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«I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated (WN) (Web Novel) - Chapter 423: Disgust

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Chapter 423: Disgust

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I wanted to go back to Fran as soon as possible. My resistance skills are preventing it from taking control, but I don't want to get hit by it again.

For the time being, I decided to restrain Gordon with earth magic. I'm not sure if it can hold him long enough, but it's better than just leaving him alone.

Gordon's figure was covered in ivy made of earth and swallowed him. After make sure of it, I transferred back to Fran's hand.

『Fran, I'm back』


『Are you okay?』


When I transferred back to Fran's side, she greeted me with a hug. It must have been very painful for her to have me taken away forcefully, even just for a few seconds.



The magic sword looks as if it's not sure whether to run away or to attack Fran again. From the way it acted, it really seemed to have emotions. Fran slashed at the magic sword, throwing her killing intent.

「Haaa! Brilliant Lightning Rush!」


She closed the distance at god speed and swung me down. However, that magic sword had jumped back just before that.

『I won't let you go away!』

No, this time it was different. The magic sword distanced itself from us and shot magic to Fran. But it wasn't aimed at Fran. It blew away the rock cage in which Gordon was trapped. It was a bit harsh, but it managed to set Gordon free.

I guess that magic sword isn't good at acting alone for a long time. It needs a wielder to continue the battle.

The magic sword flies towards Gordon.

『I won't let you!』


We used wind magic to blow Gordon away even more and knock him out of position. After that, we transferred and slashed at the magic sword. Immediately after the transfer, I tried to use telekinetic to block the magic sword's movement, and Fran will attack it with Sword King technique. I had planned to do that, but…

『It detected our transfer!』

The magic sword accelerated rapidly and was already out of our sight. It seems that it has excellent sensing ability. Gordon, who had just gotten up, rushed in. He was not doesn't hold the magic sword, and he had no hands.

But this guy has no martial arts or fighting skills, so what is he going to do? As I was thinking that, he came straight at me. Although his movements were not that sharp, if we get caught, we would suffer a great deal of damage due to his physical strength.

However, Fran and I both hesitated to attack this guy. He already had very little vitality left in him. If we attacked him now, we might end up killing him.

Fran quickly jumped back and dodged Gordon's attack.

But, at that moment


Gordon's torso made a dull sound and exploded from the inside. No, it's not that. Before i knew it, the magic sword had moved behind Gordon and rushed from his back.

It seems that when the magic sword hit Gordon's body, it dared to curl magic blade around itself to make it look like a hammer, so that it would not penetrate Gordon's body, but make his body burst. But, no matter how fast he can regenerate, if his upper body was destroyed, he would die instantly.

『This bastard! It killed its own wielder!』

My anger rises up after witnessing it.

『As a magic sword, I can't forgive what it have done!』

Its very existence was disgusting.

The magic sword attacked with its magic blade while blindly scattered Gordon's flesh and blood. Its shape transformed once again, and the blade branched out into multiple pieces, each blade coming at Fran from multiple direction.

We were wary of its mental control and used transfer to keep our distance. The magic sword did not give a chase. Rather, it seemed to have anticipated our escape. Without slowing down at all, it flew towards the inn, passing by our side at super high speed.

『It got me!』

「Is it trying to escape?」

『No, it wasn't!』

There was a figure at the destination where the magic sword flew.

「Run away!」



It was Velmeria and Frederick, who had been rescued by Urushi. They were hiding in the inn, watching over our fight. However, the magic sword seemed to have aware of them.

I'm not sure if she heard Fran's warning, but she turned on her heel in panic, but it was too late. Just as she was about to be cut by the magic sword, Frederick, who was standing next to her, push her away. The blade of the magic sword, which seemed to pierce through Vermelia's body, had cut deep into Frederick's arm.


「Frederick! How is your condition?」

「I-I’m fine! but what is this voice? If you want me to obey you, then show me what you've got!」

So that's it, it was planning to take control of Frederick and make him it's new wielders! But it seems that it failed. Frederick has mental resistance. It must have prevented the magic sword from taking control of him.

But Velmeria didn't have that kind of skill. We have to settle this before she was attacked.

『Let's jump』


We had already confirmed that it can detect when transfer will be used.

The magic sword releases magical power to Fran who appears in the room after transfer, but the attack is transmitted by our dimension shift.

Fran swung me out against the magic sword, which was shaking in surprise.

「…Sword King Technique - Heaven Judgement」


The blade of that magic sword that had already been broken were cut down even further with the flash of sword released by Fran. The magic sword then lets out a high-pitched scream.

It was obviously damaged, but an eerie magical power that swirled within it had not yet dispersed. Does it mean, we have to destroy its core-like part in order to defeat it?

One more shot! I was about to shout that, but I couldn't raise my voice.




I screamed a moan while feeling a huge force flowing into me. Apparently, Cannibalism had been triggered.

It wasn't like I felt being overwhelmed by taking too much power, or it was going out of control. But, the magical power from that sword flowing into me made me feel so disgusted that i couldn't think of anything else.

I'm sorry to use a little dirty representation, but it was like having a mixture of filth, garbage, and crappie juice smeared all over my body. Anyway, I couldn't help but feel sick. If I had been in a human body, I would have been screaming and rolling around.



There was no way that magic sword would miss such opportunity, it accelerated at once to escape from the room.

「Urushi! After it!」



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