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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 5273: Ancient Recipe

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Chapter 5273: Ancient Recipe

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


In front of Jian Wushuang appeared an ancient beast skin manuscript.

“You can take a look at this scroll!” said the elder.

Jian Wushuang’s eyes widened, fixed on the ancient manuscript. After staring at it for a while, he shook his head.

“Senior, this… 1 can’t understand it!”

He could read ancient texts, but this particular ancient manuscript seemed to use a unique script, possibly belonging to a specific ethnic group. The symbols at the top were entirely unfamiliar to him. If he recognized even a few, he could deduce the content.

Qiuhuang patted his forehead, embarrassed. “Haha, my mistake. I forgot you wouldn’t recognize it. This is the script of the Giant God Clan. Those big fools have long vanished in the starry sky.”

The Giant God Clan!

They were once a super clan in the cosmos, shining brightly for a brief period. In the river of time, their glory was short-lived, akin to a falling meteor, a momentary burst of power.

On the yellowed beast skin, a faint golden halo slowly emanated.

Following Qiuhuangs annotations, Jian Wushuang quickly grasped the Giant God Clan’s script. He soon understood this ancient method.

“To die and then be reborn!”

Once Jian Wushuang comprehended it, his breathing became somewhat rapid.

This method was simply insane.

It involved shattering the original divine body and recasting a new one.

If not executed perfectly, if the divine body were to shatter and couldn’t reform, the person would be left crippled.

“No wonder it’s been lost!”

“You’re quite lucky, young man,” Qiuhuang said, sitting on the throne, a satisfied expression on his face. “You encountered me, and if it were someone else, they wouldn’t have been able to produce this secret technique.”

Jian Wushuang nodded eagerly, about to express his gratitude when Qiuhuang interrupted him.

“Don’t misunderstand, young man. This ancient secret formula won’t come for free. First, you must swear not to divulge it to others, and then you need to

pay me one million treasure points.”

Qiuhuang continued, “Although I have high hopes for you, this is the Qishen

Temple, and everything must be fair. If it were outside, I might have given it to you for free.”

Naturally,” Jian Wushuang said, feeling somewhat excited. “I’m already very grateful for this, sir.”

Divine body!

He had long wanted to enhance it. This opportunity not only allowed him to restore his divine body but also strengthen it further. Moreover, it was an ancient secret formula, far beyond what the Treasure Hall could offer!

For just two million treasure points, he could not only restore his divine body but also enhance it. This deal was definitely worth it.

“Alright, you don’t need to thank me too much. I’m in a good mood lately, so consider it a small favor,” Qiuhuang said, his tone casual.

Once he understood the formula, Jian Wushuang realized it was more than just a small favor.

The Giant God Clan’s secret formula!

Although he didn’t know much about the Giant God Clan, based on the formula, he understood that their strength lay primarily in their divine bodies.

From the summaries above, he could see that even a newborn from the Giant God Clan possessed a divine body a thousand times stronger than some weaker Special Life Forms.

For example, there are semi-special beings like Jian Wushuang.

Once they reach adulthood, their divine bodies are five thousand times stronger, comparable to the powerful beings in the universe.

Just by reaching adulthood, they possess such formidable divine bodies without even practicing cultivation. Moreover, they exist as a group, not as unique individuals.

This is truly terrifying.

Within the Giant God Clan, there are even more terrifying existences with divine bodies exceeding tens of thousands of times.

The more Jian Wushuang understands, the more he finds it unbelievable.

He immediately exchanges.

“Senior, here is my origin source!” Jian Wushuangs origin source manifested externally, a brilliant column of light without any doubt.

Qiuhuang frowned!

“Your origin source doesn’t seem to be damaged!”

In his eyes, Jian Wushuang, someone who hasn’t even completed his journey

as Grand Yan Immortal, possessing such a vast origin source, already surpasses the limits.

Although he felt weaker than before, when looking with the naked eye, it was difficult to tell. For a moment, he didn’t know how to repair it.

Self-destructing One Thought Universe, his Thought Power had reached a state where it could no longer spread and he was seriously injured.

Especially the Ultimate Sword Dao, not to mention a breakthrough, he could barely hold his sword now.

Seeing Qiuhuangs confusion, he realized his mistake. He couldn’t perceive his Extreme Dao. Clearly, they couldn’t see through him. It was better for him to exchange for some origin source treasures and repair himself.

“My Sword Dao, this time, got injured a bit. It was on the verge of a breakthrough,” Jian Wushuang deliberately changed the topic, aware that he had misspoken earlier.

“Hmm! It’s a bit disappointing. I must say, your origin source seems weaker than before!” Qiuhuang nodded, waved his hand, and brought out countless treasures. He continued, “Regarding the origin source, I don’t know much. Take a look and choose for yourself!”

“Enlightenment Flower.” “Origin Source Divine Fruit.”

“Emperor’s Aura.”

There were so many treasures that Jian Wushuangs eyes started to blur. He couldn’t find a treasure to restore his Extreme Dao.

“Abyss Flower!

50,000 treasure points.

The ultimate treasure blooming in the River of Time and Space!

Even Emperors went crazy for it.

In the treasure hall, the Abyss Flower could only be exchanged for its pollen, not the complete flower.

Looking closer, Jian Wushuang was astonished, “Pollen? And it’s exchanged per grain?”

This was outrageous. The petals above were non-exchangeable treasures, only the pollen could be exchanged.

But its effect was tremendous.

The legendary Abyss Flower floated in the River of Time and Space as a magical treasure. When a flower bloomed, countless Emperors fought for it; when a flower fell, several top-tier Emperor experts would be born.

A complete Abyss Flower could give birth to a tier 6 Emperor.

Jian Wushuang couldn’t fully grasp the significance of a tier 6 Emperor yet, but he understood one thing: there were no tier 6 Emperors in the entire Original Universe.

He hadn’t even heard of the existence of tier 6 Emperors.

The strongest was that tier 5 Ultimate Emperors.

If this Abyss Flower appeared outside the Qishen Temple, its allure might surpass even that of the temple itself.

After all, the Qishen Temple was elusive; when it opened, although it shook the Original Universe, there were no reports of strong beings from other universes coming to the Original Universe.

“Abyss Flower!” Even Qiuhuang was moved. His eyes showed a hint of reminiscence, his voice heavy, “This Abyss Flower should be the only one in the Qishen Temple! It was obtained by the existence who once had an excellent relationship with Temple Master Zhu Yi. She gave it to Temple Master Zhu Yi before her fall.’

There was a hint of nostalgia in Qiuhuangs eyes.

That extraordinary existence, who shattered cities with a single sword, was a tier 6 Grand Perfection Emperor, just a half-step away from true pinnacle. Unfortunately, she fell in the end.

Jian Wushuang pondered carefully. Finally, he gritted his teeth and directly exchanged 20 grains of Abyss Flower pollen.

Who knew how many grains of pollen there were on a single Abyss Flower; ordinary flowers had way too much pollen on their upper side.

“You haven’t made a mistake in your exchange. Abyss Flower pollen is even more powerful than you can imagine. Cherish it well.” Qiuhuang pointed his finger, and a dark red wooden box flew towards Jian Wushuang.

Opening the box, there were 20 grains of pollen, each the size of a fingernail, floating inside, colorless and tasteless…

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