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«Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2796 The War had silenced the entire world

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Chapter 2796 The War had silenced the entire world

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“The war on the Pingyi Island is about to start. Hiss, that’s the Dragon Palace. They are indeed from the Dragon Palace!”

“So many abyss species. It’s so terrifying. I feel suffocated just by watching the blurry video. Also, the Dragon Palace behind them is a human-shaped abyss species. They are animals!”

“They’ve joined forces with the Abyss species to destroy the Dragon Palace and destroy them!”

“The Dragon Palace has joined the Battle of the Abyss on the Pingyi Island. They’re on the same side as the abyss species. They support the Dragon Palace to destroy the Dragon Palace as soon as possible!”

When the information of the court of Emperor’s guardian was sent out, it immediately caused a great sensation.

All this time, many people in the imperial star area had been skeptical about the fact that the dragon palace and the Abyss species were on the same side.

After all, there was no evidence. In the past, the Dragon Palace had killed a large number of abyssal seeds.

However, now that the Dragon Palace was on the battlefield with the abyssal seed, everyone was filled with righteous indignation and anger.

Because of the existence of the Abyss, the imperial star area had suffered heavy losses and many people had died. Now that the Dragon Palace and the abyssal seed were on the same side, their anger was naturally related to the Dragon Palace.

The entire AI and the entire imperial star area were all cursing the Dragon Palace.

Everyone supported the extermination of the Dragon Palace and the Dragon King. They hung the Dragon King’s head high up in the air, causing the people of the imperial star area to despise it.

In the imperial star area, all the humans were paying attention to this war.

Boom! Boom! Boom

At the same time, Wang Xian, who was in the Abyss, didn’t know what was happening on the AI.

All the members of the Dragon Palace followed behind the army of the abyssal races. They were moving forward rapidly.

At the edge of the Abyss and at the battlefront, they were getting closer and closer.

“We’re almost there!”

An hour later, scenes from the battlefront appeared in his sight.

Wang Xian stared at the front and narrowed his eyes slightly.

“As expected of the imperial court. The battlefront has been set up.”

He mumbled.

The terrifying war machines and their powerful might were terrifying.

“Among these war machines, there are no less than ten of them that possess the might of the Dragon Peak.”

Tian Chen stood at the side and scanned the area ahead. He smiled faintly and said, “Fortunately, the imperial star field is not good at formations.”

They could defend against enemies that were two to three times or even four to five times their level.

“There are so many godly monarchs in the imperial court!”

Wang Xian sighed slightly. From his senses, the number of godly monarchs in the imperial court was at least 1.2 million.

This was the foundation of the imperial court, which was more than 600 million years of foundation.

Of course, the number of godly monarchs in the abyss seed was not much less than them.

Compared to the Imperial Court’s foundation, the abyssal seed was born from Slaughter, and the number of experts was also very terrifying.

“The Dragon Palace and the abyssal seed’s group of beasts are here!”

At the same time, in the command hall, the imperial court’s protectors stood on the front stage. Their eyes were filled with killing intent as they stared at the abyssal seed army that gradually appeared in the depths of the abyss.

“All the disciples of the imperial court, prepare for battle!”

At this moment, a vast voice rang out. The protectors in the command center trembled slightly as they looked respectfully in a direction.

“Buzz Buzz Buzz!”

Four vast figures were suspended in the sky above the disciples of the imperial court.

The two figures in the middle were emitting a holy and resplendent white light. A figure stood quietly within the white light.

On the left, there was a ball of fiery red flames. The Flames looked extremely gentle, and one could clearly see that the figure in the center was wearing a fiery red long robe. The long robe fluttered backwards, and it fluttered even though there was no wind.

On the right, there was a tornado. The tornado was over a hundred kilometers in size, and it wasn’t violent. However, no one dared to underestimate the power within.

Four figures floated there, like the main characters of the world.

This was the high and mighty gods.

Their words could decide the life and death of billions of people.

“Roar Roar Roar!”

“Wu Wu Wu!”

When they saw the four figures appear in front of them, in the depths of the abyss, the Little Blue House and the black magic system, the two god Emperors, let out a roar.

A savage murderous aura that was filled with blood directly charged forward.

In front of the battle line, all the disciples of the Imperial Court felt their hearts tremble slightly as they clenched their fists.

“The two black magic system, the female protagonist of the giant beast system, are you really going to make an enemy of our imperial court?”

The distance between the two sides was getting closer and closer. A figure shrouded in light in the middle stared ahead and asked coldly.

“Roar Roar Roar, Kill!”

The Dark Magic-type divine emperor’s blood-red gaze that looked like an insect’s body swept over them as he spat out the word ‘kill’!

Divine emperor-level abyss species could already speak human language, but this depended on whether they were willing to communicate with humans.

Lan Qingyue was able to communicate with them because of one very important point. That was that little blue and Little House’s strength was stronger than theirs.

The second reason was to attack the imperial court, which was mainly advocated by the two god Emperors of the black magic system.

As soon as it finished speaking, the eyes of the four vast figures in front flashed with killing intent, and waves of power were emitted.

“Hehe, the imperial court, how many years did you chase after US and put us to death several times? Now you want to make an enemy of your imperial court?”

Lan Qingyue stood on Little Blue’s body and stared at the four figures with a face full of mockery. Her cold voice was transmitted over.

“Huh? There are humans on that giant beast?”

“They’ve been chasing after them for several years? What’s going on?”

“Hiss, there’s a woman on that giant beast. Is she the owner of that giant beast? Is there a human behind this?”

When Lan Qingyue’s voice rang out, at least 500 billion disciples of the imperial court were on the battlefield that was tens of billions of kilometers long.

When they heard Lan Qingyue’s voice, they were surprised.

The owner of the giant beast system was LAN Qingyue, a human. Only the divine emperors and guardians of the imperial court knew about this.

The others didn’t know the specific situation.

“Is the Dragon Palace also courting death?”

The four divine emperors of the imperial court looked gloomy. They didn’t answer Lan Qingyue’s question, but hovered in the air and looked at the Dragon Palace behind them.

“TSK, TSK, tsk. A few years ago, your imperial court chased after our Dragon Empress and almost died many times. If it weren’t for the fact that our Dragon Empress had her own trump card and wasn’t killed by you, she would have died a long time ago!”

“Now, you four dogs still dare to ask Our Dragon Palace? TSK, TSK, of course, we’re going to F*ck your ancestors!”

“The four bastards of the Imperial Court. Back then, the disciples of the imperial court hunted us down for more than four years. I didn’t die even after more than four years. Now that I have the strength, I’m going to F*ck all of You!”

“Four old dogs, wash your necks and prepare to die. TSK TSK TSK!”

Wang Xian didn’t respond to the words of the emperor of the imperial court. Instead, the eight-limbed demonic fiend and the Earth grandson who were standing at the side started to bark.

One bark at a time was like an old dog!

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