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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 3329 Chang Somun

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Chapter 3329 Chang Somun

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"what happened, why can't we use the power we have" They were all shocked because they couldn't use their power.

"All of you, get ready to be buried alive," Ye Chen said; after everyone entered, Ye Chen immediately closed the hole, and everyone just went straight in.

After everyone entered and was buried, Ye Chen strengthened the ground, with this, they would not escape.

The rest of the people were shocked by what Ye Chen did.

Ye Chen did everything very easily, which surprised them. They were all surprised when they saw Ye Chen win so easily.

"What do you think?" Ye Chen asked the person before him.

What does he think Ye Chen did?

The Chang family leader saw Ye Chen.

What Ye Chen did was great, but it was not enough.

"do you think that kind of power can make the people I have die, how naive, they will immediately go up and dig a hole," The Leader of the Chang family said to Ye Chen?

The Chang family leader Ye Chen was too naive and confident in his abilities, and this little trick wouldn't work to make him feel afraid.

"so you think that this is a small trick, okay, let's wait," Ye Chen said; he would wait.

Chang's family leader, take it easy; they will all be back soon.

Time flies, and 5 minutes quickly pass.

Until now, he had not seen any signs of these people appearing.

"Sir, there is something wrong here" Several elders felt that something was wrong here, they all felt that there was something wrong in this place.

The Leader of the Chang family also felt the same way, he felt something was wrong in this place, it seemed like there was something wrong with Ye Chen.

"I'm afraid that we have fallen into this person's trap" the elder said that they might have fallen into Ye Chen's trap.

"You bastard, trying to frame us" The Chang family leader said to Ye Chen.

"You came alone with so many people, I should have said that, I intended to negotiate with you, but your attitude is like that, it makes me angry" Ye Chen said to the Chang family leader.

"Say what you want" The Chang family leader asked Ye Chen.

"It's easy," Ye Chen said. Ye Chen's request would have been easily granted if he had such an easy request.

"tell me," The Chang family leader said to Ye Chen.

"I want you to surrender and obey me, if you do that, I can free Chang Pan" Ye Chen said to the Chang family leader.

"fucker, I won't let that happen, how could I possibly agree with your wishes, that will never happen," The Leader of the Chang family said to Ye Chen.

She refused what Ye Chen wanted, it was clear that he didn't want to cooperate with Ye Chen.

"If you don't want to, then Chang Pan will most likely die, are you ready for that?" Ye Chen gave a warning to the Chang family leader.

"I don't care, I will not obey someone like you, I am under Duke Yong's power, you are nothing to me" The Leader of the Chang family said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen was just an ant; how dare he say that to one of Duke Yong's best people.

"I am happy to give you an opportunity, will you accept or reject the best offer in this world?" Ye Chen said to the Leader of the Chang family.

"I told you, I don't want to, only stupid people would want that," said the Chang family leader.

"You are very stupid, you will soon regret what you did," Ye Chen said to the Chang family leader.

"I Chang Somun am not afraid of what you say," he said to Ye Chen; he told him that he was not afraid and was ready to fight with Ye Chen,

"Okay, then I will give you a final warning, I will not give you a second chance," Ye Chen said that he would not give a second chance.

"Don't talk too much, if you really have the ability, come show us directly, or you're just big at talking," said Chang Somun.

"hahahaha" Chang Somun, together with everyone, laughed; they underestimated Ye Chen's strength and abilities.

Ye Chen smiled when he saw this; he would batter them all if it were like this.

"Let's move forward," Chang Somun said to everyone, he told everyone to move forward.

Everyone stepped forward, they used the lightning stake formation, a formation of lightning that came out of the ground.

The lighting was under Ye Chen's feet.

"oh, a little interesting technique." Ye Chen looked at the technique the enemy had, and it was interesting.

"be careful" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"um, I understand, I already know what they are going to do" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan.

"died" some time later, and they showered Ye Chen with a lot of lightning; lightning appeared from the ground and above.

Ye Chen was trapped in the lightning and couldn't get out.

"you will be roasted to death," Chang Somun said to Ye Chen; he would be wholly roasted.

"who did you say was roasted" Ye Chen said to Chang Somun and everyone.

Chang Somun, along with everyone else who was here, immediately fell silent when they saw what happened, they all saw Ye Chen behind them; with Ye Chen's current position, he could very easily kill everyone.

"how come you are here," Chang Somun said to Ye Chen.

"how can I not be here, I am clearly here," Ye Chen said to Chang Somun.

Ye Chen was in the enemy formation, this was a very dangerous thing for Chang Somun.

"Don't move, if you move, you will feel the consequences," Ye Chen said to the group from Chang Somun.

If they dared to move even a little, Ye Chen would attack their formation, creating deep wounds for all of them.

Everyone was quiet when they saw Ye Chen inside; they knew very well that this was very dangerous for them.

"Damn," Chang Somun was so angry with Ye Chen what Ye Chen did was too excessive.

"what is too much, I just do what I have to do," Ye Chen said to Chang Somun.

Ye Chen just had to do what he did; now their lives were in Ye Chen's hands.

Ye Chen can do everything he wants; who can stop what Ye Chen does?

"Bastard, don't be afraid, our formation is strong, if he comes in, we just need to kick him out" The elders were quite confident in the strength they had.

They were confident they could win against Ye Chen.

"Are you really sure you can win against me?" Ye Chen asked, are they sure they can win against Ye Chen?

"of course, don't be afraid and concentrate your strength on driving him out" Chang Somun said to everyone.

Everyone understood what to do, they all used the strength they had, when they did this, lightning rumbled and struck Ye Chen who was near them.

"Rumble, Boom" Ye Chen's body was struck by lightning, with such great power, Ye Chen would be blown away.

Ye Chen stretched his hand up, he blocked the attack with his bare hands.

Ye Chen held the opponent's lightning, all the lightning gathered in Ye Chen's hands, it was all in Ye Chen's hands so well.

"This is just your strength, if you want to try my strength, I will show you something more terrifying than this" Ye Chen said that he would show something even more terrifying than the current one.

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