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«Lord of the Magical Beasts (Web Novel) - Chapter 468: Divine Tribulation

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Chapter 468: Divine Tribulation

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

To prepare for the large-scale counter-attack against the Church, other than researching the mysterious Angel Restriction and cracking the secret behind the Angel Battle Formation, Yang Ling also seized the time to train, hoping that he could break through his bottleneck as soon as possible. With the help of the Great Wizard Altar, he absorbed a substantial amount of energy every day. Under the effects of the Body Honing Wizard Mantra, his body continued to strengthen, becoming more and more powerful.

Eight times the gravity, sixteen times the gravity, thirty-two times…

Yang Ling bared his upper body, putting all of his efforts in cultivating the energy realm and his strength training. After consuming several dozen drops of Black Crystal Marrow, even though the Soul Energy he gained had been largely exhausted by the Soul Sacrifice Wizard Technique, the Wizard Power that he had attained had settled down within his body. Under the effects of the Body Honing Wizard Mantra, every inch of his muscle and skin, every inch of his bones once again were strengthened considerably. Even better, he finally honed his Thousand-layer Wave Domain to the thirty-second level.

In the past, he would exhaust most of his Wizard Power in a short period after forcefully layering on sixteen times the gravity. However, at this moment, he would be able to sustain even thirty-two times the gravity for a good hour, much less sixteen times. He could create a startling gravity field with a radius of over twenty steps, as well as accurately layer on the gravity at a specific point to catch his enemies off guard. Once the enemies carelessly stepped into the gravity field, even the physically powerful Giant Ape King and Dark Dragon King would not be able to do anything. If he further equipped himself with the Ice-sealing Armor and cast Ground Guardian, his close combat physical capabilities would reach an even more alarming state.

Double domains, monstrous defense, teleportation-like speed, coupled with the indefensible Soul Attacks…All of these skills made his battle capabilities far stronger than an average fighter at the peak of Domain Expert. Even though he still had not advanced to become a so-called Divine-level Expert of this world, his overall battle capabilities were already strong enough to deal with an average Low-level Deity. In the past, he would not be able to defend himself against even one of Elder Brent’s attacks without casting Ground Guardian. Now, he no longer had a problem lasting an hour.

What kind of battle capabilities would I possess if I increased the gravity to sixty-four times?

After causing the blood vessels and internal organs of a Violent Earth Bear to explode by layering on thirty-two times the gravity, Yang Ling nodded with satisfaction. To an average person, even eight times the gravity was enough to render them unable to move. The internal organs in their bodies might not even be able to deal with the immense pressure and explode on the spot. After layering on sixteen times the gravity, the movements of mid to high-level Magical Beasts and Sage-level Experts would be greatly limited. Layering on thirty-two times the gravity, even the Corpse Wizard King and Dark Dragon King, who had abilities at the peak of Domain Expert, had difficulty moving. Any Magical Beasts under level nine would die after having their blood vessels explode, without exception. Yang Ling could not imagine what kind of pressure he could exert on his enemies if he could layer on sixty-four times the gravity!

“Sir, the Great Elder of the Dark Association has arrived, Sir…” Just as Yang Ling was about to head back to his training, the voice of the guard Orlando came from outside.

Great Elder of the Dark Association?

Thinking about the Great Elder of the Dark Association, Rebraca, with abilities that were deep beyond comprehension and his witty humor, then recalling their previous appointment, Yang Ling quickly put on his jacket and walked toward the meeting hall. The month’s deadline was almost up. It seemed about time to launch a large-scale counter-attack on the Church.

“Oh, Brother Yang Ling, just how much of the Black Crystal Marrow did you consume?” The Great Elder of the Dark Association had a gleam in his eyes. He could sense that Yang Ling had an obvious improvement in his abilities the moment he saw him.

“When I was out hunting a few days ago, I hadn’t drunk any water for two consecutive days. In the end, I accidentally swallowed all of the Black Crystal Marrow, thinking it was spring water!” Looking at the surprised Great Elder of the Dark Association, Yang Ling shook his head, “Great Elder, do you still have any Crystal Marrow? Give me a few bottles more. I’ll trade you with premium wine, any amount you desire!”

“You… You think that the Black Crystal Marrow is the spring water from the mountains that you can replenish whenever you run out of it?” Looking at the wastrel-like Yang Ling, the Great Elder of the Dark Association, shook his head.

The Black Crystal Marrow was immensely precious, a drop of it hard to come by even in the main Death Dimension. If not for the reward given by the King of Darkness back then, it was impossible that the Great Commander of the Dark Association Barbosa would have that much premium Crystal Marrows either. To think that Yang Ling would drink it like spring water! Even though he was quite doubtful of Yang Ling’s account, he was sure that Yang Ling had consumed a good amount of the Crystal Marrow. Otherwise, there was no way that his abilities would improve this drastically in just a short period of time!

“Hehe, it looks like I can only think of a way to head to the Death Dimension to try my luck if I want to get a few more bottles of the Black Crystal Marrow to quench my thirst!” Yang Ling smiled, sitting down on the opposite side of the Great Elder of the Dark Association before instructing the servants to fetch over the finest wine for the Great Elder. They slowly started talking about the official matters after drinking a few cups of fine wine.

Indeed, just as Yang Ling had expected, the Great Elder of the Dark Association had made the journey here this time to ask him to mobilize his troops. In his eyes, even though Yang Ling’s individual battle capabilities could still be improved, the Magical Beast Territory had an advantage in terms of a large number of premium weapons specialized for sieging cities, as well as a powerful Magical Beast Army. The two parties mobilizing their forces together can not only scatter the energy of the Church but also increase the speed of their advancement, rapidly destroying the Church’s factions in the south.

“Hehe, Great Elder, you can decide on the specifics before telling me about it. With you, Barbosa, and the rest of the group, I would not have to worry about how many elites the Church has or how strong they are!” Yang Ling smiled before continuing, “I have many people by my side I need to feed. My goal for mobilizing my troops this time around is to get around the Church and loot a few batches of crystal coins!”

The strength of the Dark Association had been boosted greatly after the three head honchos of the Dark Association were saved. Having prepared for some time, their strength must be exceptional. However, the Church, having been in the glory for this many years, must have a backer whose strength was beyond the imagination of the average person. Yang Ling did not mind launching a fierce attack on the Church along with the Dark Association, but before the situation was clear, he did not wish to charge headfirst into the Church’s ambush. The matter of fighting it to the death with the main forces of the other party was best left to the Dark Association.

“Hehe, if you are going to follow behind us and walk slowly and fail to snatch even a single crystal coin, don’t blame me for not giving you the chance!” Looking at the sly Yang Ling, the Great Elder of the Dark Association smiled. Yang Ling could not hide his intentions from the experienced fox, “According to the battle plan, the Dark Association will concentrate our attacks on a few of the Church’s castles to the south and search for opportunities to launch a surprise attack on the Church’s main camp to the north. We shall leave the several hundred churches in the south to the Magical Beast Territory. You have to completely destroy the forces of the Church in the south in the shortest amount of time possible!”

“Alright, not a problem!” Yang Ling promised him readily. He would have had to consider the plan closely if he was asked to attack a few castles where the army of the Church was gathered. However, destroying a few churches was not a problem for him!

After the main direction of their collaboration was set, Yang Ling sent Orlando to gather Goode, Ashnamov and the rest of the group, beginning to discuss the specific details behind their plan along with the Great Elder Rebraca. Rebraca was experienced, and under his reminders and suggestions, they quickly decided on a specific course of action.

“That’s right, Yang Ling, I think that you would be able to advance to the divine level sometime soon, have you made preparations to deal with the Divine Tribulation?” Before he left, the Great Elder knit his brow as he sensed the pulsing ripples of energy coming from within Yang Ling’s body.

Judging from the ripples of energy alone, Yang Ling had already surpassed an average Low-level Deity. This meant that the abilities of Yang Ling, who was at the peak of Domain Expert, had strong abilities, much more powerful than an average Domain Expert. However, that might not be a good thing. The greater the abilities of a Domain Expert, the more terrifying the Divine Tribulation they had to face when they were breaking through to the divine level. It was highly possible that they would be completely destroyed if they were careless. Over the years, countless Domain Experts had died by the Divine Tribulation. That was also the reason as to why there are these little Divine-level Experts in the Tailun Continent.

Divine Tribulation?

Yang Ling shook his head, confused. Even though he had a faint understanding that there was a great difficulty awaiting Domain Experts who were trying to advance after obtaining the memories of the angels and the Pharaoh, he did not know anything specific. Once, he heard Elder Brent say something about it. However, he had been busy with dealing with other matters and had not paid much attention to it, nor did he pursue the topic to get a clearer understanding.

“What about your family, are they not worried about you going through the tribulation alone?” Seeing that Yang Ling was completely unprepared, the Great Elder of the Dark Association shook his head. Through Klive, he knew that Yang Ling had a powerful family backing him. However, he did not expect Yang Ling to be this unprepared, even if he was going to advance soon!

“Let’s not talk about the old fogeys back at home. Each one of them is more obstinate than the last, saying that everyone in the family had to advance to the divine level alone, with no exceptions!” Yang Ling rolled his eyes, quickly finding a profound excuse, “When I came out to train, they said that I am not allowed to return before reaching the divine level and that they would rather the Divine Weapons rust at home than allow me to take them out. Hmph, I wonder which evil old fogey came up with that rule. Unfortunately, my third brother, who’s the closest to be headed to the Atlantis Dimension and would not be able to return for several hundred years. Otherwise, I could get him to help me!”

“Atlantis, why do I feel like I have heard of that dimension somewhere?”

The Great Elder of the Dark Association Rebraca knit his brow tightly, trying his hardest to remember. No one else knew where the Atlantis Dimension was, but he seemed to have an impression of the place as if he had heard someone give him a simple introduction a long time ago. Unfortunately, it had been too long ago, and he could not recall anything about it at that moment.

The words of the Great Elder meant more to Yang Ling than he intended!

Yang Ling had just been talking nonsense. He did not expect the Great Elder of the Dark Association to have indeed heard about the Atlantis Dimension. Afraid of being exposed, he nervously changed the subject, cheerfully saying, “Great Elder, seeing that I am so pitiful, do you think that you can lend me a few Divine Weapons? I’ll return it to you after I pass the terrifying Divine Tribulation.”

“Tsk tsk, do you think that Divine Weapons are like grass on a huge plain, that easily obtainable!” Great Elder Rebraca shook his head and let out a bitter smile.

A good Divine Weapon, aside from rare materials, required tens of thousands of years of cultivation to develop its preliminary strength. Some even need to be cultivated for a hundred thousand years. It was already considered fortunate if an average Divine-level Expert could own a Divine Weapon in their lifetime. To think that Yang Ling would request a few Divine Weapons at one go!

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