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«Journey Of The Fate Destroying Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 960 Dream World (II)

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Chapter 960 Dream World (II)

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Wang Wei did not explain the secrets of Dream Coins to them. Instead, he introduced the next setting of the Dream World. A beautiful, small creature with wings appeared before him, landing on his palm.

"Xin, say hi to everybody," said Wang Wei, and the little elf bowed to the representatives:

"It's a pleasure for Xin to make all your acquaintances."

"She's so cute," muttered someone.

"Isn't she?" nodded Wang Wei. "Xin is the Dream World's Dao Heart Spirit. If you have any problem with your Dao Heart, any trouble that is affecting your state of mind, or any Heart Demon, you contact her, and she will help you through it.

"Of course, it's not free."

"Your Majesty, are you serious?" asked Xu Shi. There were no pills or herbs in this world that could help someone with the issue of their Dao Heart. Therefore, the only way to deal with the situation is to become enlightened and deal with the

issue individually. Sometimes, the advice of an elder, family, or close friend might help, but in the end, every cultivator with a problem with Dao Heart has to rely on their own.

But, if Xin's abilities are real, the situation might change.

"I would not joke about something like that," explained Wang Wei. Xin, or the Dao Heart Spirit, is the culmination of two different civilizations. He went to his Science and Technology World to learn about psychology or the human mind or psyche.

He visited human civilizations that are based on futuristic versions of Earth, along with civilizations that focus deeply on mental health. After acquiring their knowledge, he combined it with his understanding of the Dao Heart and the state of the cultivation world to create this world's version of a therapist.

From now on, when cultivators have problems with their minds, they can talk to Xin, and she will help them with their problems.

Wang Wei looked at the little elf in his palm.

'Now, she only lacks experience dealing with cultivators. After gathering data for a few thousand years, she will be perfect.'

"Does anyone want to give her a try?"

People hesitated for a moment before a few volunteered.

"Look at your Dream Imprint," continued Wang Wei, and all the representatives looked at the screen before them. The rune was still at the top, but in the middle of the screen were two smaller squares with small characters written at their bottom:

[Communication], [Home], [Dao Heart Spirit].

The volunteers knew what to do, so they used their minds to access the [Dao Heart Spirit]. Immediately afterward, they disappeared from everybody's sight.

However, in less than five minutes, they reappeared.

"You," said Wang Wei, pointing at a middle-aged man who was a representative of the Worshiping Dao Academy. "Tell us your experience."

The man was slightly startled but soon calmed down and talked about his experience:

"I found myself in a white room, and Xin asked me whether I wanted to use Room 1 or Room 2. Room 1 contained two cushions that faced each other, while Room 2 was this strange bed that Xin explained I could use to lie down, making communication easier.

"I chose Room 1, and we had a conversation. I felt like I could tell her my deepest secrets, and she would understand me and not judge. She did not tell me what to do but, through conversation, guided me to figure things out on my own.

"In my life, I have never felt at peace and in tune with myself. Although we only conversed for five minutes, I can feel my spirit become more condensed and my state of mind more peaceful than ever."

Everyone was surprised that such a change could happen in a mere five years.

However, they did not doubt this person's words because they could feel the changes in his aura. Furthermore, the other volunteers had a similar experience.

"Let's continue," said Wang Wei. "The next setting is [Cultivation Simulation]. As the name implies, you can simulate different aspects of cultivation.

"If someone is stuck at a bottleneck or feels their chances at breaking into the next realm are low, they can stimulate their breakthrough in the Dream World before attempting it in the world.

"This setting is not just for cultivation. You can simulate refining a pill, weapon, talisman, array, puppets, and even certain techniques that you want to create but are not sure which direction to take."

No one could remain calm after hearing this function. The Emperor Lineages might not completely care about the cultivation simulations since their sect cultivates Heaven Chosens, but it's not the same for the Supreme, Holy, and Law Lands.

The happiest of this group was the Loose Cultivators, who had no or flawed cultivation inheritance; such a function is their version of God.

But the function of this thing goes beyond what is stated. The Emperor Lineages wished to cultivate Immortal Sovereigns in this generation, but the breakthrough to Tier 11 involved a bottleneck for all Immortal Paths.

But now, the success rate for breakthroughs can drastically increase after simulating countless times.

"Our Profession Dao will enter an age of prosperity," muttered the representatives from the Origin Pill Dao Sect. Alchemists, or any professions, have high status because of their rarity, and there are not many of them because too many resources are required to cultivate even the most talented professions.

Now, the issue of resources has been dealt with. Factions can use the Dream World to cultivate professions without wasting too many resources.

"Your Majesty, how accurate is the simulation? Can I simulate refinine Emperor Tier Pill that requires the Grand Dao Source?"

"The accuracy is 99.9%, and yes, you can simulate Emperor Tier Pills."

He spent a lot of effort in this Dream World, using the help of Dong LIfen, the Eternal Dream Sect, and even countless profession Insurgents in his factions, ensuring there was nothing wrong with the simulations. He also infused it with his Fate Dao, which can control Myriad Daos, along with Heavenly Dao's Heaven Dao.

As such, the simulations were perfect, but he did not say that because he knew there was no absolute in this world.

"I'm assuming we have to pay to use this simulation. But do we also have to pay for the simulated materials for refining?" asked Ao Shen; he was also very excited about this setting. His demon race does not have much talent for professions. However, he can now pile up a bunch of professions using simulations.

No matter how untalented his clan is, after trying to refine a pill or weapon more than 10,000 times, they should succeed. If 10,000 times is not enough, then try a hundred thousand times.

"It's free to refine anything below the Immortal Tier," explained Wang Wei. "For Immortal Tier creations, you must pay a fee for every ten materials."

Everyone thought this was fair; after all, the value of Mortal Items paled compared to Immortal Tier.

"I'm in a good mood, so I will tell you a secret way to use this setting," said Wang Wei. "You can simulate what it would be like to be a Great Emperor, including an Eternal. I don't need to tell you the benefit of doing this."

The representatives' eyes lit up. After experiencing the power of a Great Emperor, it's easier for their Dao Ancestors to create Insurgent Tier Techniques.

"I have another concern," said Huo Fenghuang. "Does the Dream World fall into the jurisdiction of the court?"

Wang Wei looked at her, and he knew what she wanted to ask: what will happen to the Dream World after he leaves? Will the court control it or the Dao Opening Sect?

"The Dream World is the property of the Dao Opening Sect, but the court has some power over it," explained Wang Wei.

"Members of the court have discounts for certain products of the Dream World, and the Heavenly Emperor of each generation has the power to make certain changes to the Dream World, but it's limited."

"Your majesty, can you elaborate."

"Whoever sits on the throne cannot do as they please, like banning people from entering the Dream World without any reason or making it so that the factions do not have to pay for any of the functions.

"However, I also understand the situation is ever-changing, and I cannot calculate everything. So, if there is a situation where it's necessary to make changes to the Dream World, the Heavenly Emperor will have the power to do so."

"What if an Emperor makes a decision and the Dao Opening Sect disagrees?"

"Heavenly Dao will be the tie-breaker," replied Wang Wei, and people would accept this decision. Heavenly Dao will make decisions based purely on rationale and facts and will prioritize the world instead of any singular factions, so it's the best tie-breaker.

Wang Wei looked at these people and could see some of their worries and hesitation, "The Dream World is more of a neutral existence. It belongs to the Dao Opening Sect because I created it, and it provides the sect with luck and destiny. Under most situations, it will remain intact and unaffected by the political landscape of the Endless Void.

"I will perfect the rules and regulations before leaving, so there is no need to worry."

Everyone felt relieved. So far, the Heavenly Emperor has displayed his fairness to ensure the Dao Opening Sect does not

completely dominate the Heavenly Court and the world. Therefore, they felt relieved by his words.

"Let's talk about the final setting of the Dream World." As Wang Wei said these words, a magnificent tower appeared in the distance, rising from the ground all the way to the clouds.

"The [Battle Tower of Ten Thousand Worlds]," he said with a smile. "As you can guess, this is a place where you can fight with anyone without fear of death."

The bodies used in the Dream World are composed of Dream Power, so it's not a problem for it to die. Mortals will experience short periods of dizziness due to their lack of spiritual power, but they can quickly recover after a short nap.

"The tower has many functions, including my favorite-Emperor Imprints," continued Wang Wei. "I have recreated the imprints of all the Great Emperors of the world, meaning you can fight a projection of them during any stages of their cultivation--including after proving the Dao."

These people's eyes lit up after hearing this; many people wanted to fight a Great Emperor. Some Emperors were mediocre in their youth or early stages of cultivation, so it's possible to maltreat them and gain a sense of achievement.

"This is just the beginning," said Wang Wei.

"In the future, geniuses, Heaven Chosens, powerhouses, and Great Emperors from all the World Communities will appear in the tower so that you can battle them.

"There will be countless lists ranking the geniuses and powerhouses-including Great Emperors-of different worlds. I even plan to create a list to rank all the races in the Endless Void."

The representatives' eyes shrunk as they realized the implications behind these words.

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