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«Inferior Magic Swordsman: Using the Skill Board to Become the Strongest (Web Novel) - Chapter 67: Cooking Makes Everyone Feel Better

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Chapter 67: Cooking Makes Everyone Feel Better

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After returning home, I immediately headed to the kitchen.

The entire kitchen was washed once with [water supply], and the kitchen utensils stored in the [Inventory] were taken out.

“Yeah … I’ll do it!!”

With a spirited voice, I immediately brought out my skill board.

This time, it was not only my first time in this house but also my first time cooking since I came to Eargard.

After a month or so of waiting, I had no intention of just waiting by.

-Ta-tat-tat-tat! [Note: Tapping sounds]

I tapped the screen so quickly that my fingers got blurry.

○ Status

Toru Minasuki

Level: 30→31

Race: Human Primary Job: Swordsman - Secondary Job: Mage

Rank: II → III - Skill points: 71 → 571

>> Skill points: 571 → 516

>> [Cooking] Obtained

>> [Cooking Lv1] → [Cooking LvMAX]

There were a few items that had changed since the last time I checked the skill board.

Also, when I raised my level to 10, my skill level plateaued.

Apparently, the upper limit of techniques is 10.

Of all my other skills, this is the one I first maxed out

It’s important information, but for today, my only focus is concentrated on cooking.

“Well … what should I make …”

I laughed giddily as I takeout ingredients from my inventory

~Esther’s Perspective~

Both mine and Lily’s opinions about who had the right to own the house were exhausted.

To me, Toru’s proposal didn’t seem so bad.

I had no objection to having Lily live with us if the house becomes a sort of base for their adventuring.

Rather, Lily is a B-rank adventurer and a good senior adventurer.

Living in the same house can be beneficial for their adventuring.

However, Lily has not yet agreed with the shared living space proposal.

Although the murderous air from the past has disappeared, Lily still seems to be far from accepting.

(What on earth is Lily’s problem?) (Esther)

It was then while I was under deep thought.

That the living room was suddenly flooded by an appetizing smell.

Toru then appeared in the living room, pulling a serving trolley.

“Why don’t you both have dinner for now?”

“Hmm, oh, oh. Is that time already?” (Esther)

On the trolley that Toru brought in, there were steaks and soup for all of them on it.

Toru carefully laid the food out on the table.

The steak and soup in front of me smell more wonderful than anything I had ever smelled before.

It was a wonderful smell that stirred my appetite just from the aroma.


“Could it be that Toru brought all this?” (Esther)

“Yes, but I only bought the ingredients and kitchen utensils. I made this dish.”

“Oh, really?” (Esther)

They had everything they needed to eat, such as plates, knives, and forks.

“It must have cost a lot of money to buy all that stuff. Let me pay for the half later.” (Esther)

“No, it’s okay. I only bought the dishes and the kitchen equipment because I wanted them.”

“No, but ……” (Esther)

“Just eat. Let’s just eat it while it’s hot.”

I tried to pay him back but was overwhelmed by Toru bulldozing the conversation.

I am very grateful that I don’t have to spend money, but I’m guilty that this is too one-sided.

(Someday, I have to return it properly…) (Esther)

“Yes,” I decided on my mind.

“Then, dig in!”

At Toru’s invitation, I pressed the knife against the steak.


“What? What’s this, it’s so soft!” (Esther)

I just pressed the knife to the meat and it was easily cut.

And it’s not because the knife was sharp.

This is something that I realized the moment I put the steak in my mouth.

“~~~~~~~ !?” (Esther)

The meat was superbly tender.

Even if I don’t chew, the meat just melts on my tongue!

I have never eaten such tender meat.

It’s not just softness.

The taste is also exceptional.

I have eaten a variety of meals.

But among them, this steak was by far the best.

Even the dishes prepared by the top chefs at the royal capital are incomparable …

“… The steaks I’ve eaten so far seem like they’re just soles of shoes.” (Esther)

Such an impression leaked from my mouth.


Lily, who ate Toru’s food in front of me, is silently eating the steak.

It’s not that she doesn’t feel that it’s not delicious.

The proof of this is that when I looked at Lily

“-Ki!” (Lily) [Note: This is like Lily making a hissing sound.]

It’s like, “This is mine. I will not give it to anyone! I’m not going to give it to you,” she said, glaring at me with a sharp look in her eyes.

“You know, Toru. I’m not sure what kind of meat this is.” (Esther)

After the second slice, I blurted it out.

I’m not sure if it’s because Toru might have stocked up on super high-quality meat.

If that was the case, it was indeed hard to let Toru to keep quiet about having the foot the bill all by himself.

“This is the chicken that was sold on the market.”

“Chicken? … This is a chicken!?” (Esther)

I sat up slightly in surprise.

There is indeed a chicken meat-like flavor to it.

But it’s clearly different from any other chicken meat I’ve ever eaten.

“Is it a fairly top-class chicken?” (Esther)

“Nope. It’s normal chicken that was sold for 20 copper coins.”

“That … why does it taste like this?” (Esther)

“I think it’s because I treated the ingredients carefully.”

I was totally bewildered.

Toru’s words were unbelievable.

Does it taste like this just by treating the ingredients carefully?

Once I put down the knife, I took a sip of the soup.

It tasted astonishing, too.

“… What is this?” (Esther)

“It’s salt soup”

“That’s stupid! Salt alone can’t make it taste like this !!” (Esther)

“Yeah, you’re right. This is a soup made by adding extra bird bones and vegetable stalks and boiling it to make soup stock.”

All of Toru’s food was excellent.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the meal about to be served to the king was brought to this house by some mistake.

Without a doubt, it was one of the best dishes in the country.

I devoured my steak and soup in a frenzy.

The next thing I knew, all the dishes that should have been in front of me were inside my stomach.

“Fuh…” (Esther)

A satisfied sigh leaked from my mouth.

(Could it be that I’m dying tomorrow……?) (Esther)

The food put me in quite a blissful mood.

Like me, Lily, who was crazy about the food, stared at the ceiling.

“… Toru” (Lily)


Lily opened her mouth.

“If you were in this house, would Toru cook?” (Lily)

“Of course. Leave the cooking to me!”

“Well, that’s fine. I accept the shared living space plan.” (Lily)

“Oh, thank you.”

So we decided to share the house with Lily.

I knew that Lily had accepted to share because Toru grabbed her by the stomach.

(I’m totally captivated by it, too…) (Esther)

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