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«Let Me Game in Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1237: Assassination

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Chapter 1237: Assassination

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Translator: CKtalon

The way it hugged the ball reminded Zhou Wen of the shrimp ball meal during Ouyang Lan’s treat.

The Galaxy Shell Dragon held the jade ball motionless as though it was dead. When Zhou Wen summoned it, it didn’t respond.

Seeing the Galaxy Shell Dragon in such a state, Zhou Wen decided to put it into the Chaos Bead.

In any case, I don’t know what use that jade ball has. If the Galaxy Shell Dragon can evolve once, it will be quite worth it. Zhou Wen thought to himself that if the Galaxy Shell Dragon could advance to the Calamity grade, he would have made a killing.

Although the Galaxy Shell Dragon wasn’t as powerful as the Dragon Turtle, its Absolute Defense was also a very powerful Wheel of Destiny. If its level increased, it would be a very powerful aid.

Zhou Wen also knew that it wouldn’t be easy to advance to the Calamity grade…

However, if it could advance to the Terror grade, it would become very useful. If it could constantly activate Absolute Defense, its defense would be so strong that it should be ranked at the top of the Terror grade.

Zhou Wen looked into the Chaos Bead again and saw that the Galaxy Shell Dragon was hugging the jade ball as though it was dead. There was still no movement or any special changes. It was unknown if it was evolving.

Seeing that the situation wouldn’t change anytime soon, Zhou Wen decided to ignore it. He first found a place with a phone signal to study the situation.

Zhou Wen was immediately amused.

Liu Yun had now become a rat that everyone was hunting. All the major factions were searching for his whereabouts. There were even people who publicly posted a bounty on the Internet. Those who could provide clues about Thief Sage could obtain an Epic Companion Egg. If they could lead them to Thief Sage, they could even obtain a Mythical Companion Egg.

This was only the provisions of clues that didn’t require the informant to take any risks. The generosity of the rewards made it obvious how tempting the Calamity-grade Companion Egg was.

The entire population on Earth was probably looking for Liu Yun. If he wasn’t careful, Thief Sage’s reputation would be ruined. He might even die.

This was something Zhou Wen hadn’t expected. However, Liu Yun had already advanced to the Terror grade and was good at spatial teleportation. It wouldn’t be easy to capture him.

As long as he hid in the Endless Sea of Stars, few people would be able to find him.

When can I learn Eldest Senior Brother’s Star Stealer move? It’d be really useful. Zhou Wen was somewhat helpless as he couldn’t get the Star Stealer’s skill crystal to drop.

Even if it dropped, Star Stealer’s skill level wasn’t high. It wasn’t easy to cultivate it to Liu Yun’s level.

In the An family’s old residence, Ya’er was squatting in the garden with her head lowered as she watched ants shuttling through the grass.

“Miss Ya’er, Overseer wants me to take you to eat something delicious,” a person in officer attire came to Ya’er’s side and said with a smile.

Ya’er ignored the officer and didn’t even raise her head. She continued looking at the ants on the ground.

“Miss Ya’er, let’s leave now. Don’t make Overseer wait any longer,” the officer urged again.

Only then did Ya’er stand up and turn to size up the officer.

The officer smiled and said, “Overseer has prepared a lot of delicious food for you. Let’s go.”

“You’re lying,” Ya’er said slowly.

The officer’s expression changed slightly, but he immediately returned to normal. He said with a smile, “Miss Ya’er, stop joking. Overseer is still waiting for you.”

However, Ya’er said calmly, “Uncle will either deliver the items here or take me there himself. He won’t let anyone else do it for him, much less a stranger I don’t know.”

“I’m the Overseer’s staff officer. Deputy An happened to have something on today, so he got me to pick you up,” the officer explained.

“That’s even more impossible. If you were really sent by Uncle, you should know that Uncle never rushes me. He will wait quietly until I decide to go,” Ya’er said.

The officer’s expression turned nasty, but he still forced a smile and explained, “I already said that today is a special situation. Overseer still has an important meeting later. Time is tight…”

“If that’s the case, Uncle wouldn’t have let you come. He’s the kind of person who’s gentle enough to tolerate everything, but he won’t make things difficult for others,” Ya’er said.

The officer was already somewhat flustered. He didn’t have that much time. While An Tianzuo and An Sheng were out and Ouyang Lan wasn’t at home, he had to take Ya’er with him. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Gritting his teeth, the officer reached out to grab Ya’er’s arm, hoping to abduct her.

However, just as the officer’s hand moved, he heard a gunshot. His arm was penetrated and blood spewed out.

The officer held his wound and turned his head. The color in his face immediately drained.

He saw the slender An Tianzuo standing at the entrance of the garden. He was wearing a military uniform and a military coat. He held a pistol in his hand and smoke was coming out of the muzzle as he looked at him coldly.

“Over… Overseer…” The officer’s legs were trembling as though all his strength had vanished. He couldn’t even stand properly.

“Why?” An Tianzuo asked the officer.

“Overseer, I’m sorry. I was forced into a corner. If I wasn’t at my wits’ end, I wouldn’t have done anything to let you down… Please give me another chance on account of me risking my life for you in the past.” The officer plopped to his knees.

“Will you live if I spare you?” An Tianzuo said expressionlessly.

The officer immediately froze. If he was forced into a corner, he would die even if An Tianzuo spared him.

If An Tianzuo spared him, he might still have a way out that meant that he wasn’t forced into a corner.

An Tianzuo walked towards Ya’er. When he passed the officer, he placed the gun in his hand and said indifferently, “It’s up to you whether you live or die.” Then, he continued walking towards Ya’er.

The officer raised his gun and aimed it at his head, but at the instant he pulled the trigger, he aimed the gun at An Tianzuo’s back.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The officer fired three times in a row, but the gun didn’t sound. There was only the sound of the hammer hitting. The gun wasn’t loaded.

At that instant, the officer’s face was filled with shock, puzzlement, embarrassment, and other complicated expressions.

Without looking back, An Tianzuo gently carried Ya’er and turned to walk towards the garden gate.

After walking past the officer, An Tianzuo said indifferently, “You’ve been with me for so long. When have you seen me let Ya’er see blood?”

The officer froze. His body and lips trembled—he couldn’t even speak. He knew that he had personally given up his final chance.

After An Tianzuo carried Ya’er out of the garden, he cupped her ears with his black leather gloves. A gunshot sounded in the garden before everything returned to silence.

“How many times has this happened this month?” An Tianzuo lifted his hands from Ya’er’s ears and asked An Sheng.

Beside him, An Sheng answered with a helpless expression, “It’s already the eighth time, and it was also the most dangerous. I never expected that even Staff Officer Zhao, who you nurtured, would be bribed by the enemy. He even attempted to attack Ya’er. The enemy has really been unscrupulous.”

“It’s time to do something and let them know that I, An Tianzuo, am still alive,” An Tianzuo said as he carried Ya’er.

“Overseer, instruct me.” An Sheng stood up as a terrifying killing intent flashed in his eyes.

“Don’t give that fierce look. You will scare Ya’er,” An Tianzuo said with a smile. “Killing isn’t the goal, nor is it a necessary method. I just want them to be so sad that they can’t even cry.”

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