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«Immortal and Martial Supreme Master (Web Novel) - Volume 1 Chapter 1648 Immortal Mountain

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Volume 1 Chapter 1648 Immortal Mountain

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"I've heard of this place before. This place is indeed very dangerous. After entering, there will be no exit." Ling Feng said in surprise.

She had been in this world for a while and had a certain understanding of this world. Therefore, she had naturally heard of this place mentioned in Pang Long's notes.

"Hmph, what kind of danger can there be? I don't believe that this place is rare enough to live in my Dark Underworld." Black Underworld said unconvincingly.

Qin Yun fell into deep thought. He didn't care about the dangerous places mentioned in Pang Long's notes. No matter how dangerous it was, he had to go. What he really cared about was the records of Pang Long's notes regarding the true meaning of the Pangu Giant God.

"Heaven and Earth Opening True Meaning? Why is this True Meaning a bit like the opening of the Initial Universe?" Qin Yun thought to himself.

According to Pang Long's notes, the true meaning of the Pangu Gigantic God was called Heaven and Earth Opening. The profound meaning contained in the true meaning was very similar to his original universe, or it was very likely that the true meaning of Heaven and Earth Opening was another evolution of his original universe.

"Brat, you're right. Back then, Pangu did follow the same path as you. However, he failed in the end and ended up dead. His path is different from your Azure Emperor Master's. If you comprehend it, it will be of great help to your own strength and the evolution of the Initial Universe." Luo Bu's voice sounded in Qin Yun's mind.

Qin Yun nodded silently in his heart. Luo Bu had assisted the Pangu Gigantic God back then, so he knew the Pangu Gigantic God better than anyone else.

However, when Qin Yun asked Luo Bu about the Pangu Gigantic God, he did not mention it. Now that Qin Yun had discovered something, he was telling the truth.

"Then this Giant God Devil Prison is a space created by the Pangu Giant God with a powerful Divine Power of True Will, isn't it?" Qin Yun asked again.

"That's right, you can see that this space is different from the space created by the Ancestral God of Space, The space created by the Spatial Ancestor God was created on the basis of the Laws of the Universe, so you can still comprehend the Laws of True Meaning inside, but it's different in the Giant God Devil Prison. You can only use the original Divine Abilities of True Meaning, but you can't go any further. Luo Bu's voice sounded in Qin Yun's mind.

"That's why!" Qin Yun suddenly understood why he couldn't continue to comprehend the true meaning of the universe in this Giant God Devil Prison.

Originally, the true meaning of the universe was created by Heavenly Might. These laws of true meaning were only applicable to the original universe, but in other universes, it was useless even in his original universe. And this Giant God Devil Prison was equivalent to a half-new initial universe.

Why was it said to be half new? That was because Pangu had failed. This Giant God Demon Prison did not have a completely independent space. It could still use the Laws of True Meaning of the original universe here. This was also the reason why his Giant God Demon Prison could not develop into a universe.

Qin Yun suddenly had a dazed feeling in his heart. Those Ancestor Gods seemed to be extremely powerful, but everything they cultivated was only a rule set by the Heavenly Might Controller. Under this rule, they would never be able to break the Zhi Hao of Heavenly Might. No matter how powerful they were, they were only a chess piece under the rules of the Heavenly Might Controller's game.

In this universe, only the Azure Emperor had completely broken the rules laid down by Heavenly Might. At most, the Pangu Giant God could only be considered half of it. As for him, the initial universe he had created was only taught to him by the Azure Emperor, and it could not be considered his own accomplishments.

Thinking of this, he, who was still complacent about his achievements, felt a little disappointed.

"Kid, you don't have to belittle yourself. Although you didn't come up with this initial creation of the universe yourself, you still need to walk the path of cultivation. This path is still a long way off. If you can continue this path, your accomplishments will not be inferior to those of your Azure Emperor Master and Pangu Gigantic God." Luo Bu seemed to have seen through Qin Yun's thoughts and comforted him.

Qin Yun nodded, his eyes rekindled with confidence. Rob was right, the evolution of the initial universe still had a long way to go, and he still had a lot to do.

He knew that Rob was still hiding a lot of secrets from him. For example, after becoming a Heavenly Might Controller, would he stop cultivating? Has he reached the peak of the Dao?

Obviously, this was impossible. He was certain that there must be a higher existence than the Heavenly Might Controller. This kind of existence was unimaginably high.

'"After I complete the trial of the Pangu Gigantic God, it looks like I can concentrate all my energy on the evolution of the initial universe. My universe has yet to reach the level of formulating the Laws of True Meaning. Only by formulating the perfect Laws of True Meaning and the Heavenly Dao can I become a true controller." Qin Yun secretly made up his mind that his path of cultivation was becoming clearer and clearer.

Right now, his initial universe was gradually perfecting the Grand Dao. After these Grand Daos were completely perfected, the Heavenly Daos would be formed. Only after completing the Heavenly Daos would the Grand Dao of True Meaning be formed. The completion of the Grand Dao of True Meaning would be the time for him to ascend to the

"Hegemon realm, I, Qin Yun, will reach that level one day." Qin Yun clenched his fists tightly and muttered to himself in his heart.

Just as Qin Yun was secretly making up his mind, Ling Feng and Hei Ming had already discussed their next steps.

"Brat, we've decided to head straight to Immortal Mountain. Are you coming with us?" Black Underworld looked at Qin Yun and asked.

Ling Feng also turned to look at Qin Yun. She had already discussed with Black Underworld before and planned to head directly to Immortal Mountain to comprehend the true meaning of the Heaven and Earth Creation mentioned in Pang Long's notes.

It was because only after comprehending this true meaning could one walk out of this world.

Qin Yun smiled. How could it be so easy to comprehend the Heaven and Earth Opening Realm? This Pang Long was considered a supreme genius. It took ten million years to comprehend the threshold of this true meaning. Unfortunately, in the end, he died unfortunately. It was not so easy for Black Underworld and Ling Feng to comprehend it.

"You guys go first. I still have something to do. I'll go to Immortal Mountain to find you when I'm done with it." Qin Yun said with a smile.

Immortal Mountain was really the dangerous place mentioned in Pang Long's notes. However, he still had a second mission to complete, so he couldn't go to Immortal Mountain for the time being.

"Take care, we'll wait for you at Immortal Mountain." Ling Feng said.

"Brother Qin Yun, take care!" Lin Dong said reluctantly.

Qin Yun nodded. Back then, after dealing with the Sea Demon King, Qin Yun wanted to kill his master on behalf of Lin Dong. However, Lin Dong was kind enough to stop him. Now, Lin Dong and Black Underworld were the best choice.

"Don't worry, I'll go find you." Qin Yun nodded.

"Let's go, kid!" Hei Ming said, then disappeared into the horizon with Ling Feng and Lin Dong.

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