some common topics in this area.

If Pei Qian were to talk to the other department heads or employees about his plans after graduation, they would definitely look at Boss Pei in shock. They would think that Boss Pei was not taking the wrong medicines today?

However, there was no problem telling Old Ma about these.

Old Ma patted his chest. “Isn’t that obvious? Of course, we have to continue to shine for Tengda Corporation! Brother Qian, you have to send me to the most dangerous place after Bunny Tail Live-Stream kills Waiwai Live-Stream and Wolf Fang Live-Stream!”

“A general like me was born to go through thick and thin for Tengda Corporation!”

Pei Qian sighed secretly.

Alright, if it was someone else who said that, Pei Qian would definitely arrange for Thriller Hostel and Suffering Travels without any hesitation.

However, Pei Qian felt inexplicably relieved when these words came from Old Ma. Old Ma asked, “What about you, Brother Qian? What plans do you have after graduation?”

“I’m thinking that even though Tengda Corporation has already entered so many industries, there are still some industries that we have not been involved. Brother Qian, which industry’s rules are you going to change next?”

Pei Qian sniggered. “I don’t intend to change it. I’m tired.”

“After I graduate, I’m prepared to travel around the world for a year.”

Old Ma was a little different. “Travel for a year? An entire year? What would Tengda Corporation do without you?”

Pei Qian sniggered inside.

Do you think Tengda Corporation would be affected without me?

It would only make more money…

Pei Qian knew very well that he had done his best to hold Tengda Corporation’s reins and slow it down.

Wouldn’t the people in charge of Tengda Corporation all go to hell when he was really not around?

However, Pei Qian had already made up his mind. As long as he incurred a huge loss this cycle, he would stop and enjoy life!

His four years in university should have been a relaxed and happy four years. Yet, because of Tengda, Pei Qian had been extremely busy.

He could go and have fun after graduation?

As for how much more Tengda Corporation earned, that was a matter for the future.

Pei Qian’s goal would basically be achieved as long as he could earn 15 million yuan. Whether he wanted to think about losing money in the future… he would think about it.

Ma Yang nodded. “Since you say that, Brother Qian, I’ll consider resting for a year as well. After all, as someone my age, I think I’m successful enough.”

Pei Qian quickly raised his hand. “No, Old Ma, you cannot rest.”

“You are the trusted aide of Tengda Corporation, the light of hope for Tengda Corporation!”

“I can rest because Tengda Corporation will not have much impact without me. However, you cannot rest. Tengda Corporation will have huge problems in minutes without you!”

Pei Qian was telling the truth.

As Boss Pei’s most trusted person in the entire Tengda Corporation, how could Old Ma rest? Once he rested, wouldn’t the entire Tengda Corporation continue flying forward like a wild dog?

Thus, out of selfishness, Pei Qian hoped that Old Ma could continue to stay and shine for Tengda Corporation. At the very least, that would reduce the pressure on him to incur losses.

A smile appeared on Ma Yang’s long face as he said happily, “Alright, on account that Brother Qian values me so much, I won’t rest anymore. I’ll continue to shine for Tengda.”

Pei Qian felt comforted.

The two of them chatted briefly. Pei Qian opened the Aili Island website and prepared to watch a drama.

Ma Yang opened the webpage and began reading the news online.

Suddenly, Ma Yang pointed at a webpage and said, “Eh? Brother Qian, look! A video was posted by Home Take-Out. It looks like it’s targeting us!”

Pei Qian’s eyes lit up.


Could it be that Home Take-Out had finally thought of a way to fight back?

Some time ago, the anti-Tengda Alliance had suffered consecutive defeats in the gaming field, Haofeng Fitness, and live-stream. That made Pei Qian very worried for them. He was afraid that they would not be able to recover.

One had to know that there was still more than half a year to this settlement cycle!

However, from the looks of it now, the anti-Tengda Alliance did not seem to be overwhelmed by such setbacks. Instead, they attacked in more fields!

Previously, even though the residential takeaway had been taken by surprise by the dismantling of the plan of the person-in-charge, the dismantling of the plan of the person-in-charge had some preliminary components after all. There was no detailed data as support.

The take-out business should have recovered by now and wanted to fight back!

Pei Qian quickly clicked on the video of the take-out website. He was filled with anticipation to see what they would say.

The first half of the video looked ordinary.

It was nothing more than choosing a few more representative young men, deeply interviewing their lives, emphasizing their fighting for life, optimistic and positive side.

The remuneration of these young men were also roughly mentioned in the program. In the big city, the highest among these young men could even get a monthly salary of more than 15,000 yuan.

This was a rather generous level for ordinary manual laborers.

What’s more, the show emphasized the performance of the delivery men when they were distributing the orders.

He ran all the way and paid attention to efficiency. He knew the various routes in the vicinity very well when he was delivering. He would deliver more orders at the same time. Every order was not out of time.

The entire delivery process made it difficult for people not to raise their thumbs up and exclaim the outstanding performance of these delivery men.

It could also be seen from the reaction of the bullet screen comments.

At first, many people hate take-out and sent negative bullet screen comments. However, these people were convinced by the exciting performance of the delivery man!


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