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«Journey Of The Fate Destroying Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 1195 Opening The Gate of Power

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Chapter 1195 Opening The Gate of Power

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After combining and surviving more than 10,000 Daos and tribulations, Wang Wei had run out of resources. To be specific, he could not use any more resources from the lower dimension without sucking the entire world dry. Now, he had no choice but to rely entirely on himself to pass these tribulations.

Sadly for him, the process was a nightmare after these tribulations had stacked, especially for someone of his willpower. He gritted his teeth and continued. His body was constantly destroyed by Daos like Fire-Thunder Dao, Wind-Ice Dao, and Vibration-Suppression Dao. As time passed, he started testing high-level Daos like Chaos-Time Dao. Destruction-Creation Dao. Killing-Fate Dao, etc.

Wang Wei could not feel the passage of time. However, he knew that a long time had passed, but unfortunately, the only sensation he could feel was pain. If not for the markings that kept appearing on his gate, the changes to his fleshly body, and the improvement of his willpower, he would have given up.

Another benefit was that he had the inspiration about how to improve his pain talent, but that was not his primary concern at the time. He continued combining these tribulations, and after 1 million tribulations, he had to stop and take a breather.

He sensed that living in such a state of constant, mind-boggling, and debilitating pain had started to affect his spirit and soul. So, he took a few hundred years of rest before diving deep again. Then, he would follow a pattern of cultivating and resting, taking a break at the 10 million, 100 million, 1 billion, and 100 billion tribulation marks.

Wang Wei did not know how long this would last. However, the Ancient Desolate Emperor advised him to keep going until he reached his limit, so he followed the advice. At first, Wang Wei thought he would be here for a long time. However, after the 1.269 trillion tribulation, something unexpected occurred.

The marks on his Gate of Power suddenly morphed into two characters: [Limit Indestructibility]. Then, the gate opened on its accord without Wang Wei even trying. A mysterious power rushed through every corner of his body, elevating his flesh, strength, and abilities to a higher level.

Wang Wei could tell that if his essence weren't already immortal, he would have acquired it now after opening the gate. Sadly, immortality did not stack up. Otherwise, he might have acquired another life.

The second change he sensed was the alteration to his [Existence]. Besides the former [Eternal] and [Perfection] characteristics, he also had the [Indestructible] one. Wang Wei clenched his fist, feeling the power rushing through his veins. The entire lower dimension felt very fragile - except for the Void Battlefield.

"Hmm? My strength is already in the Second Heaven?" Wang Wei muttered. After opening the gate, body cultivators will enter the fifth realm of the True Power Dao Realm - Adult Fiendgod Realm. This level is divided into 10 Heavens worth about 2% of the Grand Dao Source. In other words, Wang Wei's current strength meant he was on par with an Empyrean of 74% Grand Dao Source.

He was surprised because most Indestructible Emperors would start their cultivation at 0 Heaven, the base strength of 70% Grand Dao Source.

'I guess all that suffering was not for nothing,' he thought before focusing on the greatest gain of his breakthrough - his unparalleled defense.

"You've achieved [Limit Indestructibility]? I guess you didn't need my guidance. Excellent."

Wang Wei was immediately speechless as he saw the Ancient Desolate Emperor's projection that appeared in the room. He calmly manifested a set of clothes on his body. "You couldn't have picked a better time?"

"We're men, so there's no need to be embarrassed," Desolate replied. As body cultivators, they had absolute control of their bodies, so their manhood size was never a problem. And with their terrifying bodies, they never had any issue with endurance, making them very popular.

"Wait, we're still in the lower dimension?" Ancient Desolate suddenly said. "You achieved [Limit Indestructibility] in the lower dimension?"

"Yeah, so?" Wang Wei looked at him strangely.

"Stupid. There are resources to help you, including ways to reduce the pain and even accelerate the process by skipping a few tribulations without any consequences." He left this projection to guide the boy through the process.

"Why didn't you tell me this?" Wang Wei asked, feeling resentful. He suffered for nothing. He would have waited to open the gate in the upper dimension had he known of this. The hell with being the first person to open the gate in the lower dimension - there wasn't even a reward for such an accomplishment.

"I didn't expect you were stupid enough to do all these tribulations without help. I figure you would ascend after seeing the difficulty and use the sect's resources to help. Then, I will appear to give you my experience."

Wang Wei looked at him, his eyes full of undisguised resentment that was about to manifest physically. However, the Ancient Desolate just shrugged.

"We don't have much time, so I'll finish my sermons quickly. As you know, [Limit Indestructibility] means that your defense has reached the limit of the Empyrean Realm. In other words, even someone with 89% cultivation cannot harm a single hair on your body. Only people that have gone beyond that level can hurt you.

"Today, I will teach you some techniques to boost your defense to the Paragon Level. Depending on your mastery, you could defend against Paragons as high as 92%."

The Ancient Desolate Emperor did not waste time as he preached to Wang Wei about his techniques, along with other information he needed to know about being an Indestructible Empyrean. He talked very fast, so Wang Wei had to memorize his sermon for later use instead of comprehending them.

"Done. You should have memorized everything, right?"

"I did," Wang Wei nodded.

"Good. In that case, I'm leaving. Take care of yourself, and don't get killed."

"Wait, do me one more favor."

"Let's see if I can help."

"Condense an imprint of all the Empyreans you've fought throughout your life. I will recreate them in the Dream World and use them for training."

"That's a great way to get acclimated with your newfound power," Ancient Desolate nodded. "However, it's too much to condense every Empyrean I've met. I can show you the top 50." He raised his hand to condense 50 imprints. "Is there anything else?"

"No," Wang Wei answered. Although he had many questions, he knew this was not the time to ask them.

"Alright. See you soon, kid."

After the projection ended, Wang Wei did not immediately use the imprints. Instead, he opened the notebook his wife left for him and unsealed more information. As expected, she left him a defensive technique for his [Limit Indestructibility]. After learning it, he entered the Dream World to utilize these imprints.

His first opponent was an Indestructible Empyrean, a human with a few tiger features, including eyes, whiskers, and claws. His cultivation was the same as Wang Wei - the Second Heaven. Wang Wei decided that battle was the best way to get used to his new strength, digest the sermon, and learn Wu Hong's technique. So, he rushed into his opponent, choosing a more aggressive approach.

This Tiger Human soon proved a worthy opponent because his Beast-like Sixth Sense trumps even the best clairvoyance technique, divine abilities, or ocular powers. Wang Wei had to reduce his defense to be on par with his opponent; otherwise, this battle would not be fair, and he would not learn much.

Once satisfied with his strength mastery, he chose a second opponent. The tiger human was technically the weakest of the fifty individuals, so Wang Wei had plenty of opponents to battle and learn.

The second opponent was a woman from an unknown race with a jewel for eyes, and she was an Everlasting Empyrean. Wang Wei learned the resilience of Everlasting Empyreans, which made sense they were a better version of Eternal Emperors. However, this battle also made him wonder about people who were both. Luckily for him, from the people ranked 30 and above, there were plenty of Indestructible and Everlasting cultivators.

It took Wang Wei a few hundred years to defeat all 50 Empyreans - a testament to these individuals' talent. Afterward, he recreated these people using his Dream Battle Technique and passively fought all of them to continue increasing his Battle IQ and experience.

As Wang Wei left the Dream World, he took a moment to reflect and plan forward. He has not mastered any of the two defensive techniques yet because those things will take a long time, and he is in a hurry. Meanwhile, his cultivation had a small problem: 'My flesh has reached Tier 11, but my bloodline is still technically Tier 10.' This meant he could not rely on his Human Fiendgod Bloodline to cultivate and reach higher Heavens. So, his next course of action will be to find the 11th and 12th revolutions of his technique or create them.

Wang Wei took a moment to check on the outside. Hundred and twenty thousand years had passed since the banquet, and the world was tranquil. Anyone who wanted to ascend already did so, and everyone else was waiting for him to leave and start the next generation.

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