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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 2238 Slaying the Dragon

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Chapter 2238 Slaying the Dragon

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The eerie man was a bigshot in the Ancient Era, so he had seen things, and naturally he recognised the two secret skills Emperor Bai had demonstrated.The golden armour Emperor Bai was wearing was the Seven Star Black Sect’s Nine Star Armour and had been cultivated to the Golden Armour Scripture.It was an impressive secret skill, but within the eerie man’s comprehension.

It was possible to cultivate the Nine Star Armour to Golden Armour Scripture if large amounts of resources were used in the current era.

But when he saw the enormous golden emperor overseeing everything, the eerie man was stunned.

The Punisher God!

He recognised the secret skill Punisher God instantly.

It was a formidable secret skill, although not as high in level as the Nine Star Armour, but its fame well exceded the armour back in the Ancient Era.

It was famed not for its abilities, but its harsh cultivating requirements.

Even back in the Absolute Beginning Divine World, in the Ancient Era, there had been few people that were qualified to even learn the secret skill. By rights, no one should even have been able to learn it in the current era, not even Emperor Bai.

“Damn it, Emperor Bai’s already very strong, and he has the Nine Star Armour and Punisher God with him? No wonder people call him invincible,” the eerie man’s face was very sour.

Even for him, he had to admit, he was no match for Emperor Bai under the restrictions placed on the earth.

And Emperor Bai had no mercy.

The enormous golden emperor looked down, while Emperor Bai in golden armour looked extremely menacing.

“Punisher’s Hell!” Rumble~~~

The enormous golden emperor suddenly moved, and at that moment it was as if the sky was about to collapse.

Endless golden Divine Power Sea from all corners concentrated in the giant emperor’s palm and was pushed out.

Instantly, the golden Divine Power Sea set off a huge golden wave, going in for the eerie man and Black Water Dragon from all four directions.

Terrifying destructive power, enough to make a Third Stage Great Emperor shiver in fear, was erupting from the golden wave.

The eerie man’s face darkened, and eerie aura instantly surged from him, releasing a thick nether light.

The Black Water Dragon appeared beneath its feet, coldness blown from its mouth, freezing everything in sight with the eerie man’s nether light.

The Void froze up and formed indestructible ice, blocking the giant golden wave from sweeping them away.

As the golden wave swept over, the ice started collapsing. The eerie man and Black Water Dragon were obviously struggling under the impact of the golden wave.

Emperor Bai’s pupils shrank slightly at the sight of that.

“This man must have been an elite expert during the Ancient Era, at least above a Chaotic Divine Demon, maybe even stronger than Blood Emperor. Even though he’s restricted by the heavens and earth, his fighting power is still much stronger than Kaiser Blood’s!”

“In terms of fighting power, he must be at a Half Step Divine Demon by now,” Emperor Bai murmured.

The same restrictions placed on everyone caused Ancient Era experts to only demonstrate the same level of power, but the same power would turn into different levels of fighting power in different hands.

Like Jian Er and his two brothers. Because they were only Chaotic Divine Demons at their peak, so they were only able to demonstrate Third Stage Great Emperor fighting powers after the restrictions.

But the eerie man in front of him was beyond Chaotic Divine Demon in his prime, and therefore he could still demonstrate Half Step Divine Demon fighting powers.

Of course, the scariest person was still Emperor Thirteen.

He used his own power to shake and move the restrictions, making him a Half Step Divine Demon, then used that power to fight actual Chaotic Divine Demons.

“I may have the complete Punisher God secret skill that increases my power immensely, but I don’t think it’s possible to take him down today. But I must at least kill the snake,” Emperor Bai was determined.

The eerie man and his Black Water Dragon were still struggling beneath the golden wave.

At that moment, the golden emperor behind Emperor Bai released a shiny golden light once again.

With the thought of Emperor Bai’s mind, the golden emperor’s hands moved at the same time.

At that moment, the two golden hands stretched and enlarged indefinitely, one hand blocking the sun, the other enveloping half of the world.

Two hands surrounded the Void.

Those two hands gradually closed in on the eerie man and his dragon.

“Punish, Destroy!”

Emperor Bai let out a loud roar.

The terrifying powers from the golden emperor’s palms were released and spread all over the land.

As they were closing, the entire Void got locked down.

Within the Void…


The eerie man’s expression changed. He could feel the timespace around him being locked down, he could not escape.

Not just him, but his dragon as well.

The two golden hands gradually closed in. They seemed slow, but the terrifying powers they had caused the eerie man to tremble in fear.


The golden emperor’s palms finally closed in.

The centre Void naturally was crushed into bits by the palms.

Emperor Bai stood there emotionlessly as he watched a nether light burst out from the Void.

A hole was made, piercing through one of the golden hands as a figure came out of it.

It was obviously the eerie man.

As he reappeared above the Void, his body was trembling hard.

Emperor Bai’s hit had been terrifying, but he was a bigshot from the Ancient Era after all. It had injured him, but it was not enough to kill him.

But his Black Water Dragon exploded on impact with the palms and turned into a bloody mist instantly.

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