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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1940 Illness' Consultation ?

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Chapter 1940 Illness' Consultation ①

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After the afterparty ended, I returned to my room…… the room assigned to me on the magic ship, and first changed my clothes. I had been wearing formal attire for the party, so I wanted to change into something a bit more casual.

That said, since Illness-san was planning to visit later, it won’t be something too casual…… a regular shirt and pants should be fine. I shouldn’t need to wear a hoodie either.

I also feel like taking a quick shower if possible, but since I’m not sure when Illness-san would come, I can’t exactly do that…… but as I was thinking that, a hummingbird arrived from Illness-san.

She wrote that it would be better if we both had some time to freshen up and change clothes, so she’d visit in about an hour, which meant I could take a shower without any issues.

The owner’s suite is equipped with a shower room, so I used it to quickly rinse myself off. Well, this owner’s suite is quite spacious and luxurious, giving off a high-class suite room vibe, making it feel like I’m on a fun vacation.

I don’t know when I’ll get to use this magical ship again, so I should thoroughly enjoy it while I can.

After showering and dressing, I glanced around the room. If I were to talk with Illness-san, I suppose the sofa would be a good spot? It’s set up for face-to-face seating, with a table in between.

As I made my preparations, having such thoughts in mind, an hour flew by, and I heard a soft knock on the door, signaling Illness-san’s arrival.

[Yeeees…… Come in.]

[Excuse my intrusioooon.]

Illness-san, who entered the room, was wearing casual yet composed casual clothes…… a black dress with rose embroidery here and there. Compared to her maid uniform and the clothes I saw her in when we went out together, it was a somewhat more casual outfit.

Perhaps because she had also showered, there was a faint scent of shampoo, and combined with her demeanor and atmosphere, she really exuded a mature woman vibe, making my heart race.

[Should we talk on the sofa?]

[Yes, that’s fiiiiiine…… Well then, if you’ll excuse meeeee.]

[Would you like something to drink?]

[About thaaaaat, actually~~ Nebula gave me a bottle of wine to shaaaaare, so I brought thaaaaat.]

As she said this, Illness-san took out a stylish wooden bottle. A wooden wine container, that’s unusual. It’s probably made using the World Tree as a material.

It’s an elegant bottle made possible by the existence of Preservation Magic. No, in the first place, shaping the World Tree wood into a wine bottle must be quite challenging…… Well, I guess that’s just to be expected of Nebula.

[I mean, with the container like that…… Did Nebula make the wine as well?]

[Yeeees. Nebula and IIIIIIIII have been experimenting with making wiiiiine, so I believe this is one of thoooooose.]

[I see…… So you’ve been making wine too.]

[We’re still amateurs at iiiiiit, so we planned to share once we improved the quality a bit moooooore. We’ve actually also been trying various other thiiiiings. Nebula is very curious after aaaaaall.]

[Ahaha, well, as long as you and Nebula are having fun, that’s what matters. Let me know if you need any equipment or anything.]

[Thank you very muuuuuuch.]

I see, so they’re next pastime is winemaking huh…… come to think of it, they mentioned wanting to try making coffee beans too, so maybe they’re working on that as well.

[……Arehh? I don’t recall seeing our place having any grapevines……]

[Space-Time Magiiiiiic was used to create a subspace where we’re growing theeeeeem. I’m not veeeeeery skilled with Space-Time Magic, but Nebula is quite adeeeeeept and we’re experimenting growing various things in the subspaaaaaace.]

[I see. Nebula really is amazing.]

Being able to use Space-Time Magic, as expected of Nebula. Though I’m a bit surprised, since it’s Nebula we’re talking about here, her being able to use it isn’t unusual.

Since they’re still experimenting growing various things, they’ll eventually introduce them to me, so let’s look forward to when that happens.


Serious-senpai: [The idiot parent is as doting as ever, his judgment when it comes to Nebula-related matters is too loose.]

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