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«Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 456 A Familiar Face

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Chapter 456 A Familiar Face

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There was a common mortal restaurant on the street side.

The middle-aged man in linen fixed his eyes on a woman in red who sat next to a window on the second floor. Only half of her face could be seen.

That face… was extremely familiar!

He would never forget that face.

However, the soul behind this face should have been scattered long ago!

Being shocked, the middle-aged man in linen disappeared in place and flashed to the window on the second floor regardless of the shocking gaze of mortals.

“It’s a practitioner. Run!”



The second floor of the restaurant was originally full of guests. In the blink of an eye, it became empty. The woman in red was stunned. She stared at the figure that suddenly appeared in front of her and didn’t dare to move.

The middle-aged man in linen stared at the woman in red and didn’t speak a word for a while.

It seemed that the fear and panic in the eyes of the woman were not faked.

It was not her. This woman just looked like her.

If that person was really reincarnated… The middle-aged man in linen recalled the origin of that person he inquired about before. He shook his head and was about to leave.

How could she have an afterlife when she was not allowed to exist by the natural law?

The middle-aged man suddenly realized something wrong after several steps.

No, the dishes on the table…

He narrowed his eyes and suddenly turned around. He took a seat at the table and quietly looked at the dishes. They were very familiar to him.

Beggar’s chicken, osmanthus cake, and the two taels of spirits.

Since he returned to Qingshui Circle, he had tasted these spirits and dishes many times in the secular world. But he vomited every time without exception… The taste was no longer as delicious as that in those years.

Was it possibly a coincidence?

The middle-aged man was silent for a while. He noticed that the woman sitting on the opposite side was shivering slightly. After a hesitation, he finally asked, “Who are you?”


Just as the woman in red spoke one word, the middle-aged man in linen frowned and torn from her ear.


A thin mask fell from her face.

As the mask fell, the woman in red revealed her true face. The fear on her face was replaced by gloom in the next instant.

“Su Jiuzhou?!”

As the middle-aged man in linen saw the woman’s face, he recognized her at once. A rare surprise showed on his always indifferent face, “It’s you!”

Su Li sneered, “What the Su Family want is just my life, isn’t it? Why do you look so surprised when you find me? Since I am seriously injured now and I am unlucky enough to be found by you, help yourself to take my life.”

The middle-aged man in linen sighed slightly at her words and tried to make his voice sound gentle, “It was Su Dieyin who sent me for you.”

“The head of the family?”

Su Li was surprised and was enlightened in the next moment. Her tone became respectful, “I have misunderstood you. If you are with the first elder, you will take my life right after identifying me and you won’t talk with me in peace.”

The middle-aged man in linen nodded slightly. Staring at the mask in his hand, he pondered for a moment and couldn’t help but ask, “Where did you get this mask?”

A flash flickered over Su Li’s eyes. She shook her head and smiled bitterly, “It’s just a mask made from rice flour. I can make one for you if you like it.”

“This face…”

“What’s wrong with it?” Su Li wondered.

Seeing that she seemed to have no idea, the middle-aged man hesitated for a moment and said finally, “This face is remarkably similar to one of my old friends. Have you seen her somewhere?”

As Su Li heard this, a hidden light flashed over her narrow eyes. But she said helplessly, “Senior, I was busy escaping. I had no time to find a reference. I’m afraid it’s just a coincidence.”

After hearing that, the middle-aged man in linen was stunned and stared at the meal on the table.

Was there really such a coincidence in the world?

“I have not thanked you for coming all the way to find me. May I ask your name, Senior? I will keep your name in mind and… repay you in the future!”

Su Li spoke softly but stressed the thanking part.

The middle-aged man was preoccupied, so he did not notice that. Since his surname had been exposed, there was no point to hide it.

“My last name is Ling.”

“Senior Ling.”

Su Li called him with light flowing in her eyes.

Ling Qinglan? Or Ling Mo? Or… Ling Ping?

She stared at the face of the middle-aged man but could not find anyone who matched his features in her memory.

One thing for sure was that the middle-aged man in front of her was also a member in the Reincarnation Mirror back then.

“Let me take you back.”

The middle-aged man soon came out of the tangle. Based on his experience and realm, if it was not related to Su Li, he would not waste his time on that.


Su Li raised her eyebrows, “Senior, I just escaped from there. Are you asking me to go back?”

Perhaps because of the mask, the middle-aged man did not get angry for her questioning but said seriously, “If Su Dieyin gives you up, I will keep you safe.”

Even if Su Jiuzhou had nothing to do with that woman in his mind, as long as there was a slight resemblance to her, he would do his best to compensate her. Either Ling Li or he had owed her too much and… would never be able to repay the debts.

Su Li’s gaze changed slightly, and she asked in a low voice, “I meet you for the first time, Senior. I believe that there’s no such thing as a free lunch… Why did you say that?”

Su Li’s persistence might bring more memories to the middle-aged man. He curled his lips rarely and tried to smile, but he found that he could not.

After the attempt in vain, he shook his head. He waved his sleeve and took Su Li up into the nothingness, leaving a faint sigh behind.

Half a day later, the middle-aged man arrived at the courtyard of Su Dieyin’s mother. Immediately, he sensed the atmosphere of tension and even smelled a hint of blood.

He slightly screwed up his face and flashed into the courtyard.

A light flashed in Su Li’s eyes. She followed and spread her divine awareness quietly.

After she advanced to Jindan Realm, her psychic awareness had metamorphosed into divine awareness. It could cover a wider range and more concealment. Even someone of Huashen Realm could not sense that.

In other words, the mighty like Su Dingchuan or Su Chenke could not detect her watching.

Before stepping into the courtyard, Su Li saw Su Chenke’s face through her divine awareness. Her gaze became instantly gloomy and cold. She would never forget… this person!

The prosperity of the Su Family was based on three Grand Elders.

This person was listed second among them. In the memories of her childhood that she retrieved, it was this person who advocated to feed the talents of the Su Family with her blood and flesh. And he ate more than once…

After she joined Yuxu Sect, this person showed his strong killing and hostile intent to her more than once. But now it seemed that he might be afraid of her revenge after she grew up.

He could only feel at ease when Su Li was dead.

“Now, you should be quite relieved…”

Su Li faintly curled up her lips and walked into the courtyard slowly. As soon as she appeared, everyone in the courtyard fixed their gazes on her.

Su Li looked around. Her gaze stopped at Su Dingchuan and Su Dingxian for an instant, skipped over Su Chenke, and finally fixed on Su Dieyin.

When Su Dieyin saw Su Jiuzhou, she was so excited and came to her in haste. She held Su Li’s hands tightly, “Jiuzhou, it’s really great that you’re fine.”

Su Li felt something was stuffed into her hand. She nodded calmly, and said in an ashamed voice, “Sorry to make you worry about me, Master. After I sensed that someone intended to kill me, I escaped in advance. Please don’t blame me for that.”

Since Su Dieyin trusted Su Li and had guessed so, she had no doubt about what Su Li said. She nodded and sighed, “How could I blame you? If you were killed by those bastards, I…”

Before she finished her sentence, Su Dingxian suddenly cut in with a loud voice, “Complete nonsense! Su Dieyin, even a lie has its degree! When did I send anyone to kill Su Jiuzhou? Stop slandering me!”

After Su Dieyin pacified Su Jiuzhou, she raised her head and sneered, “What I just said was the bustards have been chasing her. Do you really want to hasten to retort, First Elder?”

“… You!”

Su Dingxian gasped violently and got extremely angry as he heard the words. For the first time, he took the blame for others and couldn’t fight back.

Admittedly, he was trying to secretly lay his hands on Su Jiuzhou and made her become a real invalid. Before he implemented his plan, he received Ya’er’s secret report. But then, Ya’er died and the palace was also destroyed, so… he has no convincing evidence to prove that everything he did was legitimate.

“What’s wrong with you, First Elder? You used to be quite talkative. Why do you become so stingy with your words when we get down to business?”

Su Dieyin saw this and thought that Su Dingchuan must feel guilty, so she ridiculed him without mercy.

Su Li stood behind her and blinked.

She had not yet played her part, and Su Dingxian was about to fail. It couldn’t happen in this way.

She turned and saw Su Xianyun, whose face was pale. She came to him and asked in a low voice, “It seems that a lot of things happened after I left…”

Su Xianyun covered his chest and couldn’t help but cough twice. And then he transmitted the voice to tell Su Li about what happened in the past few days.

“… After Uncle Guang left to look for you, the Grand Elder seemed to value Uncle Guang’s strength and has been asking about his origin. But our master didn’t tell him. The Grand Elder got angry and left at last. It didn’t take long before Su Dingxian came with his people!

Because of you, Su Dingxian quarreled with the master, and it developed into a big fight finally. The master’s mother was almost killed, and I was injured at that time. Later on, Grand Elder returned and stopped the battle. Then the two sides have been stalemated like this.”

Su Xianyun smiled bitterly. Su Li glanced at Su Zheng and found that he was angrily staring at Su Wenbing as if he were looking at a sworn enemy.

By contrast, Su Wenbing looked expressionless, as if he forgot Su Dieyin’s teaching grace over hundreds of years. He was very ruthless.

The middle-aged man in linen came to the wheelchair of Su Dieyin’s mother. Although she looked calm, it could vaguely be seen that she was quite shocked.

The middle-aged man’s face darkened, but Su Dieyin’s mother hastily pulled his sleeve and shook her head pleadingly.

The middle-aged man softened his gaze, and loosened his clenched fists. Finally, he stood by her wheelchair without speaking.

Su Li seemed to think of something as she saw the scene.

What was he afraid of?

“Okay. Everyone, be quiet now. I kind of understand what’s going on. So, you are Su Jiuzhou, right?”

Su Chenke had been silent since the middle-aged man returned. At that moment, he stared at Su Li and suddenly asked.

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