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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2857 Kong Qamon

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Chapter 2857 Kong Qamon

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"I will continue to support you" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen, she told him that she would support Ye Chen.

"Apart from the Four-sided Immortal Palace, I want to know the other powers" Ye Chen asked, maybe they could help Ye Chen.

"Apart from the Four-sided Immortal Palace, there is Dragon God Realm, Eternal Great Earth Realm, nine levels of immortal sky, seven temples, there are also some powerful individuals who cannot be underestimated," said Ling Shu.

"I understand, thank you very much for all the information you provided, it was very helpful for me" Ye Chen said that all of this was very helpful.

"You're welcome, I'm also happy to help you" Ling Shu said that she was happy to help Ye Chen.

"husband, this world is cruel, you have to be stronger to survive, that is what we can do if we live in this place" said Ling Shu.

"You are absolutely right, the world is cruel, only by being strong can I survive, something is so simple" said Ye Chen.

"I will help as much as possible" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she would try to help with Ye Chen's problems.

Ye Chen understood, he was looking forward to cooperation with Ling Shu.

As long as he can cooperate well, then all problems can be solved easily.

"Miss, I'm back" after that Feng Rue finally returned.

"You are back, very good, you found it?" Ling Shu asked, she wanted to know if Feng Rue had found it.

"Yes, I've found him, I found that person" Feng Rue said.

Ye Chen saw Feng Rue, they quickly found what Ye Chen wanted, which was quite surprising for Ye Chen.

"So who is it?" Ling Shu asked, let her and Ye Chen know who they were dealing with.

"A person named Kong Qamon, he is one of the higher-ups in the trade association," said Feng Rue.

"Tell me, how many assets does he have?" Feng Rue asked, how many assets did Kong Qamon have.

"Quite a lot, people who are high-ranking officials of trade associations have enormous wealth," said Feng Rue.

"You also heard him, didn't you, it seems like he is a rich man" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen.

"It doesn't matter, since he has dared to fight, why don't we start taking everything he has" said Ye Chen.

"fufufufu, I like your way of thinking" said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu likes Ye Chen's way of thinking, Ye Chen's way of thinking is so simple and so smart.

"give me all the information" Ling Shu said to Feng Rue, she would give everything to Ye Chen and would start for their plan.

"um" Feng Rue started to give the plan to Ye Chen and Ling Shu.

Ling Shu and Ye Chen started to look, both of them looked and confirmed what they were going to do.

"He has quite a lot of guards" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen received the report and looked at everyone who was now Kong Qamon's bodyguard.

"There are so many" Ling Shu said, Ling Shu saw several people with such strong strength, it seemed like they were quite strong people.

"They're probably mercenaries, last time that guy sent some people against me, plus he definitely has a lot of strange stuff" said Ye Chen.

"If I remember correctly, that person has a lot of research sites, that's probably why he was able to create strange things to defeat you," said Ling Shu.

"Plus he sells all kinds of strange things, it makes him very rich, and can do everything he wants using the profound crystals he gets"

"It seems that in this world money still rules," said Ye Chen.

"Of course, in every era it always exists," said Ling Shu.

The reason why Kong Qamon could fight Ye Chen was because of money.

If not, then he wouldn't have a chance to win against Ye Chen.

"we will start fighting him" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu and Feng Rue.

"get the team ready, we will help" Ling Shu will help a little, she will also interfere in Ye Chen's affairs.

"I'll go first" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu.

"I understand" Ling Shu was going to prepare some people for battle.

Ye Chen would probably do the same thing as Ling Shu.

Ye Chen went to Chen Xing's place, he would tell her about this matter.

"You are back" Chen Xing saw Ye Chen's arrival.

As usual, Ye Chen came suddenly and made Chen Xing surprised.

"I've got what I was looking for" Ye Chen said to Chen Xing.

"You are great, got what you were looking for quickly, it seems like you have made the woman submit, something is expected of you" Chen Xing said to Ye Chen.

"Why do you look dissatisfied" said Ye Chen.

Ye Chen saw that Chen Xing seemed dissatisfied with this result.

"How could it be, I am satisfied with the results" Chen Xing said that she was satisfied.

"so who is it, tell me" Chen Xing asked Ye Chen, hse wanted to know the person.

"a man named Kong Qamon" Ye Chen told who the person they were fighting right now.

"Kong Qamon is a member of the trade association, if I'm not mistaken he is one of their higher-ups and rarely goes out," said Chen Xing.

"Are you sure?" Chen Xing asked Ye Chen, whether Ye Chen was sure about this.

"Of course I am very sure about this" Ye Chen said that he was very sure about this.

"The information from Ling Shu is very accurate, that is an advantage that Ling Shu has.

"So that's how it is, then I understand, I will help you too" Chen Xing said.

"Please just hold on, that man might send people to start fighting with us, so I hope you stay here and survive against the people who will be sent" said Ye Chen.

"But what about you" Chen Xing asked Ye Chen, what would Ye Chen do in this matter.

"don't worry about that problem, I will be together with Ling Shu, so you don't need to worry about that problem" Ye Chen said to Chen Xing.

"if you say it like that" listening to Ye Chen say it like that" Chen

Ye Chen couldn't possibly use all the people he had to fight just one person, obviously he would put several people on defense including Zhang Ein, Ye Chen will solve this problem his way.

After informing Chen Xing and telling Chen Xing to prepare for battle, Ye Chen returned, Ling Shu happened to be waiting for Ye Chen.

"it's finished" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know if Ye Chen was finished.

"I'm done" Ye Chen told her that he was done.

"Then we can just start" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she invited Ye Chen to start.

"Let's start, with that Ye Chen and Ling Shu immediately left, they went to the designated point where Ling Shu's people had gathered.

Ye Chen together with Ling Shu went to Kong Qamon's residence, he lived in a luxurious and private place.

"does he live in a small place like this" Ye Chen asked Ling Shu.

"This is a private little star, that means this is his private residence and no one else can enter his pass," said Ling Shu.

"Does that mean we need permission to enter" Ye Chen asked Ling Shu.

"That's not necessary, why do we need permission from him, we don't need that, just go in, don't need permission from someone like that" said Ling Shu.

Ling Shu intended to try out the new power gained from Ye Chen, she did not intend to hold back against Kong Qamon.

"Let's force our way in, it's not bad, let's do it" said Ye Chen.

"Everyone come in" Ling Shu gave orders to all his subordinates, she told them to go in and start carrying out an attack.

With that the war will begin between Ye Chen and Kong Qamon.



Kong Qamon sent people again, he again sent mercenaries to arrest Ye Chen.

Kong Qamon turns out to be a demi human, he is half wolf with a fairly large body and red hair.

He had the build of a large man with seemingly great strength.

He carries a katana sword on his body to fight.

"Master" a man in a robe appeared behind Kong Qamon's body.

"You failed again, don't you know how much money I spent on all that?" said Kong Qamon.

Kong Qamon had spent quite a lot on funding, even though the project was very large and could make him the ruler of the land, it was a shame that his plans had to be failed by Ye Chen.

That's what made Kong Qamon so angry with Ye Chen, he really wanted to kill Ye Chen using his own hands, he wouldn't let Ye Chen go after destroying the perfect plan he had made for 5000 years.

The shadow on the side seemed to be shaking with fear, he had failed again and he would receive punishment from Kong Qamon.

"I'm sorry, to be honest that person is so great, he has strange powers and has such a powerful partner like the goddess Chen Xing".

"Forget that goddess Chen Xing, that woman is not a threat, the one who is a threat is the person with the mask" Kong Qamon did not consider Chen Xing to be a threat.

Chen Xing was not that strong, the person who was strong enough was Ye Chen, defeating Number One King Goblin was something that was impossible for ordinary people.

That's why he kept sending people to hunt down Ye Chen, it was a shame that everyone was removed, it made Kong Qamon angry.

"Send the best person we have, I want that person's head" Kong Qamon said that he wanted Ye Chen's head.

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