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«I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (Web Novel) - Chapter 495: It’s Been a Week

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Chapter 495: It’s Been a Week

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A week passed quickly after I was placed on the pedestal.

The analysis isn’t finished yet. Seriously, this is going to take at least a month, isn’t it?

While Fran was here with me, she went out for goblin stalking now.

Fran and Urushi seem to have taken a great liking to goblin stalking, which was supposed to be their training, and they go out happily every day. They found it as fun as playing detective.

「Today is the day I’m going to get close enough while not being spotted by 『Crooked Nose』」


「Nn. The 『Crooked Nose』 can’t be taken lightly」


「It keeps playing with the 『Spear guy』 and never returns to the nest」

She now can distinguish between the different goblins, and she’s having fun by giving them nicknames.

Right now, they seem to be following the goblins around all day long, trying to track down their nest. She’ll keep going until she gets tired of it.

Because of this, Fran and Urushi didn’t come back even if it gets dark, leaving me with a lot of free time.

Thanks to that, I’ve completed my original novel-style story that I’ve been imagining little by little. The title of the story is 『The Former Brave Wise Man as SSSS Ranked Adventurer in His Previous Life, Reincarnated for The Third Time to Become a Demon King as a Holy Sword Used by a Villainess』

It’s a super high fantasy with gag, tears, and sex appeal. Of course, it also includes elements of sarcasm and harem.

In the end, when he and his 100 wives are about to take revenge on the hero party that abandoned him, he realizes that it was all a dream. When the protagonist wakes up on his bed on earth, he realizes the pointlessness of fighting and realizes that 「a normal life is the best!」 This is the end of that story.

It’s terribly interesting, even for me. I’m sure if I posted it on “Let’s Become a Novelist!” (1), which I used to use on Earth, it would be ranked number one in no time. Even I was scared of my writing talent.

「Master, what’s wrong?」

『I’m getting bored. I’ve got enough time on my hands to finish a big, long, super-sh*tty fantasy in my head that isn’t even interesting』

「Uumm, why doesn’t Master go train too?」

『I’ve done that too』

I was still training to control the flow of my magic power, imitating Fran and Urushi. However, I have the Simultaneous Operation skill. That’s why I can think about other things while I’m training.

「There’s also the blessing of the God of Wisdom, so it can’t be helped」

『What do you mean?』

「That blessing assists you with the Simultaneous Activation of magic (2). Or should I say, that makes it easier for you to split your thoughts huh?」

When combined with Simultaneous Operations (3), the effect is doubled. That means I can have twice as much free time.

『But why did I get the blessings of the God of Wisdom?』

「That’s because the Divine Sword Cherubim was a kin of the God of Wisdom. In other words, the being that Master calls Announcer-san is the God of Wisdom’s kin」

It seems that Alistair’s maintenance strengthened my connection with the residue of Cherubim, and I was recognized as a member of the kin too.

『Speaking of which, I’ve been wondering about the emblem on my guard. Why is it in the shape of a wolf? No, I know it represents Fenrir, but I thought, cherubim were supposed to be designed like angels, right?』

「There are several reasons for this, one is to hide the fact that master is a former cherubim, and even though it was rarely seen by the public, there are still people who know what it looked like because of Oracle skills」

That’s for sure. If they find out that I was a former Divine Sword, they’re going to come after me in many ways.

「The other, simply because it makes it stronger」

『What? It wasn’t just a change in shape huh?』

「No, it’s just a change in shape, you know? But the form and existence are closely linked. A cherubim has a form befitting a cherubim, and Master who took in has a form befitting for it」

『Does that change the strength?』

「Just a little bit. Well, that’s because it’s a Divine Sword, a high-ranking entity. There’s no point in messing around with the emblems on a few of those swords」

Because of the tremendous power of the Divine Sword, even a slight increase in strength would be meaningful.

「Oh yeah… For example, it will also affect the acquisition of blessings. A weapon in the shape of fire will not have the blessings of the Water God. The image given by the figure is that much more important」

『But with the wolf design on me, I don’t get the blessings of Fenrir or Goddess of the Silver Moon. Instead, I get the blessings of the God of Wisdom』

「This may sound contradictory to what I said earlier, but the form is not everything. It’s important, but in the end, it’s only one of the factors that make up a big thing」

『I guess it’s all about what’s inside as well as how it looks huh』

「That’s what I mean」

In the first place, the blessings of the God of Wisdom were supposed to be given to me as I grew up, but they had to be put on hold due to Announcer-san’s loss of power. Thanks to Alistair, those growths have progressed all at once I guess.

「As for the blessings of the Goddess of Chaos, I don’t know much about her……She’s a fickle person. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave you the blessing simply for the fun of it」

『Her blessing huh…? After what I’ve heard about the Divine kin, I’d even say she’s rather troublesome』

「Haah. You came from a different world after all. For people in this world, it’s a big deal to have two Divine Blessings, you know? In Master’s case, the Gods have no control over you. It’s not like they’re forcing you to do what they say, so just think of it as a useful skill」

『I’ve been ordered around by the Goddess of Chaos before though?』

「That wasn’t using control over the kin, that was just a normal threat with force, right?」

『Isn’t that worse?』

「Well, I wonder? But, you can try to resist it if you’re prepared to die, right?」

『What’s that? I don’t want to die yet!』

After all, I can’t go against the Gods, right? No, I have no intention of disobeying any Gods other than the Evil Gods. But what if I have to fight a God? I don’t think that would happen. But…

『Aah. I think badly because I have too much free time on my hands. I tend to be negative when I think too much』

「Haah. Then, I think you should do more complicated training」

『Like what?』

「It’s a discipline for novice magician, but it involves controlling basic magic to change form」

『Change form? Do you mean like thickening up arrow-type magic?』

「No. What am I talking about is changing its form more finely」

Fenrir said so and created a fire arrow in front of himself. However, the arrow immediately changed its shape and transformed into a wolf. It had the added bonus of making a howling motion.

「Can you get it? I’m not using any magic to transform its shape right now」


When I strengthen magic or transform it, I put more magic power into it to play with it. However, the transformation Fenrir just performed did not use any extra magic power. In other words, it was the same magic consumption as a normal Fire Arrow.

It seems that if I train my imagery and control of the skill, I can transform the skill without wasting any magic power.

It is said to be a method developed for novice magicians to train without wasting their magic power. By transforming the shape of the magic while maintaining it in the air, they can train their concentration, control, and endurance.

My magic is self-taught, and it’s nice to be taught these basic training methods. If I keep doing this, even if my skill level doesn’t improve, my magic skills might.

「This doesn’t consume much magic power and has little effect on the analysis. And yet, the more you focus all your attention on it, the more interesting transformations you can make. It’s a great way to train and pass the time」

『Besides, it looks fun』

I tried to transform the Fire Arrow first as Fenrir had done.

『Suddenly making it transform into a wolf was impossible for me huh?』

「First, you need to imagine the shape of it」

『Sh*t, just you see, I’m not going to make just a wolf, I’m aiming for Cerberus!』

「I’m looking forward to it」

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