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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2855 Ling Shu started looking for information

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Chapter 2855 Ling Shu started looking for information

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After that, Ye Chen and Ling Shu continued, they took so long, they didn't know how much time had passed outside, they were too engrossed in their own world that they forgot about time.

"I'm tired" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that she was very tired and probably couldn't continue anymore.

Ling Shu really felt so tired, she felt so tired after doing it over and over again with Ye Chen.

she had pleased hundreds of times and it was so incredible, that she could no longer move her body because the pleasure was too intense.

Ling Shu was so happy, she was so happy with what Ye Chen was doing, even Ye Chen's soul was in her heart, if this was the situation, Ling Shu would not be able to leave Ye Chen anymore and become Ye Chen's prisoner.

"want some more" Ye Chen asked Ling Shu.

"Again, you really are a little monster, I'm almost there now, please let me go" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen, she told him that she was so tired and wouldn't be able to continue anymore.

"I think you are strong" said Ye Chen.

"Which woman will survive against a man like that, even with a pure Yin Qi body, I can't win," said Ling Shu.

Even with Ling Shu's special body which was one of pure Yin Qi, she couldn't win.

Ling Shu has a Pure Yin passion body, a body that makes her not satisfied easily and has good stamina, but that was all broken by Ye Chen and she was even made into what she is today by Ye Chen.

"I can't understand you" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu couldn't understand Ye Chen, she wasn't able to understand Ye Chen, why Ye Chen had such good strength, it made Ling Shu curious.

"so you have a Pure Yin passion body, it's not strange that you are so strong" said Ye Chen.

"You yourself?, you must be hiding such a great special body" Ling Shu said.

"of course" Ye Chen answered, he told her that he did it too.

"tell me darling, what do you have" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen.

she wanted to know what Ye Chen had, Ye Chen had Yang Qi so pure and was so helpful to Ling Shu, this was definitely not something normal people could do, even cultivation techniques couldn't make Yang Qi so pure and rich like Ye Chen.

"That…" Ye Chen whispered to Ling Shu, he told her what he had.

After what happened before, Ye Chen had succeeded in making Ling Shu submit, Ling Shu was now Ye Chen's and Ye Chen completely controlled Ling Shu, there was no problem telling this matter.

"Eh, seriously, you're not kidding me?" Ling Shu didn't believe what Ye Chen said.

Ling Shu had already guessed when she first met Ye Chen, but that was just a guess because she had never seen anyone with an Ancient (Yang) Body, a super rare body that Ling Shu had never seen.

"Why did I have to lie to you" Ye Chen asked, why did he have to lie.

"So you do have it, that's surprising to me" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu was surprised to find out that Ye Chen had that, something that Ling Shu would not have imagined.

Ye Chen just smiled when he saw this, it seemed like he had surprised Ling Shu.

"but it's very dangerous, we have to hide this from the women outside, otherwise, I'm afraid I won't be able to hide you" Ling Shu said.

Ling Shu didn't want other people to know, if anyone found out, there might be a huge chaos.

So it was better for her to hide Ye Chen well enough.

"I also know and I hid this quite well" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu.

Ye Chen had hidden it well, so Ling Shu didn't need to worry about this matter.

"if you say it like that" therefore Ling Shu wasn't too worried about Ye Chen.

"so what are you going to do to me, you already got me, do you want me to help you get all the beautiful women in this world, if it was you, maybe it could be done" Ling Shu hugged Ye Chen from the back, she asked what would done by Ye Chen.

"For now, I need a little help from you looking for people" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu.

"looking for someone?" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen.

"looking for someone who hides so well" Ye Chen told her what he needed.

"Who do you want to be, acquaintances or fugitives?" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen.

"Of course the enemy is looking for trouble with me" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu, he told her that he wanted to find an enemy.

"So that's it, I understand, I will look for it for you" Ling Shu will look for it.

"Feng Street" Ye Chen called Feng Rue who was outside.

Feng Rue of course immediately came when she received the call from Ye Chen.

Ling Shu saw what Ye Chen was doing, who would have thought that Feng Rue would obey when called by Ye Chen.

"so it's like that, I now understand, so you've got it too, so you guys worked together from the start, I didn't expect that I would be careless like that" Ling Shu finally understood, Ye Chen had made Feng Rue his woman, that's why Ling Shu can easily be trapped.

"Miss, I'm sorry" Feng Rue said, Feng Rue apologized to Ling Shu.

"Forget it, everything has happened, and I got what I was looking for, so it doesn't matter" Ling Shu hugged Ye Chen tighter, she continued to tease Ye Chen.

A seductress who is so skilled and keeps teasing Ye Chen.

"So who is it?" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen, she wanted Ye Chen to tell her the opponent she should look for.

Ye Chen started to say who he was looking for, he asked Ling Shu to look for him.

"I see, you have a relationship with Chen Xing, quite interesting" Ling Shu said.

"but that's not strange, with a weapon like this, women will of course be immediately helpless" Ling Shu held Ye Chen's, once again she tried to provoke him.

"don't do that, you want more?" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu.

Ling Shu immediately withdrew her hand, right now she couldn't do it.

she was already quite tired and needed a little rest to recover.

" puchi…" Feng Rue smiled, it was her first time seeing Ling Shu scared like that.

"Rue" Ling Shu said to Feng Rue, she called Feng Rue who was smiling behind her.

"Yes Miss?" Feng Rue asked and started to get serious again, you listened to what she said right, so quickly go and find out this matter for me, send all our people to find out so it will be faster" said Ling Shu.

"Understood, I will go immediately?" Feng Rue will leave soon, she will immediately carry out Ling Shu's orders.

Feng Rue disappeared, she immediately left because she had received orders from Ling Shu.

Because Ling Shu had given the order, now Feng Rue could use all resources to find the person Ye Chen wanted.

"we just have to wait now" Ling Shu said to Ye Chen.

"that easy?" Ye Chen asked Ling Shu.

"I have trained them very well in searching for information," said Ling Shu, so they should quickly get that person's information.

"Darling, where is the bathroom, I need to clean myself" Ling Shu said.

"Yuechan, take her" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu.

"Okay" with that, Ling Shu was immediately taken into the fairy gate.

"Is this your little world?" Ling Shu asked Ye Chen.

"yes, you can say that" said Ye Chen.

"hmmm, this place is not bad, full of pure energy that can be used for cultivation" said Ling Shu.

Compared to outside, this place is definitely better, what a great place," said Ling Shu.

"You can use the bath there" Ye Chen said to Ling Shu, someone will take you" said Ye Chen.

Chu Yuechan took Ling Shu away, she took Ling Shu away by force.

Ling Shu would definitely be long, so Ye Chen decided to leave this place first and do other things.

Ling Shu started to wash herself with water, she felt so fresh when she washed herself with water.

"very comfortable" Ling Shu felt so comfortable, it was unexpected that Ye Chen would have such a spacious and so good bath.

"she wants to continue using this place, but what kind of place is this?" Ling Shu didn't know what kind of place this was, what a strange place, there were many quite interesting things in this place.

"This place is an artifact" Chu Yuechan said to Ling Shu, she was the person who had brought Ling Shu here.

"Aren't you the fairy race, you are here, I thought the fairy race only existed in the ancient impenetrable forest" Ling Shu said.

"So that place still exists, I don't know about it" Chu Yuechan said.

It was the place where the fairies lived, but it had been a long time since they had seen the fairy race there and it was thought that they might have been wiped out.

The largest fairy race used to be in the central part of God Realm, and the rest lived in ancient forests that were so difficult to enter, even the strongest people in the world had difficulty entering there.

"who would have thought the fairy race followed suit, it is quite rare" said Ling Shu.

"I heard that the fairy race only follows strong people, that means you admit it" asked Ling Shu.

"He's quite great, that's why I followed him" Chu Yuechan had already acknowledged Ye Chen.

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