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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 2176 A Little More!

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Chapter 2176 A Little More!

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Another great battle had begun.The battle was not only fought by Jian Wushuang, Emperor Bai and Jian Yi.

After composing themselves, the Eternal Chaotic World experts used all methods they knew.

Everyone linked up and swore to kill the Three Emperors World leaders.

Kaiser Blood and the others naturally resisted to the best of their abilities.

But even as the battle began, the Opposing Blood Formation could not be shut down.

“Fifty per cent…”

“Sixty per cent…”

“Oh, seventy per cent.”

Kaiser Blood smiled, he was consistently mentioning it as he fought Emperor Bai.

Every time he spoke, the faces of Jian Wushuang and others darkened.

An hour passed.

Within the hour, Emperor Bai tried to attack the Void above, straight for the formation’s core where the crimson spiral was. Unfortunately, he was unable to slow it down.

One leader of the Three Emperors World, Leng Ruxue, stood from afar, they did not fight back.

Lord Fen, Demon King Chen Yu and Ba Su were severely wounded under the combined attack of Emperor Bai, Jian Wushuang, Abysmal Saint Master, Underworld God and others.

Especially Lord Fen. He had already used up special methods in order to activate his pinnacle Third Stage fighting power. Now, Emperor Bai found an opportunity to hit him hard, and he ended up severely wounded.

Kaiser Blood was suppressed by Emperor Bai but was not truly injured.

“Kaiser Blood, is it not done?” Lord Fen shouted. He was at his limit.

If it were to drag on any longer, he could be wiped out by Emperor Bai.

“It is done. All life should be wiped out, except for the Chaotic Realm experts,” Kaiser Blood smiled.

His smile was like a light breeze, but everyone around him was completely shocked.

“Dead? Everything?” Jian Wushuang murmured. He was trembling.

His days of cultivating had not been long and he had not witnessed many destructive scenes.

Even though the Dark Millstone had crushed countless nations and cultivators of the Three Emperors World back then,

Jian Wushuang had not seen it for himself - it was through a projected image.

But this time, although he had not witnessed the slaughters with his own eyes, he felt it personally.

It lasted for almost an hour.

Countless cultivators of the Three Emperors World died in suffering.

Jian Wushuang could not accept it.

Yet the Three Emperors World leaders were elated.

“All dead? What about the formation’s Blood Qi? How’s that going?”

Lord Fen, Demon King Chen Yu and Ba Su were beside Kaiser Blood. Lord Fen and Demon King Chen Yu were waiting with anticipation.

“A pity, the Blood Qi. Less than what we had expected,” Kaiser Blood said.

“Less?” Lord Fen’s face changed.

“What then?”

“We have killed almost all creatures in the Three Emperors World, the only way to obtain more Blood Qi is to take down those Eternal Chaotic World experts. But from the looks of it, it’ll be tough…” Demon King Chen Yu frowned.

They were already at a disadvantage. At that juncture, it was almost impossible to bring any more harm to the Eternal Chaotic World experts.

“It’s hard, so what I am about to do may put you all on the spot,” Kaiser Blood said suddenly.

Lord Fen froze, and his pupils shrank sharply.

Before Demon King Chen Yu and Ba Su could react. the two divine beasts were already on those two bloody palms.

Those two bloody palms smacked Demon King Chen Yu and Ba Su directly on their foreheads. Their abilities were far inferior to those of the Kaiser Blood, and they had sustained severe injuries, and were not prepared at all.



Two groans rose at the same time. Their heads were shattered by the shock without a trace of struggle, and soon turned quiet.

Lord Fen, realising what he had seen, rushed to the Void beside.

“Haha, trying to escape?”

“No way,” Kaiser Blood laughed, and those bloody palms came for Lord Fen.

“Kaiser Blood…you…” Lord Fen’s face changed.

He had never expected Kaiser Blood to do something to them.

Sacrificing their lives for more Blood Qi?

Lord Fen struggled at the sight of the palm.

But after an hour of fighting, Lord Fen’s aura was the weakest.

Kaiser Blood used everything he had with his endless blood power against Lord Fen, binding him. Lord Fen had no chance of escape.


A hysterical growl came from Lord Fen.

Lord Fen struggled in despair, eyes fixated on Kaiser Blood.

In the end, he was killed ruthlessly by Kaiser Blood.

In the blink of an eye, Lord Fen, Demon King Chen Yu and Ba Su were all dead. They were all Third Stage Great Emperors, naturally, their Blood Qi was richer.

The Blood Qi had been completely absorbed.

“This…” Jian Wushuang and Emperor Bai watched everything in horror.

They had never expected Kaiser Blood to be that ruthless.

After sacrificing all their experts from all over the Three Emperors World,

Had he killed his own fellow leaders for more Blood Qi?

Ba Su meant the least to him amongst the three.

But Lord Fen and Demon King Chen Yu had followed him from the Ancient Era all the way, they were his companions.

But in order to fully accumulate the Blood Qi needed, he had killed his companions ruthlessly.

“Lunatic!” Emperor Bai raged.

“Oh no!” Jian Wushuang’s face changed.

There was one more leader of the Three Emperors World who Kaiser Blood had not laid his hands on yet.

It was Leng Ruxue!

Now, after cutting down Lord Fen, Demon King Chen Yu and Ba Su, he appeared in front of Leng Ruxue.

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