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«Long Live Summons! (Web Novel) - Chapter 769.1 - Egg, Truth, Favor (1)

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Chapter 769.1 - Egg, Truth, Favor (1)

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Yue Yang did not open his mouth to explain.

Instead, he beckoned to Ye Kong to come over and whispered a few words in his ear.

Ye Kong immediately took off after receiving his orders. Meanwhile, Yue Yang remained sitting quietly, leisurely drinking his tea. Just as Tu Hai and Lord Ling Yun thought that His Royal Highness, Eighth Prince, would not be able to stand it anymore, and was about to explode, out of the blue, Eighth Prince Wu Hai of the Golden Crow Tribe, stood up and bowed to Yue Yang. With admiration and conviction in his eyes, he nodded and said, “So it was like that. Thank you. My heart is now at ease. But this matter is not over yet. Rizhao City must pay a price.”

Prince Wu Hai turned to look towards Lord Ling Yun and City Lord Tu Hai. While suppressing the anger in his heart, he squeezed out, “You should be thankful that Third Young Master is here today, giving you a chance at redemption. Today is a really lucky day for you.”

When did Third Young Master explain?

He didn’t even speak so much as a single word the entire time!

Consul Xiang Wen, butler Jiao Shi, as well as all the other generals, who were cowering in a corner, were utterly shocked.

However, Tu Hai and Lord Ling Yun looked at each other in surprise… What Third Young Master had probably done was use a special summoning skill called [Spiritual Telepathy][1]. Only the target of his skill, in this case, Prince Wu Hai, could hear Third Young Master’s explanation.

If Prince Wu Hai was an ordinary person and Third Young Master, who was a Heaven Ranker, used [Spiritual Telepathy] on him, it would be almost effortless to do. Ordinary people’s spiritual defenses were so fragile they were almost defenseless. Be that as it may, Prince Wu Hai was not just an ordinary person, he was also a Heaven Ranker. His strength was as high as Heaven Rank, Level 5, and he was even a member of the Golden Crow Tribe, which is well known for their spiritual defense capabilities. To be able to perform [Spiritual Telepathy] with Prince Wu Hai, who was still angry, was as difficult as a blind man trying to pass a thread through the eyes of nine bent needles, yet Third Young Master was able to do it easily.

From this, it can be seen…

The hidden strength of Third Young Master was absolutely amazing.

Although both Lord Ling Yun and City Lord Tu Hai did not know what Third Young Master had said to Eighth Prince Wu Hai, they were sure of one thing, and that was that Third Young Master must have put in a good word for them. Otherwise, Wu Hai would not have forgone taking revenge on them so quickly.

This kind of result was exactly what Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai wanted to see happen the most.

The two of them could not immediately express their thanks to Yue Yang. Right now, they could only keep the two of them company and wait for Ye Kong’s return.

They assumed that Ye Kong’s departure must have had something to do with this incident. Perhaps he was going to ask that hidden expert, who was skilled in the art of divination, to step in and help.

“He’s back!”

Ye Kong did not come rushing back with an expert. He had returned with a golden elf maiden named Bao’er. She looked like a big loli with a flat chest. On the palm of one hand, Bao’er grasped a Grey Sparrow War Beast Egg. Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai did not feel that there was anything at all remarkable about the egg,” but Eighth Prince Wu Hai’s eyes opened wide. His eyes locked onto that seemingly unremarkable Grey Sparrow War Beast Egg.

He leapt to his feet and stretched out his hands, desiring to get hold of his son. He was afraid that Bao’er might let the egg slip—it could fall and break at any moment!

Could it be that this egg is…

Lord Ling Yun and Tu Hai finally started to understand the situation, a little bit.

“Bao’er, let’s return this precious child to his father!” Yue Yang gestured for Bao’er to return the Grey Sparrow War Beast Egg to Wu Hai, who was still anxiously staring at it.

“Humph! I guess!” Bao’er reluctantly handed the egg over to Wu Hai, who still had both hands extended, before she began to criticize him. “How did you ever become a parent? How careless can you be? Even before your baby has been born he has met with such terrible misfortune. Luckily, we found him first or he might have already been cooked and eaten by others!”

“Yes, yes, yes. It’s all my fault!” Eighth Prince Wu Hai’s eyes turned red and he burst into tears.

“Humph! I don’t want to talk to you anymore, crybaby!” Bao’er saw that this guy was even more prone to crying than herself. She was too embarrassed to say anything more to him. However, she finally gave him another piece of advice, “You better prepare quickly. For the last two days, we have been infusing energy from magic crystals into him. It seems that he is about to hatch.” Eighth Prince Wu Hai naturally knew how to handle this kind of situation. He thanked Yue Yang, then immediately prepared to leave: “Third Young Master, I’ll take leave first. I, Wu Hai, will not forget the great favor you have done for me today!”

He didn’t even glance at Lord Ling Yun or the others. An instant later, he emitted a blinding light before immediately departing.

Not ten seconds had passed before he came to a sudden stop in mid-air…

Just as suddenly, he flashed back to the banquet hall.

First, he carefully moved the egg from the palm of his left hand, placing it inside an interior pocket next to his chest. Next, he unfastened a Divine Rank necklace, set with moonstones[2], from around his neck. He pulled Bao’er over to him, then gently placed it on the palms of her small hands. “This is the gift I had prepared for my beloved Que’er. Now, I will entrust it to you. Thank you, golden elf, if not for you, my child would have had to bear the greatest of misfortunes, a result that both Que’er and I are most unwilling to see… I know that even the most expensive treasures of the realm can not be compared to his life but this is all I have at the moment to express the gratitude in my heart, I hope you will accept it. Thank you very much. Also, my deepest thanks go to you, Third Young Master.”

Without giving Bao’er a chance to refuse, Eighth Prince Wu Hai disappeared once again from the City Lord’s castle.

Bao’er pouted, “I actually preferred to keep the egg. If he had hatched, he would have recognized me as his mother. What a shame.”

Her words made everyone present break out in a cold sweat.

If the hatchling had recognized her as his mother, the entire matter would have caused massive headaches. In other words, it would have been an absolute mess.

Fortunately, this matter was still redeemable. Even if Eighth Prince Wu Hai came back, he would not massacre all of Rizhao City. At most, he would curse a lot and beat up a few people.

As soon as Prince Wu Hai left, questions started appearing in the minds of Lord Ling Yun, City Lord Tu Hai, as well as some of the other people present. How could such a coincidence occur? Let’s just say that the egg was really the one laid by Prince Wu Hai’s concubine, how had Third Young Master obtained it? After obtaining it, why did he give it to this Golden Elf maiden instead of sending it directly to the Golden Crow Tribe through official channels? Furthermore, the descendants of the Golden Crow Tribe were said to lay a kind of egg that shone as brightly as the sun. How could Prince Wu Hai’s Golden Crow Tribe child’s egg look so ordinary?

All these doubts flashed through the minds of the people present.

While the servants quickly cleared the vacated table, Lord Ling Yun and City Lord Tu Hai once again invited Yue Yang to join them before continuing the banquet. After thanking him profusely, they couldn’t help but ask some questions.

“I bought it!” As soon as Bao’er said this, several people lost control of themselves and wine spewed out of their mouths.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!” Even the old noble Lord Ling Yun couldn’t control himself and started coughing.

[1] [Spiritual Telepathy] > A summoning skill gained from his completing the Gemini Temple test.

Summons a double that has a spiritual connection with the summoner.

The double can perform [Spiritual Telepathy] and [Vision Exchange] within a certain distance of the summoner.

[2] Gem Encyclopedia > MOONSTONE - A ghostly sheen moves under the surface of this feldspar, like moonlight glowing in water.

Gemological Institute of America > What Is Moonstone Gemstone Moonstone Stone - GIA

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