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«I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot (Web Novel) - Chapter 824: Think Carefully, You Must Think Carefully

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Chapter 824: Think Carefully, You Must Think Carefully

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“Young Master Gong, I-I won’t sell my daughter.” Although Qiao Ruhai was afraid of Gong Zeli, he still mustered up the courage to say it. “Although the Qiao family is short of money now, Mianmian is my daughter who I’ve doted on since she was young. No matter how short of money I am, I won’t exchange her for money.”

Gong Zeli frowned.

“Old Master Qiao, are you misunderstanding something?” His expression was awful. “When did I say I wanted you to sell your daughter?”

Qiao Ruhai was stunned. “If Young Master Gong isn’t with Mianmian… then you…”

This was the only possibility Qiao Ruhai could think of.

There was no smoke without fire.

With so many scandals, it was hard not to think in that direction.

Moreover, he knew Qiao Mianmian’s face too well. It wasn’t strange that these rich second-generation heirs liked her.

Hence, when he heard that Gong Zeli was looking for him because of Qiao Mianmian, he immediately thought of keeping a mistress.

Qiao Mianmian wouldn’t be able to marry into the Gong family.

She couldn’t even be Gong Zeli’s official girlfriend.

Gong Zeli said coldly, “Old Master Qiao, why do you think your daughter is so worthless? If I really have anything to do with her, do I have to do it in the form of a transaction?”

Gong Zeli was inexplicably upset by his words.

If she was the woman he liked, he wouldn’t have to sell her.

The word “sell” sounded cheap.

Gong Zeli’s expression turned cold and Qiao Ruhai said fearfully, “Yes, Young Master Gong is right. I misunderstood you.”

He was so afraid that his hand started shaking.

Who in Yuncheng City wasn’t afraid of the Young Master of the Gong family?

He heard that he had a bad temper.

It was the sort of thing that would make him lose control of his emotions.

He’d do something irrational.

The thought of Gong Zeli turning someone into a vegetable scared Qiao Ruhai.

Seeing how afraid he was, Gong Zeli furrowed his brows and restrained his anger.

No matter what, he was Qiao Mianmian’s father.

He didn’t want to treat him the way he treated others.

“Old Master Qiao, what I want to ask is something that happened 10 years ago.” Gong Zeli spoke again, his tone much gentler than before. “Do you remember if you brought Qiao Mianmian to the Gong family’s banquet 10 years ago?

“That year was my birthday. My parents invited a lot of people from Yuncheng City. The Qiao family should be among them.”

Qiao Ruhai was stunned for a few seconds. He then lowered his head and frowned. “A banquet from 10 years ago? I can’t remember it right now. It’s been too long. Young Master Gong, let me think about it.”

“Alright, Old Master Qiao, you don’t have to rush. You can think about it slowly.”

Gong Zeli looked calm on the surface, but he was already extremely nervous. He pinched the teacup in his hand and drank the tea in one gulp. “Take your time to think about it. Think about it carefully.”

Because this was very, very important to him.

He couldn’t tolerate any mistakes.

Perhaps he’d already missed it once.

He couldn’t… make another mistake.

Although Qiao Ruhai didn’t know what exactly White Gong Zeli was up to, he could tell from his tone that he took the matter very seriously.

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