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Chapter 204 - Morning Practice

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Once the children went to sleep, the conversation became more serious.

We talked about vampire activity and what could be done.

At the same time, I got permission from the female chiefs to reinforce their fortresses as well.

If that was all done, then the defenses of all of the beastkin tribes would be raised considerably.

After that, we continued to drink late into the night.


Lord Gerberga looked tired. He was wobbling around.

“Lord Gerberga. Are you tired?”


Lord Gerberga jumped onto my shoulder and flapped his wings.

He was trying to pretend like he wasn’t tired. However, he was clearly sleepy.

Lord Gerberga was no chicken, but he was similar enough.

And so he got up early in the morning.


Grulf was already sleeping with his chin on my knee.

“Grulf is tired. He’s already asleep.”

I said goodnight to the other chiefs and tried to head for the room that was provided for us.

“Grulf. Let’s go.”


He opened his eyes after I shook him, but then he quickly closed them again.

Grulf was big. I would not be able to carry him back to the room.

“Come on, Grulf. I’m going to leave you here.”


He got up sleepily. Then he followed me on unstable feet.

He was still young and very tired.

“Here Grulf. We reached the room.”


Grulf got onto the bed. I turned the lights off and got into the bed as well.

Lord Gerberga usually slept with Luchila, but stayed with me tonight.

“Lord Gerberga. Where do you want to sleep?”

He could choose the pillow, the foot of the bed, right side or left side, under the blanket or on top of it.

I thought I would ask if he had any preferences.


Lord Gerberga sat next to my pillow. Then his neck seemed to shrink down as his eyes closed.

Chickens liked to sleep in elevated places, but I guess Lord Gerberga was different.

Probably because he was the God Fowl.


As I lay down, Grulf put his jaw on my stomach.

I patted him on the head. He was already asleep.

Lord Gerberga was also close to me as he slept on the pillow.

I petted them both as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning. The children of the beastkin came to me after breakfast.

“Mister Locke. We have a request…”

“What is it?”

“Please train with us.”

They were about between Shia and Nia in age.

As they were beastkin, they were already working as Adventurers.

Danton overheard this and said, “Stop bothering our guest. Have some decency.”

“Oh. …We’re very sorry.”

They said dejectedly.

“No, it’s really fine. It will take some time before the mansion is ready for me to start casting magic. So I have some time.”

“You must wait for me to go to the water dragon settlement first.”

Kathe said. She was still eating her breakfast.

As Kathe ate a lot, it took her a long time to finish.

We were going to ask the water dragons to help in casting the defense magic on the mansion.

Kathe was going to make an appointment and ask which day would be good for them.

And so I had some time to kill.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. I was going to practice with Nia anyway. If anyone wants to join us, they can come.”

“Thank you!”

The children looked very happy.

When they had run away, Danton turned to me again.

“Locke, you really don’t mind?”

“It’s nothing, really.”

After that, Kathe headed for the water dragon settlement.

And the rest of us went out of the mansion.

Serulis, Shia, Nia, the children, and Luchila. Lord Gerberga and Grulf were also with us.

A few chiefs also came. They said they wanted to watch, and I could not refuse them.

And so I turned to the beastkin children and said, “Alright, I want to see how advanced you are. Come at me with all that you got.”


I fought each child one by one while Lord Gerberga was still perched on my shoulder.

The children came at me without holding back at all.

I could see that they had a lot of experience as Adventurers.

They knew that there was no point in holding back against someone like me.

When they were done, I also fought against Nia, Shia, and Serulis as well.

And then the children returned for another round.

When that was done, I turned to Luchila.

“Luchila. I have a request to make.”

“Yes. Anything.”

She had been watching us practice with a serious expression.

“I want you to cast an illusion.”

“Alright. What kind of illusion?”

“Let me see… Make a lesser vampire.”


Luchila had no experience fighting vampire lords.

However, she had fought lesser and arch vampires several times.

And so I could expect a very accurate illusion.

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