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«I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey (Web Novel) - Chapter 405: Time To Head Home

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Chapter 405: Time To Head Home

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Franca skipped back to her seat, having achieved her purpose for attending this auction.

"We can go now, Mike," said Franca with a satisfied smile.

Ji Bonong fell into thought as he watched Franca head off. For a moment, he couldn't tell if Franca was crazy or calm.

He then turned to gaze at the other guests.

The order in which Boss Lin had chosen was thought, soul, flesh, and upcoming was fate… Most of the audience that hadn't been chosen either had their thoughts controlled or shackled by their souls. At this moment, their limbs and bodies had started to melt or reassemble.

Yet, Franca was perfectly fine.

Ji Bonong thought to himself, She is the owner of that book, after all, for being able to take Blood Sacrifice away. Perhaps that's her merit, being able to stay calm in the face of such a terrifying scene. Such a person can calmly offer her own kind to the divine.

"Mike, come on." Franca turned back and called out to her servant once more.

"Yes, my lady." It was like Mike had his soul sucked out of him. He gazed at Franca and followed after, not knowing whether it was because of his desire for Blood Sacrifice.

While Ji Bonong was puzzled, he instantly came to an understanding.

After all, the book had already made its choice, and this was the best outcome.

"Let us continue." Ji Bonong rearranged his thoughts and smiled at the audience in front of him.

Upon hearing another book titled Book of Destinies being presented, Franca turned around just as she was about to leave, curious at this book which had caused a rising murmuring among the audience.

She stopped and looked back at the book, only to see the title read Water Margin…

However, she no longer wanted to understand why this was so. Perhaps she was just that lousy. Franca couldn't help feeling a little uncomfortable deep down, and thus, she clutched the book tightly and left.

Sigh, these books are probably books that only idiots can't understand…

Franca resigned herself to the fact that she was probably an idiot.

This auction kept making Franca feel a little uncomfortable. While she was rather mediocre, she still attended gatherings of transcendent beings all the time. Transcendent beings would always be different from ordinary folk, pitiful creatures who hovered on the edge of madness every day.

But even so, Franca had never been at a more suffocating gathering than this one.


Ji Bonong gazed calmly at the audience before him.

Since he consecutively read out four books already, the limbs of weaker transcendents in the audience had already started to fuse. Only the Truth Union representative, the descendant of the Katya Family, and a Secret Rite Tower member that had been chosen by Book of Destinies were spared.

Now, as they read ravenously, the others were just mere trash.

However, these trash did form the entire upper echelons of Norzin. How very ironic.

In just a short while… their thoughts, souls, flesh, and fate… were all controlled by Boss Lin.

Ji Bonong turned around and exchanged glances with Ji Zhixiu. His daughter immediately understood, and the next box with a book inside was brought to the stage.

“Next up, I'm bring up a book personally written by Boss Lin." At this moment, Ji Bonong’s every move would cause cheers and moans in the audience. An abnormal air of fanaticism had enveloped the entire venue.

Inlaid on the top of the black box was the most mysterious creation—Black Agate.

Spiral patterns were on the completely black gemstone, as if they were the eyes of a god, staring intently at the people at this auction.

With their thoughts in a mess, souls separated, bodies on the verge of crumbling, and their fates locked in, the audience fell into an excitable state of silence when they saw the black wooden box.

Peace enveloped everyone, caressing them like a mother would to her newborn child.

Ji Bonong slowly opened the box, revealing the black-bound book lying peacefully inside, as if it were waiting for someone to flip it open.

Pain was instantly relieved, and all the nobles in the audience regained their rationality at the last moment, as if finding a stream of water after being stranded in the desert for a long time.

This book written by Boss Lin appeared to have reshaped their thoughts, souls, bodies, and fate.

"So, does anyone want this book?" Ji Bonong said with a bright smile. Then he watched as everyone knelt down piously, chanting the Lord's name.

Ji Bonong smiled, then turned to his daughter. "You can begin, Zhixiu."

A light chuckle sounded from behind the curtains, and a huge… creature gradually emerged from backstage.

Ji Zhixiu had fully activated the sordid blood in her body, and her originally graceful frame transformed into a huge half-wolf form. The hairs on her silver mane stood on end, and her orange-yellow beast eyes were icy-cold as she let out an indecipherable roar.

This was like the snarl of an alpha wolf in the forest, or perhaps the call of a queen bee in a hive. With this single command, the pupils of all the kneeling audience turned golden.

—Control. A means of control using the law of the jungle.

The plan has gone extremely smoothly… Ji Zhixiu let out a low growl.

As one of Boss Lin's first few favored, Ji Zhixiu used her high-level suggestiveness through her sordid blood along with the mental symbiotic characteristics of the Great Race of Yith to control these people at the moment they became subservient to Boss Lin.

Right now, the goal of the father-daughter duo to control the entire Central District was half completed.

"Father, victory is in our hands," said Ji Zhixiu in a beast-like guttural growl.

Ji Bonong couldn't help but chuckle softly, but his laughter got even more intense and crazy that he nearly couldn't maintain his human form.

"Uh…" A sudden voice came from the audience.

Ji Bonong's laughter was interrupted. He glanced up to see a man standing alone in the midst of the kneeling audience.

Ji Zhixiu and Ji Bonong exchanged a glance. Then, the latter asked sternly, "Who are you?"

That man was obviously influenced by Boss Lin's five books and was being controlled by the power of Ji Zhixiu's sordid blood. But he seemed to have something to say at this moment.

"I'm Humphrey, an… agent for the central administration," the controlled Humphrey replied with an empty look in his eyes.

Ji Bonong narrowed his eyes. Sure enough, the central administration has sent people as well.

He cursed softly, "These hypocritical trash who call themselves the rulers of Norzin are really disgusting."

"What do you have to say?" Ji Zhixiu glared at this person and questioned. Being able to voluntarily speak up under such circumstances was an anomaly among anomalies.

"I want that book."

"What?!" Ji Zhixiu and Ji Bonong exclaimed in surprise.

Of the five books Boss Lin had given them, this black book was clearly the most important. It was a book that Boss Lin had personally written.

The father and daughter pair had even reckoned that nobody would be able to get this book at the auction.

But right now, the final book seemed to have found its owner.

Of course, Ji Bonong had been a little selfish by secretly hoping that this book wouldn't have any takers so it would belong to the father and daughter pair.

But Boss Lin actually wanted to give this book to the central administration? Why? Was it for a much more profound reason?

They had clearly found out this agent, yet he would be taking this book back… Ji Zhixiu also wasn't too sure if her initial mind control technique would be seen through and broken by the central administration.

Ji Bonong couldn't figure it out, but he couldn't refuse either.

"Since that is so, the book is yours," Ji Zhixiu said calmly.

This was Boss Lin's will. She would never disobey him, even if she had to hand the book to their enemy.

Upon hearing this, Humphrey strode to the stage and collected the book. Then he respectfully returned to the seat with the black box, with the same vacant look in his eyes.

Although he was unwilling, Ji Bonong had to accept that both Boss Lin and the book had made their choice. At least, the plan had succeeded.

"Everyone, thank you for participating in this auction. I believe that all of you have gained something," Ji Bonong said, even though none of the people kneeling in front of him had the ability to think on their own.


Ji Bonong snapped his fingers, and the strange, fanatical, and frightening atmosphere of the venue disappeared in an instant.

All the participants woke up from their trance simultaneously. Although they retained their own consciousness, they felt as if they had lost a portion of their memories.

"The auction has concluded," said Ji Bonong with a warm smile. "Everyone, it's time to head home, embrace your families, and enjoy a good dinner."

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