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«King of Kung Fu in School (Web Novel) - Chapter 513 Young Master of the Decadent Clan

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Chapter 513 Young Master of the Decadent Clan

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"What? Am I weak in the past?" Kevin asked.

"Your martial arts level used to be very low."

"Haha, alright, quickly tell me, who is the strongest person in the clan?" Kevin asked.

"Of course it's your father Lord Warner Hunter."

"Let's go. Take me to find him." Kevin said.


"What are you waiting for? Take me to find Warner Hunter. I want to fight with him. My time is limited, I only have twenty days. Of course, if I'm killed halfway. I might not even have twenty days left."

"Young master, why can't I understand what you're saying?"

Kevin frowned and said, "Can you stop talking? Since you are my maid, take me to find the Warner."

"Young master, why are you calling the Lord by his name?"

"Stop talk too much, take me there." Kevin shouted loudly. This maid was really chatty.

"Yes, Young master."

The young girl led the way, and Kevin followed her. Very quickly, he walked out of the dilapidated courtyard.

As he passed by a small garden, Kevin saw a girl about sixteen or seventeen years old, sitting in a pavilion feeding fish. Her expression was gloomy. That girl was very beautiful.

"Who is she?"

"Young master, she is your younger sister, your father's favorite daughter."

"Oh, she's indeed pretty, huh?" Kevin smiled and sighed in his heart. No matter how beautiful she was, she had already been dead for billions of years. Every plant and tree here had disappeared into the dust of history.

At this time, the girl saw Kevin and covered her mouth in surprise, "Brother Austin, you, you, you."

Kevin smiled and said, "Sister, don't be afraid. I'm not dead. Alright, you continue to feed the fish. I'll go find your father."

Kevin smiled and left. The woman looked at Kevin in disbelief and felt that Kevin's words were extremely strange.

Kevin didn't have time to talk with this so—called sister, he needed find Warner in hurry.

Very quickly, they arrived at a relatively luxurious courtyard. A man in his fifties was practicing martial arts in the courtyard.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh." The man waved his sword,and his sword technique seemed to be extremely powerful.

When Kevin saw his moves, he was shocked and said, "Hey, isn't he practicing the Golden Rooster Worshiping Moon Sword Technique?"

Kevin had seen a teacher practice this Technique at the Martial Arts Academy.

At this moment, Kevin was a little dumbfounded. A teacher from the Martial Arts Academy actually knew the same Sword Technique as the old master of a Forgotten City in the ancient world.

In the next moment, Kevin understood that the teacher of Martial Arts Academy must have learned from here.

Even Martial Arts Academy had collected all the martial arts in Forgotten City.

This Sword Technique was not particularly powerful. Even the entire Forgotten City did not have a particularly powerful sword technique. One could imagine easily that since the Memory Stones that Martial Arts Academy could open to the outside world, then it would definitely not have anything particularly precious inside. Otherwise, wouldn't everyone have learned it?

"Lord, young master is here."

The man who practiced technique stopped. When he saw Kevin, he was so shocked that he dropped his sword on the ground.

"Austin, you, you're not dead."

Kevin smiled and said, "Huh, stop talking so much. Come on, fight with me."

As he spoke, Kevin slashed forward.

"Clatter." The man was kicked away by Kevin's sword strike.

Kevin shook his head with disappointment. Warner Hunter, the lord of the decadent clan and Austin's father, was at the middle level of internal stage so he was not an equivalent rival for Kevin.

"They are all too weak, looks like I have to leave this place and go somewhere else within this city, perhaps there will be any experts who can beat me."

Kevin turned around and left.

"Austin, wait a moment." The Lord shouted.

"What else?"

"Austin, what's going on? Why aren't you dead? Aren't you dead? You're waiting for the funeral. Besides, why are you suddenly becoming so strong? Even I'm not a match for you. Heavens, what's going on?"

Kevin snorted and said, "You're going to have a funeral. Your entire family is going to have a funeral." Kevin felt that he was cursed. Why was he so tragic? Why did he possess this Austin when he entered Forgotten City?

Kevin took his sword and left.

"Young master, wait for me." The maid followed. As for that Lord, he was stunned and at a loss there.

For Kevin and the others who had entered the Memory Stone, this was a world of records. Everyone and everything here had disappeared into the dust of history.

However, to the people who were recorded, they did not know the truth at all and thought that this was a real world.

Sometimes, when Kevin saw all the people and things here, he would suddenly feel sad and desolate for them.

Kevin directly left this decadent clan.

Walking out of the gate, Kevin raised his head to take a look. On the door of the decant clan was written the words of "The Hunter".

Kevin came to the streets, and the streets were filled with people. At some point, Kevin himself would feel that this was a real world, which was too similar to the real world.

Right at this moment, Kevin heard a person beside him cursing, "Why can't I meet a powerful person in this Forgotten City? There are actually so many ordinary people who don't know martial arts."

Kevin immediately looked at that person. Kevin suspected that he was also a student of Martial Arts Academy.

When that person saw him, he immediately scolded Kevin, "What are you looking at? You're looking for death!"

Kevin said, "Didn't you say that there aren't any experts? Why not fight with me to see how powerful you are?"

"Why not?"

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh."

After a few moves, that person lost. He looked at Kevin and said, "Don't tell me you're Kevin?"

"Hahaha, it's me."

"Holy, I'm Vincent." The man broke out in a cold sweat.

Kevin could already tell that this unfamiliar—looking man had just used the technique of Meteor Butterfly Sword, so he was his roommate Vincent.

Vincent smiled and said, "Kevin, what a coincidence. I actually encountered you, and we don't know each other before."

Kevin also smiled and said, "That's right. If I hadn't seen you cursing, I would have thought you were a citizen of Forgotten City."

Vincent said, "Kevin, do you know that my identity was actually a coachman here? It really pissed me off. What about you? What is your identity?"

"I am the young master of a decadent family. What's even more terrifying is that I actually got up from the mourning hall."

"Hahaha." Vincent laughed loudly.

"Young master, what are you talking about? How do you know this coachman? How come I have no idea what you're talking about?" Said the maid who was following Kevin.

Vincent was puzzled, "Kevin, is this your maid?"


"Holy, Kevin, it's still lucky for you. Even if you're a young master of a decadent family, you still have at least one maid. She looks pretty. You'll have fun tonight."

"What are you talking about? Everyone here no longer exists. Just talk about nonsense " Kevin stared at Vincent speechlessly.

Vincent said, "Kevin, do you know that I have a wife at home in the identity of this coachman? I just slept with the wife here. Hahaha, I actually have feelings. It's completely the same as the real world."

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