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«In a Different World with a Smartphone (Web Novel) - Chapter 437 Audience, and Possession

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Chapter 437 Audience, and Possession

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“Their ID?”

“They had it. I contacted Zenoas and confirmed it in the photo, but it is the same as the Nokia Ambassador’s medal submitted over there. At least the medal itself looks real.”

I ask Rain-san to check while walking fast in the corridor. If Nokia’s messenger is not killed and robbed, it means they are real?

“Is it the same as the medal brought by Ambassador Yanche?”

“It looked exactly the same, and it wouldn’t be strange to have two…”

You may diplomacy in multiple countries at the same time. In the case of Nokia, there is almost no interaction with Zenoas.

But if Ambassador Yanche is fake and this one is real, how does he find out that he is here? Even though they are a country that is in a state of isolation without knowing the land. Is it some kind of search magic like [Search]?

“Well, you will know if you meet?”

Entering the audience, there are five people who kneel and down their heads. One is a fat middle-aged man, and the other four are younger and dressed in hard-looking leather armor. These four are probably escorts.

“His Majesty, he is Ambassador of the Nokia Kingdom, Dlife Chaoma.”

Kosaka-san tries to introduce the second ambassador, but he holds it up and blocks it.

“Let’s omit the greeting. So, Ambassador Dlife. I heard that you said hand over Princess Pafia and Ambassador Yanche. What does that mean?”

“… Ha. That person is a princess is red lie. Princess Pafia had fallen into a river below a cliff in an accident when she was on a long ride three months ago, she lost her life.”

Fumu. That’s exactly what Tsubaki-san reported. Ambassador Dlife, who raised his face, is a man with white beard. He has a fat body and a smile on his mouth, but he has dark circles under his eyes that is not smile.

There is a ring on his finger and a bracelet on his arm, is it some kind of amulet?

“Ambassador Yanche had the same Nokia Ambassador’s medal as you …”

“… Faro Yanche is certainly a diplomat who serves the Nokia kingdom. The medal itself is real. He somehow acts with a fake princess on his way back from Zenoas to Brunhild …”

“Then, you come to chase him?”


Fu~n. Ambassador Yanche is the diplomat to Zenoas? Then he came here. But how he found Yanche ambassadors and other.

“How did you know about the fake princess?”

“… I can’t say it in a loud voice, but since the hateful Yuron died, our country has been gathering information in foreign countries in order to diplomatically with countries other than Zenoas.”

“A spy?”

“… It’s not such a big deal. By chance, he found Yanche and others heading for Brunhild. As soon as we got the ridiculous news, we headed here.”

The Nokia kingdom is, If I have to say, a people pushed into the mountains. Rather than being isolated, it was a country that had to be isolated due to the terrain. If the hated Yulong that was in the way is gone and you can go to foreign countries freely, it is safe to start looking for diplomacy.

“But you said her a fake princess, but we have no way of judging it. The only one who can judge is Zenoas, who has an exchange with your country, but the Nokia ambassador who was visiting there is Yanche. Isn’t it unavoidable to think that the other side is real? Is there any order script from King Nokia? “

“… His Majesty is not in good physical condition, and the first princess, Refia-sama, is in charge of affairs. However, Refia-sama does not know about the fake princess. At the order of the military lord, Kanaza Notris-sama, we are moving. “

He’s unwell? As expected, you can say King Nokia is dying?

Even so, put aside king, the first princess does not know about this, what it’s mean?

“…Refia-sama has taken great care of her sister, Pafia-sama, so in consideration of the military lord is worried that it would hurt her heart if she knew this. Because Kanaza-sama is Princess Refia’s fiance “

Fu~n. Her cherished sister died three months ago, and her father is dying. I don’t know what will happen to the first princess when she hears that the fake princess is trying to interfere with another country while she is in hard work. I don’t know, but … I feel something that is not right, about this man.

Ambassador Drift’s eyes are out of focus, or he seems to be looking at me and not looking at me. The response to my words is slow.

“Anyway, we can’t make a decision here. You and Yanche-dono have the ambassador’s medal of the Nokia Kingdom. We can only judge that.”

If both are the legitimate diplomats in the same country, if more than that, it’s nation’s problem. We won’t interfere it.

We won’t interfere but… this man, Dlife, is pretty creepy. No, I know I can’t make this kind of judgment because I like it or not.

“… It has nothing to do with your country. Could you hand over the fake princess and others?”

“Well, I have no reason to decline, but ────”

“No, we refuse.”


When I turned to the sudden voice, Yumina came to the side of the throne before I knew it. Everyone is not come, but what happened?

“I heard all the stories from His Highness Pafia. Go back to Nokia and tell Sir Kanaza. If you want to escape, you should do it early. No, it may have already been told.”

Yumina glares straight at Ambassador Dlife and speaks with a harsh voice. It’s unusual for her to be so angry. What did you hear from Princess Pafia? Little scary.


“Ye, yes !?”

“Look at that person with [God’s eye]”

“What? [God’s eye]?”

As she is said, I use divine sight in both eyes and catches Ambassador Dlife. Etto……

What the hell! ?? Something gaseous can be seen inside Dlife’s body. Is it gas or smoke? It’s going around every bit corner of his body.

“What did you see?”

“There is something like gas inside the body. What is this?”

“This person is possessed with something. Probably a kind of evil spirit. My magic eye also captures multiple beings.”

Ambassador Drift stands up after hearing Yumina’s words. His out-of-focus eyes is looked blankly hollow.

“Gu, ga, obo~a, damn… Pafia…… If she was dead at that time, it would be good… “

I heard another voice from Ambassador Dlife. No, it’s like a synthetic voice of Dlife and someone else’s voice.

“This means Ambassador Dlife is being manipulated?”

“Maybe, like that. In my magic eye, one feels muddy, but the other doesn’t. I think that is the person’s original personality.”

In other words, Dlife that I’ve been talking is different from the original person?

But is it an evil spirit? There are quite a lot of monsters that can possess people. But most of the time, they go wild or act incomprehensible. As far as I saw Dlife, he was responding properly. “Too rational” for a monster. Then, it means…

“Summon beast?”

“My name is Iptimas. The servant of Kanaza-sama …… Give death to Pafia.”

Iptimas? Hee, he can speak. Being able to summon a summoned beast that can talk is quite a user.

Normally, the magical power of the caster is required to keep the summoned beast summoned. By staying in Dlife, this guy cuts the necessary magic cost. So, to speak, it is parasitic, but if it behaves like the host itself, it may share memories.

“I understand it wasn’t decent for now.”

Four Nokia knights around Dlife stand up. Since each weapon is picked up, it’s clearly seen, from [God’s Eye], there are evil spirits in them.

Rain-san and his friends, who were in the audience, react to the disturbing air that has begun to drift, and put their hands on the sword on their hips.

Anyway, pull off that evil spirit for the time being?

“[Come light, shine of purge, Vanish]!”


Linze, who suddenly jumped in, fired the magic that I was trying to use to Dlife and his group.

“Gu, ga, ugyu a, aaa~a~a~a!? “

A muddy smoke-like thing is spit out from the mouths of Dlife and the knights while raising a scream of agony. Uwaah… It feels like ectoplasm.

The five that spit out fall down on the spot.

If it was undead, it could have been extinguished, but that is a summoned beast.

“How dare you…! You You You! “

Five evil spirits… Is this a Specter? While I am thinking, it united into one. Apparently, it can manipulate multiple humans by splitting.

Two suspicious golden eyes can be seen in the muddy smoke. Specter’s hateful pair of eyes is directed at us.


Else jumped out from behind her twin sister, kicking the floor and jumping towards Specter. Both hands are equipped with crystal armored gauntlets.

“You fool! Do you think fists work to something like specter? I will possess you! “

“You’re the one is stupid”

Elze’s gauntlet gives off a golden light. At the will of Elze, that gauntlet is given the magic power of the six attributes contained in it. I recently enchant it at Elze’s request. Therefore, even Specter can be damaged.

“Bushin Arts Kouha SenkenShining Flash Fist!! “

” Gyaoaa~a~a~a~a~a~a! ?? “

Elze’s fist of light pierced the center of Specter body. Immediately, the spirit body shatters and disappears without a trace.

“Kana, Za … Sama, I deeply apolog…”

I think he sent his thoughts to his master. I heard Specter’s voice before it disappeared.

Military Lord, Kanaza in Nokia and others should be aware of this situation. The summoned beast and the contractor can communicate with each other by using telepathy.

But… I think all the good shows is stolen.

“Touya-san, please [Recovery] those people.”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

I stunned and am sitting on the throne until Yumina told me, and I stood up in a hurry. I have to do this much.

I put [Recovery], [Refresh], and [Area Heal] on the five people who have fallen. They will wake up soon.

“Dlife-dono …!”

Ambassador Yanche appeared during the audience with the deputy leader Nicola-san.

Then, Princess Pafia and her maid, Lithia-san, come along with Yae and Lou.

The three from the Nokia kingdom peeked into the faces of their fallen fellow countrymen.

“It’s okay. These five are just fainted. They seem to have been manipulated by spiritual monsters, but they should have no physical problems.”

“As I expect, they have been manipulated … damn Kanaza …! I won’t forgive you …!”

Princess Pafia clenches her teeth and shows an angry expression. No, is it a princess? Let’s confirm it first.

“Ambassador Dlife… No, the Specter who was possessed him to be precise, said you were a fake, but what about that? According to the information I got, Princess Paffia died in an accident three months ago. “

“That’s not true. I’m a genuine, second princess of the Nokia kingdom, Pafia Lada Nokia. The death was made up by the military lord Kanaza using fake body.”

I felt that there is no cloudiness in her gaze. Well, it’s harder to believe in what someone else that is possessed and manipulated.

“That means Kanaza guy possibly also take a part in fall accident?”

“Yes. He was trying to kill me that get in his way, marry my sister and take over Nokia. Because I knew his plan, I was being targeted and couldn’t return to Nokia. At that time, I met Yanche at Zenoasu. “

Princess Pafia’s gaze is directed at Ambassador Yanche. A dependable Ambassador Yanche smile.

“W-when I was on my way back from Zenoasu to Nokia, I know a little about the situation until I followed Princess Pafia … I-I’ve always thought that lord of the military was suspicious.”

It seems that the guy named Kanaza has suddenly improved his power in the last few years and has made an outstanding appearance. However, some people were skeptical about the unnatural advancement and the strange behavior of the people surrounding Kanaza.

“This Dlife is one of them. A once gentle and friendly man suddenly became a follower of Kanaza. The court began to move in to his advantage. Because the change is so great, it was rumored that something might be possessed them… “

As rumored, they were really possessed. If they can behave like a normal human being, it’s little hard to be known.

“Princess Pafia was looking for an ally to defeat the military lord, so she came to Touya-san.”

“If so, I wish she had asked for it normally …”

You don’t have to sell yourself to become the tenth bride. To me who frowns at Yumina’s words, Princess Pafia bows in a hurry.

“I-I, am really sorry…! A, a, ano, I heard your Majesty famous to loves women and dotes to his fiancée, If I become one, surely…”


Why is such a story flying around!? Who is the person that has grudge against me, don’t spread something that happen and something that not happen!? This is harmful rumor level!

“Touya-san, we just talked and wanted to help Princess Pafia. If Touya-san permit us, we would like to go to the Nokia Kingdom by ourselves.”

“Eh? Only Yumina and others?”

What do you mean?

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