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«Long Live Summons! (Web Novel) - Chapter 795.1 [Yue Yu’s Puzzlement]

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Chapter 795.1 [Yue Yu’s Puzzlement]

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Three days later. When Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian climbed up to the ten thousandth step for the third time, the Night Empress had somehow come down and was waiting for him.

“It seems that you guys have already realised the secret of the Heaven Staircase… how was the harvest? Really? Did you all get something different? This is destiny, you can’t force it, as long as you calm your heart and train diligently, there will always be something suitable for you! The rewards we receive now from our predecessors are actually a kind of legacy of the Heaven Staircase, and when we are strong enough, or at some point of time when we bid farewell to this world, we can also leave a shadow of our consciousness here, to give a little guidance to our descendants! Empress Fei Wen Li, the Prison Emperor, as well as other powerful predecessors such as Thousand Leaves, Celestial Wheel and Colorless, had all left their consciousness on this Heaven Staircase in the form of shadows, we just don’t know where they are. What have you all gotten so far? Come share with me your stories to make me happy too!”

“It’s like this, the first one is Bing’er, she obtained the Fantasy Pearl…” Princess Qian Qian started to narrate in detail what each of them had gone through and what rewards they had each gained.

“Ah Man was promoted to a Divine General? She got the ‘Power of Earth ’of the Five Element Pillar’s Divine Power? What a surprise, I thought there wouldn’t be this type of reward until above half a million steps!” Night Empress’s heavenly voice carried a sense of incomparable joy, especially when she heard that Ah Man had been promoted to Earth Divine General, which made her even more pleasantly surprised.

“Unfortunately, with Ah Man’s current strength, she can only wield one percent of the power of the Earth Divine General realm!” Yue Yang sighed with some regret.

“Don’t be ungrateful, fortunately it’s Ah Man, if it were somebody else, they wouldn’t even be able to withstand the Earth Divine General’s divine power! Besides, even if Ah Man could only wield one percent of her divine power right now, that would still be remarkable power! This is divine power we are talking about, and divine power is completely different from ordinary power!” Night Empress couldn’t help but smile when she heard Yue Yang complaining, but she still gently comforted Yue Yang.

“What did you and Zhi Zun gain up there?” Xue Wu Xia asked.

“For the 70,000th, 80,000th and 90,000th step, I have received the highest recognition from the consciousness guarding there and obtained a bit of a gain. The highest recognition for the 100,000th and 150,000th step were obtained by Zhi Zun, and now she is rushing towards the 200,000th step. Since the battle with the Navagraha Queen, Zhi Zun had improved by leaps and bounds and her previous goal of the 200,000th step no longer seemed very difficult. Her goal now was to reach the 500,000th step, and with Little Yue Yang’s cooperation, I reckon she could even hit a million steps within a year…provided that both she and Little Yue Yang must possess a Celestial Grimoire and have full control of Divine Equipment!”

Night Empress’s words were a shock to Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian.

Everyone knew that Zhi Zun had broken through and improved during the battle against the Navagraha Queen.

But they never expected that.

Her advancement was so huge.

In the past her goal was the 200,00th step, and if it was no longer very difficult like what Night Empress had said, then for the current Zhi Zun, what realm exactly had she reached? Could she climb up to the 300,000th step on her own? Or even the 400,000th step?

When she saw the suspicion in the hearts of the three, the Night Empress giggled, her laughter was as clear as a bell, as if with a bit of mischief, and soft as a gentle breeze: “You brats, are you the only ones allowed to improve, are we not allowed to improve as well? Even with your smart little brains and monstrous talents, aren’t we allowed to move forward by a step in the time it takes for you to move forward ten steps?”

Princess Qian Qian quickly waved her hand, “That’s different, your one step is much greater than our ten steps, in your realm, every step forward is like the distance between the heavens and the earth!”

Night Empress was happy: “Don’t try to flatter me, we know what we are doing.”

As soon as Yue Yang heard that the Night Empress did not want to talk about their cultivation realm too much, he quickly changed the topic and asked, “What does Zhi Zun expect of me now? Am I supposed to rush to the 100,000th step, or the 200,000th step? Do you think the current me can climb up to the 200,000th step? Not to mention the 200,000th step, even to reach the 100,000th step seems beyond my reach currently!”

The Night Empress waited for him to finish, and after a slight pause, she said softly, “We all know you’re anxious, but cultivation mustn’t be rushed!”

Xue Wu Xia’s eyes lit up and she cried out in surprise, “You have a way to help him break through?”

When she cried out, both Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian immediately reacted.

They both looked at the Night Empress with incomparably expectant eyes.

The Night Empress did not open her mouth, but muttered slightly as if she was organizing her words, and only after a long while did she say softly, “There are many ways to break through. But we mustn’t rush, we have to choose the most suitable method… Little Yue Yang, your breakthrough point is nothing else but through battle! You don’t need to cultivate at the Heaven Staircase yet, but instead you should be fighting intensively against your enemies, first to fully excite your lower potential, and when your potential below the Innate realm has been fully stimulated to reach a complete fusion of perfection, then naturally you will break through and ascend to become a Supreme Innate! Don’t worry, this realm will be a natural breakthrough for you, not requiring too many extra external factors and conditions, but you must always be in battle mode, stay focused and do your best!”

Yue Yang pondered, “Are you asking me to return to the Heaven Realm?”

“Yes, there’s nothing wrong with you practicing here, but because you’re here, the others cannot do their best in cultivation. With you here, people are afraid to challenge themselves to the limit for fear of worrying you! But if you stay and train in the Heaven Realm, break through to Supreme Innate, and then return here to cultivate with me and Zhi Zun, that would be fine, we can try to make it to the 500,000th step… If you can’t even break through Supreme Innate while fighting in the Heaven Realm, then… this, I have another method but I don’t know if it’s a feasible solution… You go back to the Tian Luo Palace and find Ah Xian, ask her if she’s willing, try to bring her to the ‘Divine Grimoire World’, maybe she has a way to make you contract a Divine Grimoire!”

“Ah, Fourth Mother?” Yue Yang was stunned after hearing that.

“I’m just guessing, I’m not 100% sure. Moreover, if you yourself can break through to Supreme Innate, you don’t have to rely on the Divine Grimoire, the Divine Grimoire is not easy to contract, even if you have successfully contracted it, you are still unable to use it now and it will be detrimental to you instead.” The Night Empress paused for a while before giving out a few more words of advice, and finally, without waiting for the shocked Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia to react, she drifted away in a fragrant breeze.

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