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«Immortal Path to Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1000: Disregard

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Chapter 1000: Disregard

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Early in the morning, Ou Yangming opened his eyes, and his Qi momentum sank into his body. He said softly, “3 days have passed. It’s time to set off for the Barren Desert today.” His gaze gradually became sharp like a long spear that could pierce through the sky.

He stood up slowly and walked toward the courtyard.

It was also at this time that He Jian carried a sword case on his back and lightly took a step forward. Every step he took covered a distance of over 30 meters. It was as if the ground had shrunk into an inch for him, removing the distance between him and Ou Yangming. Just this kind of step technique gave people an extraordinary feeling.

Behind He Jian, Jiang Yingrong had changed into a red robe, which made her look even more gorgeous. Her figure was graceful, and every inch of her skin seemed to have become even more gorgeous.

Her steps were elegant. Although her step technique was not as stunning as that of He Jian, her speed was not slow at all. In fact, she was even faster.

She landed directly from the air and covered her mouth as she laughed, “Brother Yu, after not seeing you for a few days, your aura has become more stable.”

Ou Yangming waved his hand, and his eyebrows moved. He teased, “Sister Jiang, you’ve become prettier!”

When Jiang Yingrong heard this, her red lips parted, and her eyes were filled with surprise. It was as if she had just met Ou Yangming. She responded in surprise, “I didn’t expect you to be able to joke, Brother Yu.”

Ou Yangming touched his nose, not knowing how to answer. He thought to himself, ‘I’ve always been like this, okay? You just didn’t realize it.’

He Jian also walked over and said with a smile, “There are many beautiful people in the world, but there’s only one God-favored one like you. Seeing you like this, Brother Yu, I know that I’m really old!” After mending his foundation, he was no longer as silent as before, and the smile on his face also increased a little.

The corner of Jiang Yingrong’s mouth curled up as she gently raised her slender hand and said, “Once one of our clan’s God-favored ones arrives, we’ll set off. Now, let’s go wait for him under the totem.”

Ou Yangming and He Jian naturally did not have any objections. They flashed away.

Under the Black Dragon Totem, many disciples of the Jiang family sat cross-legged and tempered their spiritual Qi. This was something that the younger generation of the Jiang family did every day. When these disciples saw He Jian, they subconsciously shrunk their necks and looked respectful.

Jiang Qingcheng and Lil’ Man were also sitting under the statue.

Lil’ Man held the wooden sculpture in his left hand and a carving knife in his right. His expression was serious. Every time he moved the knife, it was as if he was tempering his heart to seek the path. He carried an indescribable temperament.

Jiang Qingcheng was more perfunctory. Her big, talking eyes were full of intelligence. She looked around as if she was looking for something.

After seeing Jiang Yingrong, her eyes lit up. She flashed and landed in front of her mother and said softly, “Hehe, Mother!”

“Stupid girl,” Jiang Yingrong scolded with a smile. As she spoke, she gently stroked the girl’s long hair.

Jiang Qingcheng stuck out her tongue and shifted her gaze to Ou Yangming. She called out softly, “Uncle Yu.”

Ou Yangming’s face darkened as if ink was poured on him, but it was not good for him to be infuriated at this time.

On the other hand, in front of He Jian, Jiang Qingcheng turned into a well-bred young lady. She saluted the elder with her hands placed together below her waist as she uttered, “Grandpa He.” This kind of differential treatment made Ou Yangming feel a little uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Lil’ Man put away his wooden sculpture and came crashing over like a cannonball.

The strength of this force made Ou Yangming’s body tremble a little. Lil’ Man had a worried look on his face as he said, “Be careful on your way there.”

When these words echoed, it made Ou Yangming’s mood much better.

All of a sudden, a cold voice came from afar. “It was you who took away my cousin’s Barren Badge? Hmph, and you’re just an Advanced Spiritualist.”

When the voice was heard, a man in his thirties slowly walked out. He wore a grey and black robe, and his aura was strong and swept in all directions. There was a black pattern on his face that flickered with a dim light. It looked mysterious and unfathomable. He looked at Ou Yangming with a scrutinizing gaze.

Ou Yangming had a playful look on his face. He smiled but did not say anything.

After all, even an Advanced Spiritualist with the Black Dragons’ Bloodline Power was still vulnerable in his hands.

Instead, Jiang Yingrong’s face turned cold, and she said with a threatening voice, “Jiang Yunkai, what did you say?” As soon as her words spread out, the temperature in the surroundings dropped as if it became winter.

He Jian also opened his eyes wide, and his sword intent surged out.

Jiang Yunkai’s throat moved, but he did not make any sound. It was as if his throat was strangled by an invisible hand. A pure sword intent enveloped him as if as long as he dared to open his mouth, his blood would splatter on the spot. At this time, his body was covered in a cold sweat.

This was He Jian. Just the aura he emitted could suppress an Advanced Spiritualist.

Jiang Yunkai was a direct descendant of the Jiang family. Among the younger generation, he could be ranked in the top 10, so he was proud and arrogant. This time, Ou Yangming came out of nowhere and forcefully took away his cousin’s Barren Badge, so it was inevitable for him to feel resentment in his heart.

“Forget it!” Ou Yangming’s voice was soft but when Jiang Yunkai heard him, it sounded like the sound of heaven. For an instant, Jiang Yunkai felt as if he had fallen into the depths of the sea. Even breathing was very difficult for him.

Only then did He Jian disperse the sword intent from his body.

Jiang Yunkai’s pupils contracted, and he took in a few deep breaths of cold air. He secretly glanced at Ou Yangming.

There was a trace of hatred in his eyes, but it was hidden very deeply. Even so, Ou Yangming’s sensing ability was too remarkable, so he noticed it.

“Let’s go, it’s getting late.” Jiang Yingrong looked into the distance. As she spoke, she took a step forward. Before her voice had even faded, her body had gone 23 to 26 meters away. Ou Yangming and He Jian looked at each other and followed.

A cold glint flashed in Jiang Jiang Yunkai’s eyes as he dashed out.

Jiang Qingcheng looked at the receding figures and shook her head. “Lil’ Man, let’s go catch some fish together!”

Lil’ Man ignored her. As she looked at Jiang Yunkai’s back, he took out a new piece of wood and carved his figure.

Nevertheless, there was a very dangerous look in his eyes.


After leaving the Jiang Residence, Ou Yangming paused for a moment with a mysterious look on his face. He slapped his interspatial bag with his right hand, then a silvery-white flying carpet floated in the air. It was covered in fine fur and looked elegant.

Jiang Yingrong and He Jian exchanged a look and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.

Jiang Yunkai also revealed a curious look. He had never heard that a blanket could float in the air.

After hesitating for a moment, Jiang Yingrong asked, “Brother Yu, what’s this? Why… Why is it so weird?”

“This is a flying carpet. We can use its power to fly in the sky,” Ou Yangming explained.

When his voice echoed in the air, the others felt that they had heard him wrongly. Flying in the sky was the symbol of a Venerable One.

Could one do that just by using this thing?

Ou Yangming did not explain further. Golden mental power gushed out while he jumped up to the flying carpet. Jiang Yingrong and He Jian moved at the same time and sat cross-legged on the flying carpet.

Jiang Yunkai’s expression was complicated, and he had mixed feelings about this.

He glanced at Ou Yangming and snorted coldly, then he turned into a light stream and streaked across the sky. He would never lower his head to the young fellow.

Looking at his disappearing figure, Ou Yangming was not affected at all.

When he poured his powerful mental power into the silver flying carpet, it instantly turned into a silver stream of light and caught up. Without saying a word, he and his companions were flying above Jiang Yunkai’s head.

Jiang Yunkai looked at the flying carpet and felt irritated. Even his eyes were a little red. He gritted his teeth and thought, ‘Let’s see if you can keep up.’ He did not know that Ou Yangming did not care about him and was not flying above his head on purpose.

As soon as Jiang Yunkai was struck with this thought, his body swelled up like a rubber ball and turned into a rainbow light, stirring the sky into pieces.

He even looked at Ou Yangming provocatively. In an instant, he unleashed the speed of an Advanced Spiritualist to the extreme. He believed that given the speed of the carpet, it would be impossible to catch up to him. He was secretly feeling proud.

From time to time, he would look behind him, wanting to see the young fellow’s shocked gaze.

1 breath, 2 breaths, 3 breaths…

The flying carpet seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

Jiang Yunkai chuckled and said, “Hmph, flashy for nothing.” He felt a strong sense of superiority in his heart.

His figure paused, and he turned around to fly back to where he came from. After 15 minutes, he saw that the detestable fellow was chatting and laughing with Jiang Yingrong. The flying carpet was neither fast nor slow, and it was unusually steady.

Upon seeing this, anger exploded from Jiang Yunkai’s dantian and swept toward every corner of his body.

He had never expected that he, Jiang Yunkai, a genius of the Jiang family, would actually… Be ignored! This made him furious, especially when he thought of what he had done previously. He felt like a clown that was jumping around.

Despite what he did, Ou Yangming did not care at all. This feeling was 100 times worse than a hard slap on his face.

Jiang Yunkai was an extremely proud person, but his pride was hurt to the extreme.

His eyes were bloodshot, and his body trembled. He could not even speak a complete sentence.

His figure flashed and blocked the flying carpet. His fingers trembled as he uttered, “You… you…”

Ou Yangming looked at Jiang Yunkai with confusion and asked calmly, “What’s wrong?” There was no change in his eyes.

This scene was carved into Jiang Yunkai’s mind and became the last straw. He felt a rush of blood rushing into his mind uncontrollably, and he spat out a big mouthful of blood.

He Jian and Ou Yangming stared at each other with odd expressions on their faces.

Only Jiang Yingrong seemed to be deep in thought. After a long while, she thought to herself, ‘You’re only making things difficult for yourself.’ Having said that, she did not offer any advice to Jiang Yunkai.

She was also an arrogant person. Other than being easy going in front of Ou Yangming and a few others, she was conceited in front of others. After all, she was also a God-favored one.

As the group of people moved further away from the Jiang Residence, the air became foul again. There was fine yellow sand everywhere.

The sky had darkened, and the sun’s afterglow was slowly sinking. The mountains, yellow sand, and withered trees were swallowed by the darkness. The land was silent and dark.

Even with the cultivation of these 4 people, they did not dare to walk recklessly in the dark.

Ou Yangming looked at the sky and said, “Let’s rest for a while. We’ll continue our journey tomorrow. The Big Ruins is even more dangerous in the dark.”


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