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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 3270 Welcome from the black knife king group

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Chapter 3270 Welcome from the black knife king group

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"You are right, normal people would not want to live in this place" Luo Bing and Gu Xun would agree with what Ye Chen said, and normal people would agree with what Ye Chen said.

Who wants to live with a criminal, that is crazy and very dangerous.

"That is the most reasonable reason that can be accepted" Gu Xun agreed with Ye Chen, it was the most reasonable reason.

"If we enter now, we might immediately be greeted warmly" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

As long as they went inside, they might not be greeted warmly.

"I'm ready for all the risks, so it's not a problem," said Ye Chen.

"I want to be better, because of that, I will come" Luo Bing wants to be better, and because of that, she will come.

Everyone is ready, it is time to fight the evil enemy.

"I have one word for the two of you, our enemy is a cruel person and has no mercy, make sure you don't get fooled and give them a chance to attack" Ye Chen gave advice.

Don't let them fall into the traps of the enemy.

Ye Chen doesn't like people like this, there is no mercy for people like this, once Ye Chen gives them a chance, they will attack back and it will be very dangerous.

Luo Bing and Gu Xun immediately understood they understood what to do to the enemy.

As Ye Chen said, the enemy would not show mercy to them and would do cruel things, so they couldn't just leave the enemy alone.

"I don't want anyone to escape from this place," Ye Chen said to Luo Bing and Gu Xun.

After Ye Chen said this, Ye Chen immediately created a large dimensional wall.

Now that this star has been exiled from the world, no one will be aware of what is happening in there.

"It's finished, they won't be aware of what I did" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun and Luo Bing.

Ye Chen told them that the enemy would not realize what Ye Chen was doing.

"We can start straight away" because Ye Chen had already done it, then they could start straight away.

"That's right, we can start straight away," said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen brought the two of them in. After Ye Chen entered, he was immediately greeted by several people and traps in the sky.

"they prepared so many traps," Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.

"I can avoid it all," Ye Chen said that he could avoid it all.

Ye Chen used his great strength and abilities and destroyed all the traps.

Ye Chen aimed and destroyed all the traps, no trap could escape Ye Chen.

"Very good work" Gu Xun and Luo Bing saw Ye Chen, what Ye Chen did was very great, he was able to destroy the enemy's trap until nothing remained.

Now how do they deal with Ye Chen?

Ye Chen walked in, and more than 100 people were waiting for Ye Chen with flying knives around them.

There were so many people, Ye Chen estimated that the number of their knives was more than tens of thousands.

"attackers of our place will feel the most painful thing in this world" they said to Ye Chen.

They told them that they would experience the most terrible things.

"talking too much" Ye Chen said to the people in front of him, members of the black knife king group.

"die" they attacked Ye Chen.

They were all angry with Ye Chen, Ye Chen's words made them all very annoyed and made them attack Ye Chen.

it wasn't strange that they would get angry like that, they were the black knife king group, a feared group in this world, and there was no way they would accept when someone like Ye Chen insulted them.

"they are coming" Ye Chen said to Gu Xun and Luo Bing.

"I will take care of the rest" Gu Xun said to Ye Chen.

Gu Xun said that she would take care of the rest, meanwhile she wanted Ye Chen to fight and defeat all existing enemies.

"Be careful" Ye Chen stepped forward, he told Gu Xun and Luo Bing to be careful when facing the enemy.

Ye Chen advanced, he used the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords, and Ye Chen used the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords to counter the attack from the enemy, by using the One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords, he destroyed the flying knife that the opponent had.

"Boom" the knife owned by the opponent began to melt, it couldn't withstand the power that Ye Chen had, Ye Chen's power was quite destructive.

They recreated the blade using profound energy.

"Their strength, it looks like they have the earth element" Ye Chen could see that they had the earth element, one of the elements that can make metal to knives.

"As long as there is still iron underground, it seems impossible to destroy all the knives" Ye Chen realized that, he would not be able to destroy the enemy's weapons.

Just like Ye Chen's weapons, the enemy's weapons will also never run out.

"Then I will target them" Ye Chen decided to target the enemy's body.

One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords flew and began to penetrate the bodies of the enemies.

With the power of One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords, the enemy's body can be penetrated very easily.

It penetrates the body of the enemy and instantly burns the enemy until nothing remains.

Everyone looked at Ye Chen, they realized that Ye Chen was very dangerous.

"Everyone focus their attacks on that person" They focused their attacks on Ye Chen.

With that, all attacks were directed towards Ye Chen, and all attacks were directed towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen made a wall of fire swords, every attack would hit the sword wall and melt.

Not remaining silent, Ye Chen launched a counterattack, One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords flew and one by one the enemies fell by One Hundred Thousand Fire Swords.

Gu Xun and Luo Bing fought together, they joined hands to fight each other against the enemy.

The number of enemies they faced was only 1/4 of that faced by Ye Chen.

Gu Xun used the Dragon Flame Art to revolve around them and protect them from attacks.

"I will protect you, so don't hesitate to attack," Gu Xun said to Luo Bing.

Gu Xun would protect Luo Bing, so Luo Bing did not need to hesitate in attacking her opponent.

"I understand" Luo Bing attacked, she used an ice technique and began to freeze the enemy's movements.

Apart from ice, she can also use fire and lightning techniques, only now Luo Bing focuses on using ice because it is quite effective in slowing and stopping enemies.

With the technique that Luo Bing had used, the enemy slowed down because their bodies were cold.

Gu Xun took advantage of the opportunity given by Luo Bing.

she destroys the enemy by using a fire dragon, the fire dragon spins and hits the enemy until it is destroyed.

"Very good job" Gu Xun said to Luo Bing.

Luo Bing did such a good job, Gu Xun was very happy to cooperate with Gu Xun.

The two of them had worked together so well and so great, they showed the strength and abilities they had, they became invincible and defeated all the enemies around them.

All enemies have been defeated.

Ye Chen was also done, he defeated 3/4 of the enemies.

"All enemies have been defeated" Luo Bing said to Ye Chen.

"We succeeded, however, we shouldn't be happy too quickly, that's because they are not the strongest enemy here" Ye Chen said to Luo Bing and Gu Xun

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