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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 5371: Forced to Sell One’s Body

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Chapter 5371: Forced to Sell One’s Body

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

This tier 4 Emperor quickly stowed away the colorful bones and hurriedly entered the deepest part of the auction venue. Inside a hidden chamber, there were seven tier 5 Emperors, each an expert in the field of appraising treasures.

As soon as the colorful bones appeared, they all gasped in amazement.

“It surpasses the tier 6 level?”

Another elderly man shook his head and said in a deep voice, “Not for now. Its owner is much stronger than a tier 6, but it hasn’t exceeded the tier 6 range yet. ”

“Elders, if there are no issues, I’ll go and respond to the other party.” The tier 4 Emperor who arrived seemed a bit anxious; after all, the bids outside were changing rapidly.

The elderly appraiser handed the bones back and said, “Indeed, there’s no problem. It’s just that these bones are too fresh, not like those from ancient

Emperor Falls; they seem more like they were just taken out from the body!” If Bai Junwang heard this, he would undoubtedly feel proud.

Throughout history, it was rare for a powerful being to fall and still be able to collect their own flesh and carefully preserve it. The flesh and divine body had only fallen a thousand years ago, making it quite new, and with proper preservation, it indeed looked as if it had just been extracted from the body.

“What’s strange is that in the recent epoch, it seems that only the Forest of Eternal Secrets has witnessed the ultimate battle. Could it be that…

Several appraising masters revealed fearful expressions.

Could it be that besides the Heavenly Court, there were others who could enter the Forest of Eternal Secrets?

Among them were those who had entered the Forest of Eternal Secrets. Just a thousand years ago, after the great battle in the forest, it had been sealed off by the temple.

However, the ancestor of the Nalan family possessed a spatial treasure that could move freely, taking them into the Forest of Eternal Secretsto excavate and bringing back numerous treasures.

Like the Spirit of Grass and Wood, there was a large number of them.

Among them was a spirit that was harvested from the forest and now auctioned here.

At this moment, they were unaware that the mature spirit had already become a True Spirit, condensing its consciousness and hiding on the roots of the plant spirit they were auctioning.

Now that it was in the possession of Hu Qing, if they knew how powerful it had become, they might have left immediately to capture Hu Qing and reclaim the treasure.

However, they were currently ignorant, and there might not be another chance. The great calamity of the Heavenly Court was about to descend.

A tremendously terrifying expert was on his way, and the strength of this expert was vaguely the best in the Qishen Temple.

Of course, except for Zhen Ling.

Even the Ultimate Emperor, without reaching the realm of the universe’s secret laws, was not a match for him.

The tier 4 Emperor hastily carried the colorful bones and returned to the room where Jian Wushuang was. Respectfully, he said, “The treasure is fine. May I ask if you intend to mortgage it or auction it?”

“Auction it. Sell it today, no later!”

“No problem! ”

After the other party left, Jian Wushuang finally breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that the offer might not be enough.

After confirming the value, his bid went up.

But 30 billion godstones were not particularly high at the moment, and it was precarious. He would likely have to increase the bid.

In a nearby room, several strong members of the Xuanyuan family had excitement in their eyes.

Xuanyuan Dapan, as the second-ranking elder of the Kui Organization, had long since learned about the news of the Beast God’s Blood Crystal. He had prepared 100 billion godstones, just for this moment.

His bid had always been in the top ten, and he would add to it whenever it dropped.

“Father, with this treasure, I’m afraid it won’t be long before Fourth Brother…” The speaker was the eldest, Xuanyuan Ancheng.

His strength and potential were average, but he possessed the talent to lead the family. In recent years, Xuanyuan Dapan led the family in battles, and in the capital, Xuanyuan Ancheng had always been overseeing the family, guiding the younger generations, playing a significant role in the future of the Xuanyuan family.

Xuanyuan Anhai, the fourth of the An generation in the Xuanyuan family, his fourth brother, had now reached the fourth stage under his guidance and was on the verge of a breakthrough.

Once he broke through, the Xuanyuan family would have two tier 5 emperors, and the family would naturally become great again.

With Xuanyuan Dapan leading battles outside, he had gained confidence, knowing that the family had another tier 5 emperor.

At least he wouldn’t fear death.

Even if he fell, the family had others to support it.

Therefore, they must obtain the Beast God Blood Crystal. With the help of the Beast God Blood Crystal, breaking through would not be a problem.

The fourth, Xuanyuan Anhai, had great potential and was in an invincible state at the same stage. His divine body was more than twenty-nine thousand times stronger, and his spatial origin was solid. If he broke through to the tier 5 emperor, his strength could surpass Xuanyuan Dapan in the future.

After all, he practiced both the divine body and the origin source.

“As long as Anhai breaks through, it’s worth spending as much godstone as needed!” Xuanyuan Dapan’s gaze was steady, and almost certainly, he would secure a Beast God Blood Crystal with 100 billion godstones.

“Report 60 billion!”

The price was still rising.

Among the tier 5 emperors who came this time, few cultivated the origin of the wind. However, this did not prevent them from bidding. Once obtained, they could sell it to those powerful cultivators who practiced the origin source of wind, thunder, electricity, or rain. It was a lucrative deal.

On Jian Wushuangs side, the bid had already reached 50 billion, but it still

lagged at the end.

The value of that bone, the Heavenly Court set a base price of 20 billion, along with a limit of 50 billion, adding his own capital, he could bid up to a maximum of 72 billion.

“Given the current trend, 50 billion is not stable, just put it all in!”

Jian Wushuang shook his head, not thinking about saving money. Instead of slowly adding up, it was better to go all in at once, causing some despair and fewer competitors.

“72 billion!”

In an instant, Jian Wushuangs position jumped to second place.

The first was 100 billion.

The tier 6 Emperor had initially announced 100 billion and had been in the first position all along, unshakable.

Even if the Beast God Blood Crystal was given to the most suitable person, it could only be sold for 100 billion.

This price was already very high, exceeding it would mean a loss.

After Jian Wushuang placed his bid, some participants indeed dropped out, but others with strength kept raising bids crazily, all reaching 70 billion.

Soon, the top ten were all above 70 billion, and the lower ranks kept changing. Quickly, the 50 billion completely disappeared, and all were over 60 billion. The rankings gradually stabilized, indicating that many tier 5 Emperors had reached the end of their resources.

Some participants also received internal information and were waiting for the treasure to be revealed later.

One cannot put all their eggs in one basket.

Soon, complete calm descended.

Jian Wushuangs ranking was 17th.

The three behind him all had 70 billion godstones.

A! “‘




“Congratulations to the top 20 friends above, for obtaining the Beast God’s Blood Crystal! ”

Nalan Ci waved her hand, and the 20 Beast God Blood Crystals floated towards the 20 Heavenly Court guards, who would deliver them to the VIP rooms.

The strong figures in the hall looked on with envy, including some hidden tier 5 Emperors, but this time, they were all outbid by those above.

Compared to this, what intrigued people more was who was so lucky to receive the 20 Blood Crystals…

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