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«Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 3137: Was Out

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Chapter 3137: Was Out

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Ten days passed quickly.

During these ten days, Jian Wushuang had refined all the divine power fruits he had exchanged for, and his divine power had reached the limit of a rank four True Saint.

As for Lord Dao Dragon…

He could not directly reach the nest through the space-time tunnel, so he could only teleport to the nearest nest. However, he had to rely on his legs to get there.

In the space-time that was sealed, Xin Wu and the other six experts from the Purple Cloud Pavilion had been waiting there. They were very patient.

However, at this moment, sou!

A figure rushed over from the distant space, directly passing through their space-time seal and entering the nest in front.

Regarding this, the few experts from the Purple Cloud Pavilion were not surprised.

Although they sealed space-time, they did not have the courage to restrict the freedom of the Heaven-cleaving Alliance’s experts. Therefore, the Heaven-cleaving Alliance’s experts were allowed to enter and exit.

Only the heart shaman’s expression suddenly changed when he saw that figure.

“That person just now…is him?”

The heart shaman had already seen the person’s face clearly and knew his identity.

“He actually came to this nest? I hope he is just passing by and has nothing to do with the Heavenly Sword Marquis. Otherwise, it will be troublesome.” The heart shaman frowned and muttered in his heart.

In the nest.

“Heavenly Marquis, let me introduce you. This is Lord Dao Dragon, an emperor-level member of the Heaven-cleaving Alliance,” the brown-haired elder said.

“Lord Dao Dragon,” Jian Wushuang called out humbly. At the same time, he raised his head to observe Lord Dao Dragon.

He had a slender figure and long hair that reached his waist. His narrow eyes were unusually cold and his expression was indifferent as if he had nothing to do with the world.

He gave Jian Wushuang the feeling that he was extremely ethereal and even a little aloof.

As for his strength, although Jian Wushuang could not see through Dao Dragon’s strength, Dao Dragon standing in front of him gave Jian Wushuang an invisible pressure.

Although this pressure was not comparable to the pressure from the Principles Master, it was very close.

“Dao Dragon’s strength is indeed extraordinary.” Jian Wushuang understood.

“When I entered the nest, I found five sixth-level True Saints besides the mind witch guarding the outside world,” Dao Dragon said coldly.

“Lord Dao Dragon said that you only need to deal with the mind witch. As for the rank six True Saints, I can deal with them freely,” Jian Wushuang said.

“Okay, when are you going out?” Dao Dragon looked at him.

“Right now.” Jian Wushuang smiled.

Dao Dragon nodded slightly, and then the two walked out of the nest.

There were many members of the Heaven-cleaving Alliance in the Nest Hall. They had noticed Jian Wushuang’s movements.

“Is he finally going out?”

“It seems so. I thought he would hide in the nest. I didn’t expect him to dare to go out.”

“Oh right, who is that person beside him? He seems to be very strong!”

“Seems to be very strong?”

“What a joke. That’s Lord Dao Dragon. I’ve seen him fight with my own eyes. He’s a rank seven Peak True Saint with terrifying strength. There are even rumors that he’s infinitely close to being invincible.”

“So it’s him! No wonder Heavenly Sword Marquis dared to walk out. It turns out that he invited Lord Dao Dragon to support him.”

The entire hall was abuzz with discussion. While they were discussing, these people also began to look forward to it.

One had to know that the six heart shamans of the Purple Cloud Pavilion had been waiting outside for a full ninety years. Moreover, they had been sealing off space and time. One could imagine how much they wanted to kill the Heavenly Sword Marquis, previously, they had all thought that the Heavenly Sword Marquis could only hide in this nest.

However, Heavenly Sword Marquis had invited Lord Dao Dragon!

“Let’s go out!”

“Let’s go out and take a look!”

“On one side are the six experts of Purple Cloud Pavilion led by heart shaman, and on the other side is the famous Lord Dao Long. The clash between the two sides is really exciting.”

The Heaven-cleaving Alliance members in the nest also rushed out of the nest and appeared in the void.

In the void outside the nest, Xin Wu and the others had been watching the movement in the nest.

Suddenly…two figures flew out of the nest. One of them was Heavenly Sword Marquis, whom they had been waiting for 90 years!

“He’s out! He’s finally out!”

“Haha, he’s finally willing to come out?”

Long Lu and the others were very excited, but Xin Wu frowned.

Of course, he saw Jian Wushuang, but at the same time, he also saw the long-haired handsome man next to Jian Wushuang.

“Dao Long, it’s really the guy who asked for help!”

Xin Wu clenched his hands and shouted coldly, “Dao Dragon, this has nothing to do with you, right?”

“Dao Dragon?”

Hearing this name, Long Lu and the other five rank six True Saints of the Purple Cloud Pavilion were shocked.

Dao Dragon was a very famous name in the First Heaven. Under normal circumstances, any rank seven True Saint would have heard of this name.

Although Long Lu and the others were only rank six True Saints, they were not unfamiliar with the name Dao Dragon. This was because Dao Dragon had interacted with the Purple Cloud Pavilion more than once and their enmity was very deep.

Dao Dragon had once fought head-on with the Purple Cloud Pavilion. The Purple Cloud Pavilion had even sent several Peak Immortal Saints to surround and kill Dao Dragon. In the end, Dao Dragon had escaped, and even the Invincible Saint had personally made a move. Unfortunately…although the Invincible Saint could suppress Dao Dragon, he was not able to kill him.

Even the Invincible Saint had personally made a move, but he was not able to kill Dao Dragon. In the entire Purple Cloud Pavilion, only the Principles Master personally made a move and could kill Dao Dragon. However, what kind of status did the Principles Master have, if he had not reached a certain level, it was impossible for him to kill an Immortal Saint. Because of this, Dao Dragon was still alive and well.

Moreover, because of the huge enmity between the two sides, Dao Dragon would come to trouble the Purple Cloud Pavilion from time to time.

This time, Dao Dragon accepted Jian Wushuang’s mission not only because of the reward of seven billion holy elixirs but also because of Jian Wushuang’s opponent and the Purple Clouds Pavilion.

Other rank seven Peak True Saints might be afraid of the Purple Cloud Pavilion and would not accept the mission, but Dao Dragon was not afraid.

“This matter has nothing to do with me, but Heavenly Sword Marquis issued an emperor-level mission and paid a total of seven billion holy elixirs, and the target is your Purple Cloud Pavilion. How could I miss it?” Dao Dragon’s voice was cold.

The heart shaman’s expression sank. “You are the heart shaman, right? I heard that you are extremely famous within the Purple Cloud Pavilion. You are even more difficult to deal with than an ordinary rank seven Peak True Saint. Today, I want to experience it.” Dao Dragon spoke in a low voice, before waving his hand.


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