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«Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2809 God destroying emperor, occupying the center of the Imperial Court 3

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Chapter 2809 God destroying emperor, occupying the center of the Imperial Court 3

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“Charge over immediately!”

A cold and eerie voice came out of Wang Xian’s mouth.

The Dragon Palace could not stay in the abyss forever.

Facing the imperial court and the Witch Formation Association, the Dragon Palace had to be fully prepared.

After occupying the center of the imperial court, with the grotto-heaven blessed land and the huge amount of energy in the imperial court, the Heaven Formation alone could fend off six to seven god-level emperors.

What kind of concept was this?

One person guarding a region!

If he could block six or seven God emperors, the Dragon Palace would not be afraid even if the imperial court and the Success Wizard Association joined forces!

“I’ll get little blue to communicate with the two God emperors and Abyss seeds.”

Lan qingyue immediately said and flew to Little Blue’s body.

“Wu Wu!”

Soon, the sound of communication was heard.

“Roar Roar Roar!”

The two abyss seeds did not hesitate at all when they heard Lan Qingyue’s suggestion. They immediately agreed.

“Xiao Xian, they have agreed. In the future, when we occupy the imperial star field, they will occupy the abyss. The domain of the Sea of Abyss will also be given to them.”

Soon, Lan Qingyue flew back and spoke to Wang Xian.

“Alright. With this group of abyss seeds, with our strength, the imperial court will not be able to withstand them!”

Wang Xian’s eyes sparkled as he said.

He really wanted to know how the Dragon Palace would react when they led the Abyss Army to the front of the imperial court’s vast palace?

How would the entire imperial star field react?

“Hehe, in the future, the imperial star field will have a new ruler!”

He muttered as he scanned his surroundings.

“Ao Yao, Ao Qitian, Ao Qi, ao Xingmu, Ba Qi, and Mo Sha, bring the resources back to the Dragon Palace immediately and raise their combat strength to the divine emperor level!”

“The rest of the disciples of the Dragon Palace will follow me on My Expedition!”

“It’s the Dragon King!”

The members of the Dragon Palace immediately shouted.



Beside them, the two god-emperor abyssal seeds let out an excited roar and gave out orders to all their subordinates.



The response from the entire sky rang out.

“Let’s Go!”

Wang Xian shouted softly. His body moved and landed on Xiao Lan’s body.

All the members of the Dragon Palace flew towards Xiao Lan’s body.

“Dragon King, I’ll bring the flaming celestial star along. When the time comes, I’ll Let the Heaven Thunder, Earth Fire, Dragon and Phoenix Seed to control it. It can fight against a celestial emperor.”

The Heaven Array moved and flew towards the flaming celestial star.

The imperial court of the Flaming Celestial Star didn’t have the chance to take it with them.

There were also many large-scale war machines and battleships that they didn’t take with them.

Wang Xian put them away one by one.

His target was the imperial court!

“If I fly at full speed, I’ll need five days to reach the center of the imperial court. That’s enough time.”

With the Little Blue House opening the black hole, all the abyssal seeds would be teleported over. They would arrive in five days.

That was enough time!

“Is there any news from the Witch Formation Association?”

At the same time, in the vast palace at the center of the imperial court, the entire hall was filled with a solemn atmosphere.

Three figures sat on the divine thrones. There was no light enveloping them, so they just sat there quietly.

In front of them, 21 guardians of the imperial court and more than 180 elders stood there with extremely ugly expressions.

They did not even dare to breathe loudly.

In the past, the elders of the imperial court were not qualified to stand here.

But this time, they had lost more than 40 guardians of the imperial court.

It was tragic!

“Great ancestor, they are about to reach the Magus Union. However, if the Magus Union makes preparations before rushing over, it will take at least half a month!”

The Great Protector of the imperial court reported in a deep voice.

“Half a month!”

The God Emperor on the left clenched his hands tightly on the divine seat, his eyes filled with killing intent.

“Then we will wait for half a month. In half a month, it will be the time when the Dragon Palace will be destroyed.”

The emperor in the center said emotionlessly.

“It’s great ancestor. I asked all the disciples to prepare for revenge!”

The great protector of the imperial court nodded heavily.

“In half a month, we will sacrifice the heads of everyone in the Dragon Palace to the spirit of old Yan in the sky!”

The emperor on the right said coldly.

“Wait for half a month!”

As the emperor of the imperial court said that, his figure slowly disappeared.

The other two celestial emperors looked at each other and also slowly disappeared.

After the three great ancestors left, only the peak experts of the imperial court were left in the hall.

“Great Protector, what should we do now!”

After a moment of silence in the hall, an elder could not help but ask.

“Stabilize the Disciple’s state of mind and prepare for the big battle in half a month!”

The Great Protector said with a solemn face.

“Right now, our disciples’momentum is completely gone. Releasing some news to increase their fighting spirit and hatred is also a great motivation!”

A protector beside him said.

“Then… then what about above the brain? Now, the brain is completely in chaos.”

An elder beside him said.

“Just like above the brain, release some news and ignore the rest. In half a month, they will naturally witness everything.”

The Great Guardian shook his head.

“Wait until we form the Shaman Association in half a month. We must make sure that Dragon Palace dies in that place!”

“Killing them like that is too easy. Lock them up and torture them for tens of thousands of years!”

“That’s right. We can’t let them die so easily. We’ve lost too much in this battle. We must make all the people in Dragon Palace Beg for Death!”

In the Great Hall, a group of Guardian elders roared with murderous intent on their faces.

Wait, wait for half a month!

Half a month later, it would be the day of their revenge!

“The imperial court has been completely defeated. At least dozens of guardians of the Imperial Court have died. Countless experts of the imperial court have been killed. It’s too tragic!”

“At the end, I heard that the Dragon Palace besieged a god Emperor of our imperial court. I don’t know the exact situation!”

“The Dragon Palace is too powerful! They are too powerful!”

“Our Imperial Court was defeated!”

“Too many people died. Our imperial court was defeated. What will happen next? Will the Abyss continue to expand? Will it devour our entire Imperial Star Field?”

At this moment, the news of the imperial court’s defeat had spread all over the AI.

The news of the death of the imperial court’s powerhouses, the death of guardians, and the death of countless disciples were discussed crazily on the AI.

Everyone felt a little crazy and incredulous.

The power of the Dragon Palace made their scalps go numb and they were horrified.

The news of those who cursed the dragon palace had completely disappeared. At this moment, there was only deep fear.

The belief of the imperial court had collapsed. Some people felt that their belief had been shattered.

Panic spread in the imperial star area.

Would the abyss devour them in the future?

Devour the Imperial Star Area?

The entire imperial star area fell into panic.

In the Grand Hall of the vast palace, some guardian elders flew out to comfort the army of the imperial court.

Some of the Guardian elders had a bad look on their faces when they saw the information on the artificial intelligence.

Some were terrified, while others said that the imperial court was incompetent.

Some even asked what the woman on the terrifying beast in the abyss meant?

Was it the powerhouses of the imperial court who provoked them first?

“The Dragon Palace has already guessed that we will join hands to form the Wizard Association. There’s no need to hide it. Just tell them directly to appease the people of the imperial star area!”

A Guardian said faintly.

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