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«Journey To Become A True God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2845 Feng Rue approached Ye Chen

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Chapter 2845 Feng Rue approached Ye Chen

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"So this is the sect that person belongs to, just a small weak sect, it seems like I was too much about the person who sent the letter" After Feng Rue saw this place, she changed her mind, it seems like there is nothing good around this place.

"Alright, I'll just go ahead and ask the people here" Feng Rue immediately disguised herself, she took a shirt from the room of one of the female disciples and put it on.

Feng Rue had a little trouble wearing women's clothing because it was too small in the chest, it seemed like her double tops were too big and it was a little uncomfortable to move around.

"It is a little uncomfortable, but I think it will be fine" Feng Rue felt that it would be fine.

At least her appearance was still tolerable and she seemed like a good student.

After that, Feng Rue went straight to looking for targets, she looked for targets and used charms to control them.

By using absolute charm, she controlled the opponent and easily asked about the whereabouts and origin of Ye Chen.

Feng Rue started to get the information she was looking for, she got information about Ye Chen so easily and so quickly.

Feng Rue knew that Ye Chen worked in the equipment faction, that meant he made equip and also repaired equip.

From the rumors obtained by Feng Rue, Ye Chen was quite popular among women, it would be easier to find and seek information about Ye Chen from women.

"Fufufufu, this will be easier to do" Feng Rue sensed that this would be easier to do, she was confident enough to find out about Ye Chen.

Feng Rue went straight to finding this out from the women, she could also easily mesmerize those women who were young and innocent as hell, with just a little glance, she could easily make them spew out all the things they knew about Ye Chen.

"That person is quite interesting, I will see for myself" Feng Rue felt that she should see for herself using her own two eyes.

The women seemed to like Ye Chen because of his kindness and looks, which was why Feng Rue wanted to see him in person and see if it was the truth or just a lie.

After knowing where Ye Chen lived, Feng Rue went straight there, of course, she had already prepared her own plan to get close to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen went to the workshop from Ye Chen, it just so happened that Ye Chen was currently not doing anything and was only cultivating inside.

Ye Chen needed time to cultivate, he needed time to increase strength as well.

Now Ye Chen's forging skills had improved and were so good, Ye Chen was already at the level of the masters and could get even better.

Feng Rue made sure Ye Chen was inside, after making sure Ye Chen was inside, she directly knocked on the door.

"Excuse me" Feng Rue gave a greeting to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen opened and greeted the people who came, all the people who came had business with Ye Chen.

"There hasn't been a visitor for a long time, usually Shi Lin takes care of these matters" Ye Chen saw that there was a new visitor, he wanted to know who it was.

"hmmm?" Ye Chen looked towards Feng Rue.

A beautiful girl who looked gentle, the type of dreamy older sister who could probably spoil you.

"uh, who are you ?" Ye Chen was surprised when there was a beautiful woman like Feng Rue.

He just found out that there was such a beautiful woman like Feng Rue in the sect, since when had there been a beautiful woman like this, and Ye Chen did not know the rumors.

"Who are you?" Ye Chen immediately asked, he wanted to know who Feng Rue was.

Ye Chen greeted Feng Rue nicely, he left a good impression to Feng Rue.

Feng Rue saw Ye Chen first from a close distance, a figure that was so handsome, a figure that was probably the best among men.

"Pretty good, it's not strange that miss will be so interested, this is really my type, this is bad, maybe I will get unrecognized" Feng Rue felt that Ye Chen was so good.

Feng Rue now understood why Ling Shu was so interested and gave a warning, it was because Feng Rue would definitely not stand it.

Feng Rue smiled at Ye Chen, she started eyeing Ye Chen.

Feng Rue thought that Ye Chen's workplace would be messy, but it was pretty good, so Feng Rue had to praise Ye Chen.

"So what does Miss Feng Rue need right, do you need anything from me" Ye Chen asked Feng Rue.

"I heard that you are quite good, many people have talked to me about it" Feng Rue told Ye Chen.

"Not really, I'm not that great, they're just overestimating me" Ye Chen told her that they were just overestimating Ye Chen, Ye Chen was not that great.

"You are quite low profile, I like that" Feng Rue said to Ye Chen.

"It's an honor for a beautiful woman to like me" Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen really liked Feng Rue.

Feng Rue started the action, here were only the two of them, so she should be able to catch Ye Chen so easily.

Feng Rue used her charm, she started trying to confuse Ye Chen.

"It will be easy, it won't be difficult" Feng Rue felt that this would be easy to do.

She would definitely not have any difficulties in dealing with Ye Chen.

Feng Rue thought that Ye Chen was easy to trick, but she did not remember that even Ling Shu could not control Ye Chen with her Charm.

"Do you want a drink, I can make one for you" Ye Chen said.

"How about you come with me?" Feng Rue said.

Feng Rue gave Ye Chen an order to come along.

"That's impossible, I'm in training" Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen refused Feng Rue's invitation.

"Eh? ? ? ?" Feng Rue was surprised when she was rejected by Ye Chen.

She looked very confused when Ye Chen rejected her.

"Did I just get rejected, I got rejected, I got rejected, I got rejected?" Feng Rue was surprised to find out that she was rejected, she would have never imagined that she would be rejected by Ye Chen.

"My charm has no effect?" Feng Rue finally realized that her charm was not working, she could not charm Ye Chen.

Feng Rue looked at Ye Chen, Ye Chen made an innocent face and seemed to have nothing to do with her.

"What's going on, did I miss something, he's not affected, what's going on" Feng Rue was surprised to see Ye Chen unaffected, it should be that a healthy young man like Ye Chen would easily be seduced by Feng Rue.

But it didn't seem to work, Ye Chen was not affected by Feng Rue's charm.

Some time later Feng Rue finally remembered in the report from Ye Chen, this person could even survive Ling Shu's charm, so she would not succeed.

"He is much stronger than I thought" Feng Rue saw that Ye Chen was much stronger compared to what she thought.

Feng Rue had to find another way to seduce Ye Chen, she would not lose to Ye Chen.

Feng Rue was confident in her beauty and figure, if she could not use the charm method, she had to use a more approachable approach to Ye Chen.

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