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«I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace (Web Novel) - Chapter 1915 Ship Party ㉞

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Chapter 1915 Ship Party ㉞

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With Eden-san’s help in making the greeting process very smooth, I resumed the greeting process with great enthusiasm.

Concentrating my attention, I found an area where several people who I hadn’t greeted yet were gathered together, so I thought of going there first. The ability I got only tells me the location of the people I haven’t greeted yet, not who was where, so I wouldn’t know who they were until I got closer to their area.

It seems like three people have grouped together, but I should be able to see them from a distance by now…… Ah, I see, it’s Tir-san, Ariel-san and Blossom-san……

[Ahh, it’s Kaitokun-san!]

[Hello, Tir-san, Ariel-san, Blossom-san.]

They were the members who weren’t present when I went to visit Lillywood-san’s area. Lillywood-san told me at that time that they went to eat, so they must have just finished eating and were moving around.

I returned the greeting while smiling back at Tir-san who approached me with a happy smile on her face.

[Greetings…… In other words, hello, Kaito. My gratitude…… In other words, thank you for the invitation.]

[Ohh, if it isn’t Master! I’m thrilled to have been invited to this wonderful event! That’s the sushi, tempura, and sukiyaki I’ve heard about, right!?]

[……No, there was sushi, but as for tempura and sukiyaki……]

There certainly was sushi, but we didn’t serve tempura or sukiyaki…… Ahh~~ but there was kushiage, which should be close enough…… No, let’s stop with that thought. I feel like Akane-san might get mad at me if I say those are similar. There was no tempura and sukiyaki, let’s leave it at that.

[Master? Kaitokun-san is the Master?]

[Yes, that’s right! Master…… is the Samurai Master!]

Whoa there, Blossom-san started to say weird things…… No, it really is just a misunderstanding, but Blossom-san has already made up her mind that I’m the Samurai Master, and she’s so enthusiastic about anything Samurai-related that she doesn’t listen to me at all.

[S- S- S- Samurai Master!? Tir didn’t know that……]

And now, look there, the pure-hearted Tir-san believed it and looked at me with a shocked look on her face, as if she found out a shocking revelation……

[Speaking of Samurai, Blossom often says that, right? If Kaitokun-san is a Samurai Master, does that mean he’s a better samurai than Blossom?]

[That’s right. I definitely can’t hold a candle against the Master.]

[Hawawawa, t- that’s amazing! Tir doesn’t know much about samurais, but to be called Master, they must be really amazing! Kaitokun-san must be very, veeeeeery amazing!]

Seeing Tir-san looking at me with a twinkle in her eyes, as if I’m some sort of superhero, I can’t help but return a drawn-out smile.

When she looks at me with such pure eyes, it’s hard for me to say I’m not…… It kinda felt like I’m destroying a child’s dream. No, Tir-san is much older than me but……

As I was thinking about that, Ariel-san patted me on my shoulder.

[I don’t misunderstand…… In other words, I think maybe Blossom is just saying that on her own. Having misunderstood must be rough…… In other words, having misunderstood in such a weird way, Kaito must also have it rough. Dealing with matters afterward…… In other words, dealing with Blossom isn’t something I can do, but as for Tir, I’ll clear up the misunderstanding when she calms down.]

[Ariel-san, thank you very much. I would really appreciate that.]

I was very thankful that Ariel-san didn’t seem to misunderstand at all while Blossom-san and Tir-san were excitedly talking about samurai-related topics.

How should I say this…… In this situation where I feel like my side of things was left behind, having someone in a similar situation is incredibly reassuring……


Serious-senpai: [In Tirtania’s mind, it seems more like “I don’t get what’s going on, but that sounds amazing”. Meanwhile, Blossom is still like a rushing locomotive, but I guess she’s still much better than the perverts over there among the Ten Demons……]

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