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«Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality (Web Novel) - Chapter 506 Ice Pupas

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Chapter 506 Ice Pupas

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That thing.

That prestigious and ferocious ancient monster… Liao and Lin Luoran both think “Blizzard” is Chiyou, but they don’t have the nerve to call its name bluntly. Instead, they call it “that thing”, as if it will be disturbed if someone calls its name.

“Resurrection” is still an evil spell in the eyes of cultivators who fight against the heaven.

Cultivators can be reincarnated and they can also be reborn by possession. These two situations are not common, but someone in the world of cultivation has once done it. However, “resurrection” is the only way that makes people feel uncomfortable even just by thinking about it.

“Resurrection” is not uncommon. For example, zombies in Huaxia folklore are mortals buried in dark land after death. Corpses come back to life and become monsters that live on the blood of livestock and humans.

Of course, some advanced zombies are intellectual. However, they are never the same as people buried in the land before.

If the “blizzard” in the Marduk Temple is really Chiyou… Lin Luoran doesn’t care if the ancient ferocious god is going to be resurrected. However, she can’t stay indifferent if the price for the resurrection of “blizzard” is to turn the Green Mountains and even the earth into a world of ice and snow.

More importantly, “Blizzard” still takes the cyan little fox as its hostage. Maybe it now also gets reckless Baojia?

Has it gathered all the 10000-year Hollow Azurite in the Green Mountains world? Every moment she stays in such a place, she can feel that her ocean of consciousness is nourished. However, now she can’t stay long in such a good sacred place for recovering. Lin Luoran now feels that she sees a bowl of iced dark plum juice on hot days. She wants to drink it up to quench her thirst but she also suffers from her period so she can’t drink anything cold.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Luoran now can do nothing but sighs about her bad luck. Liao thinks she is fearless so he also feels less nervous. He comforts Lin Luoran, “In fact, the situation is not that bad. If that thing really comes back to life, it will not allow us to go deep into the mountain.”

Lin Luoran nods. She thinks the same as Liao. They were just panicked at that moment.

Lin Luoran is about to step out but she suddenly stops. She mutters to herself, “It is too wasteful…”

What is wasteful? Of course, this “10000-year Hollow Azurite” mountain! Since it can consolidate souls, it will be useful for White Fairy, fire phoenix, silver fish, and wood wolf. It is also a good material for making elixirs. There is no reason to waste it.

“Uncle Liao, it knew we had been here, right?”

Liao wants to be against his conscience and deny it. However, he has met “Blizzard” before, and it was not easy to escape from it. With that thing’s ability, how can it totally ignore them since they have already been deep into the mountain?

Lin Luoran says to herself and she takes the flying sword out. She digs dozens of cubic meters of 10,000-year Hollow Azurite and puts it into the space.

Well… it’s wasteful if she just gives up on it. They may die in the Green Mountains or maybe they can go back alive. No matter what, digging Azurite costs nothing!

Monsters witness free 10000-year Hollow Azurite throwing into space and their eyes all turn red. Fire phoenix feels something is roaring in its throats, “Good stuff… good stuff.”

Having got so much 10000-year Hollow Azurite, fire phoenix feels their future is prosperous. Besides, its fate has long been linked to Lin Luoran. There is no need for it to hide its power so it makes a “fire mirror”. Seeing piles of 10000-year Hollow Azurite outside the space, fire phoenix has already been drooling—but its saliva is small streams of fire, which naturally ignite things on the ground and burn several medical stuff Lin Luoran plants.

Seeing that Lin Luoran is about to get angry, fire phoenix quickly distracts her. It points with its mouth to a certain direction in the fire mirror.

Lin Luoran looks at that direction. She thinks for a moment, and then her spiritual mind leaves the space.

Seeing Lin Luoran is so devoted to digging, Liao touches the quiet “Safety Figure” on his neck. He is also not satisfied with the current situation at all. He will be a fool if he doesn’t take the advantage. Thinking of this, Liao takes out a small copper hoe and asks Lin Luoran to give him a few top-grade spirit stone for inlay. Wakan triggers the copper hoe and it is unstoppable. Its speed of digging is actually a bit faster than Lin Luoran’s.

The copper hoe is powered by spirit stone, so it’s not a necessity that its user should have personal ability. It seems that someone has tailored it for Liao. No one knows where Liao’s storage space is. The 10000-year Hollow Azurite just disappears as eaten by rats.

The two people dig for a while and nothing unusual happens. Lin Luoran feels really boring and looks at Liao. Both of them see the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

Is “Blizzard” too cunning? Or maybe it doesn’t care about the 10000-year Hollow Azurite being taken away?

What they did just can’t attract that thing to show up.

It is not a good feeling that the enemy is in the dark while you are in the light. The two have to be extremely vigilant. They go up the winding stone stairs.

They are pretending to be relaxed and talk to each other. It seems that they don’t care about the “blizzard” at all. In fact, Lin Luoran has tried her best to prepare all her tricks to kill, except the Safety Figure which no one knows if it will be effective.

She doesn’t have to take care of Liao. The old monster has lived so long that he has forgotten his own age. Since he can survive in the world of cultivation full of crisis, it is impossible that he doesn’t have some tricks to save himself.

The icy peak is soaring. Lin Luoran estimates that they have already been halfway. However, the road is still endless.

Baojia who entered the tunnel before them is still missing.

Lin Luoran’s heart is filled with worries and her face looks more solemn.


Liao suddenly tilts his head and looks at somewhere. Lin Luoran also stops unconsciously.

Da… da… da…

Is it a rhythmic dripping sound?

Lin Luoran doesn’t dare to relax and her feet have accelerated as Liao’s. The sound of dripping comes from the northwest. When they rush there, they find a gap like a centipede on the mountain wall. Damp and cold ice water flows from the gap and drips on the ground, making the echo ring in the belly of the mountain.

Lin Luoran knocks on the mountain wall with her hand. The sound is dull and unstable… It means that the other side of the mountain wall is not solid. Maybe there is some shaking liquid there.

“We have walked for so long but maybe we are still in the ice lake?”

Liao is not sure, “No way…”

There is no illusion circle in the middle of the mountain. Besides, they are not some ordinary people who will be fooled by the trick and get lost in the dark night. The terrain is clearly rising and they firmly believe that they are taking the shortest path to the top of the mountain. Haven’t they been out of the ice lake?

Lin Luoran thinks for a while, and then she turns to ask Liao, “Do you have something waterproof?”

Liao glances at her and takes out a blue pearl as big as a dove egg. He then holds it in his mouth.

Lin Luoran secretly exclaims. It is Water Avoidance Pearl! Liao is definitely a rich man!

Seeing that Liao is ready, Lin Luoran summons her flying sword. She seems to be going to split this thin mountain wall with the sword—when the sword falls, it suddenly tilts to the right direction. One dragonfly quietly stopping on the mountain wall is killed by Lin Luoran!

The dragonfly is so dead now. Liao’s mouth is stuffed with Water Avoidance Pearl so his cheeks are bulged. He says vaguely, “There… there is no blood. It’s frozen.”

How can there be a dragonfly in the belly of the mountain without the slightest breath of life. It is really a good cover.

However, how can she really split the mountain wall and make the lake flow in? Lin Luoran sneers. She hasn’t forgotten the “blizzard” that almost froze and destroyed the silver dragon’s body and tail. Lin Luoran is also not sure whether she can escape if she and Liao are surrounded by the inverted lake and then sealed by ice and snow.

If fire phoenix didn’t remind her, she would never find out that this dragonfly had been guiding them.

No, maybe it attracted them here just to make Lin Luoran split the mountain wall.

She is acting more carefully and always prepares a backup plan, let alone that thing…

Liao squeezes the dragonfly corpse and smashes it into ice pieces. He can’t get anything from it. Liao claps his hands and he is about to spit out the water pearl in his mouth. At this moment, Lin Luoran’s complexion suddenly changes. She grabs Liao’s hand and runs like crazy.

Liao almost swallows the Water Avoidance Pearl in a panic. He is choked with tears.

Lin Luoran drags Liao and flies fast along the winding road for a distance of tens of meters away. The thin mountain wall cannot stand the water and then it just collapses.

The turbulent lake water pours in instantly. Lin Luoran has not yet flown far away and the huge momentum makes her stagger.

The flood rumblingly hits this place. Lin Luoran ignores gravels hitting her, and Liao also neglects them.

As long as they are trapped in the lake, she and Liao will only become decorations buried in the ice cream!

Damn it! It is not that they find a shortcut, but that the “Blizzard” invites them here.

They can only keep running along the winding road.

The flood gradually abates. Lin Luoran and Liao are really embarrassed.

Listening to the creaking and freezing sound of the lake, the two now has no way out.

At the end of the winding road, there is a beam of dazzling white light.

It is the reflection of sunlight on the snow. Lin Luoran and Liao walk out of the mountain. They have reached the top of the ice peak.

In front of them, it is a huge stone building with towering stone pillars and waist-high walls gaining excellent lighting. Unlike the exquisite palaces of ancient Huaxia, its architectural style is rugged and tough.

It is a vast and white area. The wind and snow are blocked outside the waist-high stone wall, so it doesn’t cover up the glory of the stone palace and even makes it look more unattainable.

Such a magnificent stone palace is not the small temple which Liao and lark talked about—if ancient Chiyou is really under the altar, probably only such a place can barely live up to him.

The palace is quiet. The danger in their imagination has not happened yet, but the long silence is enough to make people feel fearful and cold.

Lin Luoran and Liao are on guard and waiting. A small drop of ice water drips into Liao’s neck and he looks up. His wrinkled face suddenly shrinks—

The high dome is densely covered with white lines like a spider web. In the white ice, there are thousands of “ice pupas” hanging upside down.

Those vivid faces… several minutes ago, they were still discussing how to distract the “blizzard” on the ice peak and deal with it together.

At this moment, their eyes are closed tightly. Their expressions are peaceful, and they are tightly sealed by the translucent ice without any sign of life.

A bird with messy feather and broken wings is right above Lin Luoran… it is the lark with important tasks!

There are all kinds of monsters and ice pupas. They are crystal, transparent, quiet and peaceful, mocking Lin Luoran’s arrogance with the obvious fact—

This is not a song of ice and fire.

The fire of hope has been quietly annihilated as early as the “blizzard” woke up.

Lin Luoran stares at an ice pupa in the distance. Something seems to touch her, and she runs forward with strides… all kinds of ice pupas retreat in her vision. Lin Luoran faintly hears the laughter from far to near.

It sounds familiar but it is actually much stranger to her.

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