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«Let Me Game in Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 982: Seven Dragons Sea’s Great Mutation

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Chapter 982: Seven Dragons Sea’s Great Mutation

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Night Immaculate: Mythical

Life Providence: Corporeal Sword

Life Soul: Corporeal Sword Aura

Wheel of Destiny: Night Immaculate

Strength: 80

Speed: 80

Constitution: 80

Essence Energy: 81

Talent Skill: Sword Aura Slash, Sword Aura Wheel, Sword Aura Rain, Dao Integration Strike.

Companion Form: Sword

The attributes of Night Immaculate were very similar to Light Concealment, but they were slightly different. It was also considered a top-notch Companion Beast, but Night Immaculate couldn’t turn invisible.

Zhou Wen summoned Night Immaculate and saw that it was condensed from a blob of sword aura. Although he could see it, that was all he could see—a blob of white sword aura. It was like a sword condensed from dense white fog.

After giving it a try, he realized that the various skills of Night Immaculate were about the same as Light Concealment. However, one was Sword Light, while the other was Sword Aura.

After matching Light Concealment and Night Immaculate, the compatibility between the two reached 91. If he wanted to fuse them, the success rate was very high.

However, Zhou Wen didn’t choose to fuse them. He still wanted to see how different the three swords would be when placed together.

Zhou Wen grinded for two more days without seeing the Shadow Concealment Sword, but something finally happened with the Seven Seas Dragon King.

Indeed, the Seven Seas Dragon King arrived at the man’s palace. The man wasn’t inside. The Seven Seas Dragon King passed through the palace and stopped behind it. Zhou Wen immediately saw the man, Feng Qiuyan, and Qin Ling.

Feng Qiuyan was locked in a crystal coffin and looked like he was asleep. As for Qin Ling, she was in a huge device. Part of the device was a crystal container with pure water inside. This was very similar to the water in the Deathwater Zone. Qin Ling was inside the pure water.

The pale golden scales had already covered her body. Dragon horns grew out of her head, making her look like a golden human human-dragon.

Zhou Wen didn’t know if Qin Ling’s state was considered adulthood, but from the looks of it, the man’s experiment was already underway.

Zhou Wen sized up the device, but he couldn’t tell what it was used for.

“Seven Seas, the time is ripe. Gather all the dimensional creatures in the Seven Seas,” the man said to the Seven Seas Dragon King.

After the Seven Seas Dragon King heard the order, it raised its seven strange dragon-like tentacles. The strange dragons opened their mouths and let out a silent roar.

Zhou Wen could hear a high-frequency sound wave with Truth Listener. This sound wave couldn’t be heard by ordinary ears, but all the dimensional creatures in the Seven Dragons Sea approached after hearing this sound wave.

The sea snakes in the Undersea Blue Hole, the lobsters in the Deathwater Zone, the clams on Infinite Island, and various dimensional creatures were gathering towards the abyss. The number was unimaginable.

What’s that man trying to do? Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss.

“Qin Ling, we may begin now.” A large number of dimensional creatures arrived outside the palace, but they could only swim in the sea and not enter the palace protected by a mysterious force.

“If I do as you say, will you let Feng Qiuyan off?” Qin Ling asked through gritted teeth.

“I’m also a human. I don’t like killing my own kind. You can rest assured about that,” the man said.

Qin Ling glanced at Feng Qiuyan in the crystal coffin and gritted her teeth. She bit her tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood.

This mouthful of blood was somewhat different from ordinary blood. It was actually golden. After the golden blood flowed out, it immediately mixed with the pure water.

After being diluted by the large amount of pure water, the mouthful of blood quickly disappeared.

The man reached out and pressed the device’s switch. The liquid in the huge jar spewed out and fused into the seawater above.

After the countless dimensional creatures outside were stained by the liquid in the jar, some low-level dimensional creatures quickly changed.

The sea snake actually grew claws, and scales grew on the clam maiden’s fair skin. All sorts of different dimensional creatures seemed to undergo changes. Even the fish-type dimensional creatures grew claws.

Could it be… Zhou Wen suddenly understood that after these dimensional creatures evolved, they had the characteristics of being close to dragons. Although they were still far from being comparable to real dragons, their bodies looked like they could already move on land.

These dimensional creatures that were originally in the sea might very well break out of the Seven Dragons Sea and enter land.

Just the thought of it left him horrified. It was impossible for Sea Return City’s people to withstand so many dimensional creatures.

Should I go out and stop him now? Zhou Wen felt that even if he went out, he probably wouldn’t be able to stop the man from doing all of this.

He could still think of a way to deal with one Terror-grade, but it would probably be difficult for Zhou Wen to deal with two.

Primordial Spore, hurry up. Zhou Wen could only wait for Primordial Spore to finish the parasitization. If he could control the Seven Seas Dragon King to fight the man, he still had a chance of redeeming the situation.

More and more marine creatures came here to be baptized by the liquid that contained Qin Ling’s blood. Their bodies were also gradually transforming.

After Qin Ling spat out the golden blood, the man didn’t force her to do anything more. However, Qin Ling looked very dispirited. That mouthful of golden blood was unlikely to be as simple as ordinary blood.

The dimensional creatures in the entire Seven Dragons Sea were mutating. With time, the changes in their bodies became more apparent. Even the dimensional creatures that had completed their evolution didn’t leave. They kept circling the abyss.

Zhou Wen could sense that the Seven Seas Dragon King’s consciousness was gradually blurring as Primordial Spore silently parasitized its soul.

To be able to parasitize a creature in a Terror form in such a short period of time was already considered amazing. However, the situation was too urgent. Zhou Wen still found it too slow.

In just a few days, a large number of dimensional creatures in the Seven Dragons Sea mutated. They possessed some of the characteristics of dragons and had grown to a certain level.

“Seven Seas, that’s enough. Let them step onto land and turn all the humans in the world into Dracotaurs.” The man ordered Seven Seas.

Shall I risk it? Zhou Wen wondered if he should go out and stop them, but on second thought, he gave up on the idea.

If he were to go out and risk his life now, the chances of reversing the situation were very low. The man had been ordering the Seven Seas Dragon King to control the marine dimensional creatures. It looked like he didn’t have such an ability.

Since the Seven Seas Dragon King is the key to controlling these dimensional creatures, as long as Primordial Spore can successfully parasitize it, I can completely reverse the situation. Since Feng Qiuyan and Qin Ling weren’t in danger for the time being, Zhou Wen decided to wait and see.

Zhou Wen told Miya about the situation outside and his judgment.

After Miya heard that, she heaved a sigh of relief. Since that man hadn’t killed Qin Ling, nothing else was that important to her.

“Although I don’t know what method that man used, I’m certain that those mutated creatures aren’t going ashore to eat humans. They probably are trying to infect humans with their mutated blood,” Miya said after some thought.

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