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«Immortal Path to Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 689: Rescue Test

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Chapter 689: Rescue Test

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On the high platform, Mao Jianbi glanced at the 3 powerhouses and was secretly satisfied.

The forces that were represented by the 3 candidates could save the Interspatial Spiritual Tree. Needless to say, it would only be a possibility. Without a unique technique, it would simply be impossible. This was because the planting masters from the Beast King Sect had done their best. Even if there was the slightest chance to save the spiritual tree, they would not have offered the treasure.

Once the candidates went up to the platform, Mao Jianbi decided to pick one of them.

He did not plan to accept other candidates anymore.

Nonetheless, it was then when someone else jumped up to the high platform. He was an overly young human cultivator, but Mao Jianbi was surprised by his cultivation base and even regarded him with special respect.

The young fellow had not only become a Spiritualist, but he was also a proper Intermediate Spiritualist.

Ou Yangming had curbed his aura, but he could not hide from a top-grade Spiritualist’s sensing ability without disguising with Fat Antelope’s cloak.

He bowed at Mao Jianbi and expressed, “Senior, I’d like to compete for the Interspatial Spiritual Tree too.”

Mao Jainbi furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “Who are you? Which clan or sect do you represent?”

If it was someone else, Mao Jianbi might have rejected the person without being polite at all. However, given the young fellow’s cultivation base, the great elder figured that he was from an influential clan or sect, hence he should more or less show some respect.

Ou Yangming answered with a smile, “I’m Ou Yangming, and I represent myself.”

“Represent yourself?” Mao Jianbi sighed and said, “Young fella, if you only represent yourself, you don’t need to come.”

“Why?” Ou Yangming was shocked.

Mao Jianbi explained in a deep voice, “Our sect’s offering the Interspatial Spiritual Tree in hope that someone can heal it. If you can’t even fulfill this prerequisite, we won’t exchange it with you regardless of the treasure that you’ll exchange it for.”

Nevertheless, Mao Jianbi did not know that the faces of some people from the crowd changed when Ou Yangming went up to the platform.

They were clueless about Ou Yangming’s background, but they knew he had Yuqi the Venerable One’s jade pendant, which was equivalent to the Venerable One’s presence. On the contrary, Mao Jianbi had been cultivating in isolation and knew nothing about the outside world, thus he was not aware of the weird being.

The people that knew exchanged glances and decided that they would get involved if Mao Jianbi ended up making Ou Yangming lose face. If not, it would not be good for the great elder and everyone else from the sect if Yuqi the Venerable One was infuriated.

Ou Yangming asked after some thought, “Senior, will the Interspatial Spiritual Tree definitely be saved if you give it to them?”

Mao Jianbi chuckled and responded, “Nonsense—even the Beast King Sect can’t heal it, so who dares to guarantee that they can? That said, their clans and sects have 1,000 years of experiences and inheritances in this aspect, so they might have secret arts that can save the Interspatial Spiritual Tree.”

Ou Yangming nodded and commented, “I see, so it’s also a gamble if you give the spiritual tree to any of them.”

Mao Jianbi was startled for a while, then he had a grim look on his face. “Young fella, no matter what, they’re more likely to save the Interspatial Spiritual Tree as compared to you. You shouldn’t leave now instead of wasting my time.”

“Brother Mao, since Lil’ Brother Ou wants to compete, there’s no harm for you to give him a chance.” All of a sudden, an elder walked out of the crowd with his hands behind his back. He arrived below the high platform and spoke loudly.

Everyone else turned to look at the same time. Those that recognized him were taken aback.

It was Peng Yanbing, one of the sect elders that was known for equipment smithing in the Beast King Sect.

His cultivation base was not as notable as that of Mao Jianbi, but he was not inferior to the great elder at all. This was because his level of attainment in smithing art was one of a kind in the sect, such that Yuqi the Venerable One would also visit him if he wanted some pieces of equipment to be smithed.

Mao Jianbi was slightly dumbfounded. He glanced at Ou Yangming and Peng Yanbing and mumbled to himself, ‘Is this young fella Sect Elder Peng’s descendant?’

Ou Yangming cleared his throat and questioned, “Senior, you’re not willing to let me join in on this because you’re afraid that I’m not capable enough to save the Interspatial Spiritual Tree, am I right?”

“Yes, that’s my concern.” Mao Jianbi raised his eyebrows.

Although Peng Yanbing pleaded for the young fellow, Mao Jianbi did not hesitate to voice out his concern despite saying it in front of the sect elder.

Given Peng Yanbing’s cultivation base, he naturally knew what he should hold on to and what he should give up on.

The Beast King Sect was selling the Interspatial Spiritual Tree, but their real aim was to save it.

Of course, the force that would save the spiritual tree must first be one of the sect’s friends. If the tree ended up with an enemy, who even managed to save it, they would have helped the enemy instead.

Therefore, Mao Jianbi was unwilling to agree to it so easily even though Peng Yanbing recommended Ou Yangming.

Ou Yangming chuckled and replied to the great elder, “This is easy. Senior, please bring the Interspatial Spiritual Tree here, and let us use our tricks to see if we can help the spiritual tree in any way.” He paused for a while before he added, “I’ll give up if I perform poorer than them. What do you think?”

On and off the platform, everyone stared at the arrogant young fellow. Even Mao Jianbi did not expect him to suggest that.

Everyone wondered at this moment, ‘Does this young fella have a unique ability to save the Interspatial Spiritual Tree?’

Mao Jianbi pondered for a brief moment, then he turned to ask, “What do you think?”

He was naturally asking the 3 candidates on the platform. They looked at each other and nodded.

Under the circumstances, even if they were clueless about rescuing the Interspatial Spiritual Tree, they must agree to it, or they would become laughing stocks for the public.

As Mao Jianbi waved his hand, someone below the platform left.

Before long, several people carried a small tree as wide as an adult person’s arm to the square. There were many cracks on the small tree’s bark. While there were a few split branches on it, they had withered, making the tree look like it was lifeless from afar.

At this moment, the spiritual tree’s roots were being wrapped with thick layers of gauze. When it was brought to the square, the people and beasts near it even picked up a vague fragrance.

The scholar from the Liu family took a deep breath and remarked, “Senior Mao, the Beast King Sect’s really particular.”

On the other side, the 2 other candidates nodded as well and commented, “The Beast King Sect’s going to sell the Interspatial Spiritual Tree, but you still cultivate it with the best soil and spiritual liquids to prolong its life as much as possible. This can only be done by a supreme sect.”

Ou Yangming twitched his mouth. He kept quiet when he looked at how the Interspatial Spiritual Tree’s roots were wrapped up.

Liquids produced by qualified spiritual flowers and herbs were known as immortal liquids in the Spiritual Realm. As for secondary flowers and herbs with certain spiritual powers in them, they could refine spiritual liquids.

Spiritual liquids were far from immortal liquids, but they were also incredibly rare treasures. If they were used by alchemists, the qualities of pills could be increased to another level. At this moment, spiritual liquids were dropped into the soil so that they would release rich nutrients for the Interspatial Spiritual Tree. With that, the spiritual tree managed to live as though ginseng was used to prolong a person’s life.

As said by the others, only a supreme sect could pay such a high price on a tree that was going to be sold.

“I’ll try first,” the ratman from the Jade Rats expressed eagerly.

Mao Jianbi nodded. He did not mind whoever went first.

The ratman circled the Interspatial Spiritual Tree several times, and its eyes lit up when it confirmed its identity. It was true that the spiritual tree was dying, but its aura still moved the ratman.

In fact, the Interspatial Spiritual Tree had a more important use for the ratman’s race.

At this point, the ratman decided to bring the spiritual tree back to its race regardless of the cost.

With a grave look on its face, it retrieved an interspatial bag and carefully retrieved a jade stone, then it squeezed the stone hard.

Ou Yangming suddenly widened his eyes. He clearly saw that the jade stone deflated like a sponge, whereas drops of a milky liquid dripped on the Interspatial Spiritual Tree’s trunk.

Before this, large gaps were already seen on the spiritual tree’s trunk. The openings were dark and hollow, making one shudder with fear.

When the jade stone’s liquid penetrated the spiritual tree’s bark, the withered opening somehow became moist.

The jade stone’s liquid could not save the Interspatial Spiritual Tree, but everyone could tell that the liquid was beneficial for it. At the very least, its outer appearance changed for the better.

Mao Jianbi smiled and remarked, “The Jade Rats have a well-deserved reputation.”

“Hmph, let me try.” The second person on the high platform was a tall and thin man. He stepped forward and cupped his hands at the ratman. “I’m Gao Yi from the Jade Pill Sect. Please don’t hesitate to give me any advice.” Subsequently, he retrieved a jade bottle from his interspatial bag and poured out the pill inside. He later crushed it in his hand and sprinkled it on the Interspatial Spiritual Tree’s cracks bit by bit.

Nobody knew what power the pill had, but its effect was eye-catching and not inferior to that of the jade stone’s liquid at all.

Furthermore, the pill’s powder covered a wide range, causing half of the spiritual tree to be nourished.

In terms of the effect on its outer appearance, Gao Yi was undoubtedly better.

The scholar from the Liu family raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “Liu Xiangrong,” he uttered calmly, then he reached out to explore the Interspatial Spiritual Tree. As his palm moved, a surging wave was vaguely sensed, where it enveloped the entire spiritual tree.

At this moment, Liu Xiangrong seemed to have turned into a clear spring that gave the spiritual tree a strong vitality.

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