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«Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 3074 Pompeii! VI

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Chapter 3074 Pompeii! VI

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|Let's go.|

Noah's gaze was firm as he turned into a streak of light towards the spinning stanchions of light.

Sona and the others followed as their figures and powerful auras were quickly captured by the Omniversal Pillagers clustered in the distance, but even these entities turned around and delved towards the silver stanchions of light as if what was behind it…was much greater than even enemies coming over!

At the same time that Noah and his party arrived at the Judgment Pillars of Pompeii, behind them from another region of the Outer Domain of Pompeii…


A huge tear could be heard as in the next moment, brilliant golden light supported by the glow of the influence of multiple Greater Omniversal Authorities bloomed.

Along with it, the terrifying auras of thousands began to blaze as in the lead, the glorious visage of Martial Emperor Xi could be seen- his flaming golden Armament burning the blood of who knew how many Omniversal Pillagers before he arrived as this Entity exceeding the Teracosm Stage was filled with endless power!

His will instantly passed through and observed the figures of Noah and others, along with the groups of Omniversal Pillagers surging into the Judgment Pillars of Pompeii to try and get past it.

And with a thundering command…


He and his Legions continued to move forward, even more Imperium Knights flowing out from the rift!

At this time, Noah and his party already arrived before the spinning stanchions of silver light that could destroy any level of Dominium, with Noah delving into it right away as his extremes began to vibrate.

And above him, the glow of Causality intensified as Aitia flowed serenely around his existence.

|The Existential Extremity Authority of Probability burns to make it so that no Pillar of Pompeii has a high enough probability to hit you.|

|The Existential Extremity Authority of Possibility…|.

|The Existential Extremity Authority of Manipulation …|

One Extreme after another flowed around him.

And this made way for a fantastical scene.

As if he had trillions of eyes all around.


He passed through the field of spinning stanchions at the moment he did so, he was closed and drawn in as his visage seemed to move like water!

The moment a stanchion spun from any direction and swung where he was…


His body moved sideways, turned, bent, or a variety of motions as he began crossing through the Judgment Pillars of Pompeii with ease.

Behind him, Sona simply walked in as terrifying frost and Dignity wrapped around her, her reality distorting as the stanchions slowed down the closer they neared her, allowing her figure to change directions while evading the massive swinging Pillars of brilliance!

Little CaCuLaTan bounced around as if he was entering somewhere unique, the moment his furball figure stepped in making a stanchion smash into it as…


He was pushed sideways like a bouncy object that instantly smashed into another stanchion, his figure being smashed and bounced again as his bright eyes and smile were apparent on his face whenever he was getting zapped around, his black and white fur filled with traces of gold now only looking like a small ball that was constantly being bounced across different stanchions.

Asterias Virgo stayed behind and swallowed her reservations before sighing and stepping in right away, Legions of the Imperium barreling in not far behind them!

Like water.

This was Noah's figure as the swinging stanchions filled with an ash silver authority that could petrify someone only ever breezed beside his body.

|The flow of your Extremes has reached an unprecedented level.|

|Exceeding the effects that a simple Dynamis of Extremity could have provided, weavings of Causality, Probability, Possibility, Weavings, Manipulation, Infinity…and more mix and meld together to usher forth an existential effect unmatched in brilliance.|

His body felt like an engine with countless streams coursing through him, each one working together to make countless possible futures disappear as only a single one remained.

A single future.

A few minutes passed.

There was silence all around Noah as he opened his eyes, seeing no stanchions around him anymore as when he came to from the euphoria of Authorities, he realized he had arrived with his body half submerged in a dazzling silver sea.

Behind him, the Judgment Pillars of Pompeii spun heavily and with a profound power as the silver sea dipped into an endless waterfall right before it!

Opposite the Judgment Pillars of Pompeii, the Sacred Natal Omniversal Sea of Pompeii stretched out into the distance as not too far from where Noah was…


The sea swirled around the massive figure of an Omniversal Pillager as they radiated waves of terrific Authority.

A distance further, another titanic Omniversal Pillager could be seen, the silver waters swirling like the body of a galaxy with it at the very center as its body absorbed everything and only seemed to become terrifyingly stronger!

Multiple terrifying figures of powerful Omniversal Pillagers that had crossed the Judgment Pillars of Pompeii enjoyed the enrichment of these wondrous waters, with Noah's own domain not being capable of taking another step before…


His Invictus Dominium Wings and his Dominium buzzed, his body turning into a hungry black hole as he began to devour everything around him.

Even before the unique Natal Omniversal Source of Authority flowed into him, his Extremes already cheered.

His Existence was already buzzing!

And when it arrived, it was akin to a drug as one of the most phenomenal things this Sacred Natal Omniversal Sea of Pompeii granted…was the expansion of one's Existential Omniversal Glory.

Noah already had a high level of such a value when comparing him even to Teracosm Stage Entities.

And now that he stepped into such a place?


Utmost brilliance and majesty unfolded!

Far, far away from the Source of the Imperium or any of the Sources belonging to the Sanctus Popul.

Far from any Sources belonging to the Omniversal Pillagers.

In a region filled with immense and endless darkness.

Weavings of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse swirled heavily, its millions of Existential Extremity Authorities twisting in complex ways that formed into a unique Greater Omniversal Domain of Deorcnysse.

In such a place, a unique existence woke up at this moment and raised its body.

Worm like in nature.

Extremely small.

Tenebrous in color as truly, it seemed like a small black worm.

The moment it awoke, it let out a miserable wail as if its very existence was a painful thing, this wail being so uniquely heavy and piercing that a nearby tendril of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse shot out to smash into this small worm as if telling it to shut up!



From the small tendril of Deorcnysse that contained a few thousand weavings Existential Extremity Authorities…

A light even darker than Deorcnysse itself flashed as this tendril disappeared the moment it came in contact with the small worm!


And the small black worm raised its head as if it were hurt, its wail becoming angry and more pronounced as its small body glowed.

The blazing weavings of the Existential Extremity Authorities contained in a tendril right before this briefly shone within its body.

And then a moment later…


As if it cloned itself, another similarly sized black worm appeared.

And another.

And another!

They propagated rapidly until 27 small black worms appeared.

They held no aura or sense of power, looking at each other with curiosity before a moment later, they all turned towards the distance where countless tendrils of Deorcnysse were swirling.


And their wail was heard as these small black worms flashed at a shocking speed, instantly appearing in front of these complex weavings of millions of Existential Extremity Authorities as shockingly…


The weavings were disrupted before disappearing, seemingly devoured by the small black worms!

Thereafter, chaotic weavings began to unfold as a silent roar of Deorcnysse was heard, but it didn't seem to matter to the small black worms.

As if…this Greater Omniversal Authority meant nothing to them whatsoever!

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