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«Journey Of The Fate Destroying Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 904 Yu Yan's Fate

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Chapter 904 Yu Yan's Fate

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"How was your retreat?" asked Wang Wei as he took a bite of his red braised pork belly.

"It was a success," replied Wang Tian with a smile. "I already created three Incarnations."

"Are you going to let each cultivate the Cutting Aspect of Sword Dao?"

"I previously thought of this. However, I changed my mind," Wang Tian shook his head. "I want each of them to focus on one aspect of basic swordsmanship, elevating it to the highest level before the final fusion."

Basic swordsmanship involves cutting, stabbing, parrying, and many more. After his battle with Ji Lanfang, Wang Tian felt he could improve in other areas, using their essence to make up for his Sword Cutting Dao.

"That's good. However, you seem worried about something?" asked Wang Wei. "If it's the issue of resources, you don't have to worry."

"No, that's not it," replied Wang Tian. "I'm worried they won't experience much tempering by staying by my side. I thought of sending them to other worlds, but I always feel there is a better way."

"Better? In what way?" asked Yu Yan.

"How do I explain this? I want my incarnations to be challenged, to meet swordsmen on my level to temper their Sword Dao," explained Wang Tian. "Is there a world where Sword Dao is supreme?"

"Let me check."

The river of fate materialized in Wang Wei's eyes as he saw countless secrets of the Lower Dimension.

"There is a Sword Overlord World where Sword Cultivators are the mainstream. Unfortunately, they have been in decline in the past few generations."


"Well, it seems the other Weapon Daos were unhappy about becoming irrelevant and basically staged a 'coup.' Unfortunately, the final winner of this generation is not a Sword Emperor. The world's name might even be changed soon," explained Wang Wei. "Let me check the Lower Realm."

He paused for a second:

"Even the Lower Realm of that community is facing the same issue. I smell a conspiracy." Wang Wei did not think it was a coincidence that Sword Dao faced such a backlash across the entire World Community.

"You could send a few incarnations in these worlds to revive Sword Dao."

"Indeed, that's a good idea. But that's not exactly what I want,"

replied Wang Tian.

"Do you want your incarnation to face countless opponents like yourself and Ji Lanfang?" asked Yu Yan.


"Then, have Wei'er create a world full of swordsman geniuses for you. Send all the incarnations without any memories and have them battle it out like the Heaven Will."

Wang Tian's eyes lit up before looking at his son: "Can you do it?"

"Creating a world is simple. However, if you want countless sword geniuses, gathering and condensing the Sword Dao Destiny for that world will take some time. It will take longer if you want the world to have a long history and well-developed sword techniques and arts.

"Lastly, such a world will not have high-level resources for your incarnations."

"Time is not an issue." Wang Tian was not in a hurry and was willing to wait as long as necessary. "Regarding the resources, I only care whether the incarnations will temper their Dao Heart and Sword Dao. Once they finish, we can provide the resources needed to reach a complete Nine Extremity."

"That's fine," nodded Wang Wei.

"One last thing. Is there a chance for me to achieve Ten Supremacy?"

Wang Wei sighed: "I've done the calculations. As soon as you enter my Unique World, you will die."

Wang Wei never dared say the word [Science and Technology] openly. Regardless, he was telling the truth. According to his divination and the future he saw, Hongjun's protection only extended to him and not his family.

"Di Tian's Limit Breaker is very rare, so even if we rely on luck, our chances of finding one in the Lower Dimension are almost zero.

However, there is still one last method, but I don't know if it will work."

Wang Wei remembered the method to condense his Perfect Foundation. According to Wu Hong's predictions, he will receive all the materials after entering the Dark Truth, so there is a chance he could get a Limit Breaker there.

"Is it dangerous?" asked Yu Yan.


"In that case, no need to take the risk," said Wang Tian firmly. The last thing he wanted was to place his son in danger because of his ambitions.

"Even if not for you, I need to go to that place."

"Is it truly necessary?" asked his mother.

"Yes," replied Wang Wei. "If these methods don't work, we can try some alternative methods."

Wang Wei did not have much hope for his father. The Ten Supremacy Foundation requires talent, luck, and destiny. However, based on what he observed, his father simply did not have the luck and destiny for such an achievement.

He and Di Tian have taken the destiny or luck of Ten Supremacy in the Myriad Emperor World for the next few eras, not generations- Eras.

"Well, there is no need to be too focused on this. If it does not work out, then it doesn't."

Wang Tian understood some things are destined for only a few individuals. For example, he would never have acquired the Eternal Emperor Destiny if not for his son.

Wang Wei secretly sighed. He made numerous calculations and divinations and saw myriad futures. He tried to forcefully alter his father's father into someone destined to achieve Ten Supremacy in each of them.

However, the result was True Heavenly Dao warning and blocking his actions. In one of the simulations, the latter directly annihilated him because he went too far.

As such, Wang Wei concluded he had the power to do these things; However, according to the game analogy he used, his level of authority is not enough to touch these domains.

"Mom, how about you? How was your retreat?"

"I did gain something. However, it's not enough to create an Incarnation," replied Yu Yan with some sadness. She has long known her talent was nothing compared to her husband, but she refused to admit she was not as good as that idiot.

"Don't beat yourself," reassured Wang Wei. "That small comprehension should drastically increase your chance of becoming an Eternal."

She smiled and nodded. "Oh, before I forget, can you do a Grand Dao Source Baptism for the Yu Clan."

Wang Wei suddenly paused his chopstick.

"What's wrong? You should have some time now."

Wang Wei sighed out loud: "I'm sorry, but I can't."

"What…do you mean?"

"You better explain yourself?" said Wang Tian with raised voice; his eyes indicated he was prepared to give his son the first asswhooping in his life. As for his status? He did not care.

No matter how strong and noble his son was, he still came out of him, so he could still correct him.

"Calm down," exclaimed Wang Wei. "I'm not saying this because of how I feel about grandfather?"

"Then, what reason would you have not to help your mother's clan?"

"Balance Mechanism," replied Wang Wei.

"What do you mean?"

"Are you saying because of how strong the sect is, Heavenly Dao will intervene when I prove the Dao, preventing me from becoming an Eternal?" asked Yu Yan, who quickly put many things together.

Wang Wei secretly gave her a thumbs-up. Although they have been worried about the Balance Mechanism for a long time, the focus has always been on Li Jun and Yan Liling.


"But, what does this have to do with you not helping the clan?"

"I need to do some trickery to ensure nothing happens to you,"

explained Wang Wei. "The first step of my plan is to release news that you had a fallout with the upper echelons of the sect. You will have to leave and return to the Yu Clan. Dad can visit, but you cannot easily return to the sect.

"I will use Deception Dao to 'deceive' True Heavenly Dao the rumors were true, preventing it from interfering with your ascension since you no longer have any connections to the sect and can even be considered to be 'enemies.'"

Yu Yan pondered briefly, "This might work. However, will there be negative repercussions after I prove the Dao?"

"There will," answered Wang Wei. "As such, you need to remain extremely low-key during this generation, not intervening in the slightest. You and Father can do whatever you please in the next generation, but not now."

"Why can she act in the next generation?"

"By that time, I would have strengthened other factions and the world to the point that Heavenly Dao should reduce the restrictions on us," replied Wang Wei.

"I see. However, for this plan to work, Yan'er cannot tell the upper echelons of the Yu Clan. As such, they should not see you in a positive light."

"I can bear this little infamy," shrugged Wang Wei; he did not care about such an insignificant thing.

"There should be no issue in telling them some things after I prove the Dao," added Yu Yan, who could not bear the thought of her clan members hating her son.

"Do as you please. But make sure they keep their mouths shut and not ruin everything," replied Wang Wei. He did not want anything to ruin his well-crafted plan.

Yu Yan nodded, "When do I need to leave?"

"There is no rush. We still have plenty of time before we start gathering merit for you."

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